SPF: fix the explanation URL
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2019-10-28 Heiko Schlitterman... SPF: fix the explanation URL exim-4.93-RC1
2019-08-13 Jeremy HarrisSPF: use exim facilities for DNS lookups
2019-03-12 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge standard port numbers in logs
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch '4.next'
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for SPF tests, avoid using the ipv4 address
2018-03-22 Jeremy HarrisSPF: additional variable $spf_result_guessed; tweak...
2018-02-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes in SPF testcase
2018-02-18 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: new ${authresults {mch}} for an Authenticat...
2018-01-02 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: SPF testcases. Bug 1789