Testsuite: Getopt::Long, --help, --man for runtest
[exim.git] / test / runtest
2017-03-12 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Getopt::Long, --help, --man for runtest
2017-03-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: do not wait forever for exim daemon to start up
2017-02-27 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidying
2017-02-26 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add EXIM_TEST_NUMBER to the environment
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: in force-continue mode, always dump any...
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: set cmdline before running testcase not...
2017-02-18 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add option to insert delays, for very slow...
2017-02-12 Jeremy HarrisDebug: avoid indenting line-prefixes (timestamp, pid...
2017-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTLS: rework error logging to pass more string back...
2017-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix munging of now-indented date in stdout
2017-02-07 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidy generation and sorting of exim -bp...
2017-02-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Fix 0207 (message order)
2017-01-31 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: perl may live in /usr/local/bin
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'callout_smtp_tpt_merge'
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisUse smtp_setup_conn() for verify callout
2017-01-18 Josh Soref214 spelling fixes
2017-01-01 Phil PennockMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/50'
2016-12-31 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Under debug, when signing do an extra check on...
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use custom-munge for dsn-info in 4510
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: enhance IDNA examples; move to IDNA-2008...
2016-12-18 Jeremy HarrisFix DKIM information leakage
2016-12-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ipv6 source address platform variance
2016-12-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL error lines change going to 1.1
2016-12-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL info output during conn changes...
2016-11-24 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fix minor warning in runtest
2016-11-23 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: more diag info if initial Exim startup fails
2016-11-23 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: show output from failed exim -d -bP exim_user
2016-11-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix for not-previously-existing logfile
2016-11-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output a machine-readable results summary...
2016-11-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite another platform difference in errstr
2016-11-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix platforn TFO nonsupprt munge exim-4_88_RC5
2016-11-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Munge for platform TFO nonsupport
2016-11-14 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidyup runtest (quotes and some my variables)
2016-11-14 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: enable verbose comments
2016-11-13 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidy-up runtest
2016-11-11 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Testsuite: tidyup runtest"
2016-11-08 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidyup runtest
2016-11-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add flavour detection
2016-11-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fixe lower/upper case fix in OpenSSL munging
2016-11-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: tidyup
2016-11-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Introduce EXIM_BUILD_SUFFIX for src/Makefile and testsuite
2016-11-03 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: move dynamic_socket to Exim::Runtest
2016-11-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: find a group name if 'mail' is not available.
2016-11-01 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: do not attempt to open /dev/tty if in -CONTI...
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for $parm_hostname use method more similar...
2016-10-23 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: account for platforms not supporting TFO...
2016-10-23 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: account for platforms not supporting TFO
2016-10-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: More help with getting testsuite running
2016-10-20 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge for platform errno variance
2016-10-20 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: use /usr/bin/env perl to get Perl from ...
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: cosmetical change
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Use .editorconfig for test/runtest
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add PORT_DYNAMIC (Bug 1775)
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Fix IPv4 address detection.
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Test for existence if 'ip'
2016-10-16 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Check version of binary against current...
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: revert some of the modernish Perl constructs
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: re-insert munge expression about size/inode
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: detect "hidden" IPs
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: stabilize disk space/inode munging
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: add tests/munges for configure owner
2016-10-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: (named queues) add testcase for 3rd-party...
2016-09-28 Jeremy HarrisDefault to filesystem space/inode checking enabled
2016-08-09 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: nail down hostname for CHUNKING test cases
2016-08-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: accept debug & testscript output sizes varyi...
2016-08-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: account for change in debug
2016-06-03 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'multiqueue_336': Named queues
2016-05-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix for 0574
2016-05-21 Jeremy HarrisDebug: "kill" option on ACL control=debug. Bug 1831
2016-05-07 Jeremy Harrisglobal queue_name
2016-04-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: 0322 (pipelining errors) avoid triggering...
2016-04-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore environment-stripping debug output
2016-03-10 Heiko Schlitterman... Fix typos.
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: testcases for rejected rcpt-callout-triggere...
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: fix operation under -bhc to not actually...
2016-03-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Merge branch 'master'
2016-02-18 Heiko Schlitterman... Fix CVE-2016-1531 exim-4_87_RC4
2016-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Support running exim under valgrind
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: allow for different data arrival in SMTP...
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: log some stderr output on bad exit-code...
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: enforce different exim/testuser group numbers
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: case should not depend on build-option
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output library versions during startup
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisTestuite: tidying exim-4_87_RC3
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore optional OCSP output from -bP testcase
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore dane for -bP output
2015-12-20 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL version variances
2015-12-18 Jeremy HarrisRedis: move from Experimental to mainline exim-4_87_RC2
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: GnuTLS version changes
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL version changes
2015-12-12 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add testcase for Redis. Bug 1755
2015-12-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix to ignore SUPPORT_PROXY debug output...
2015-12-02 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: helpful diagnostic for configuration fault
2015-11-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: perl executable location may differ
2015-11-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix fallout from TLS-by-default
2015-11-08 Jeremy HarrisTLS: Default tls_advertise_hosts to "*". Bug 1709
2015-11-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Add munge for EXPERIMENTAL_DSN_INFO