Make {bounce,warn}_message_file expanded. Bug 2522
[exim.git] / test / aux-var-src /
2020-04-21 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use name for nonexistent host that the tests...
2019-12-15 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: avoid one fixed UID
2019-12-08 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2019-10-15 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: SSLKEYLOGFILE support
2019-09-26 Jeremy HarrisGnuTLS: full-chain OCSP stapling. Bug 1466
2019-05-02 Jeremy HarrisTLS: Session resumption, under the EXPERIMENTAL_TLS_RES...
2019-03-30 Jeremy HarrisDMARC: check for empty filename for TLD file. Patch...
2018-11-05 Jeremy HarrisSquashed commit of PIPE_CONNECT
2018-07-27 Jeremy HarrisSupport REQUIRETLS
2018-06-07 Jeremy HarrisFollow CNAME chains only one step. Bug 2264
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisPipe transport: expand the path option
2016-12-28 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fix 0173 + 2100+, take 2
2016-12-28 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fix 0173 and related
2016-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Merge from master into
2016-08-06 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'CHUNKING'
2016-07-24 Jeremy Harrisfeature advertise
2016-07-11 Jeremy Harristestsuite: abstract out common conf settings
2010-07-16 John JetmoreChange to allow test 0383 to work on HFS+ (non-case...
2007-01-22 Philip HazelAdditional tests - didn't show any problems.
2006-09-19 Philip HazelTweak the ACL variable name code to require either...
2006-09-19 Philip HazelApply Jakob Hirsch's patch for arbitrary ACL variable...
2006-07-27 Philip HazelAllow (?-i) to work as expected in a (n)wildlsearch...
2006-02-07 Philip HazelMore new test committing.