tests: propagate CPPFLAGS into build invocations
[exim.git] / test / Makefile.in
2018-09-15 Phil Pennocktests: propagate CPPFLAGS into build invocations
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch '4.next'
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: move ed25519_privkey_pem_to_pubkey_raw_b64 to...
2018-02-06 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Ed25519 signatures (GnuTLS 3.6.0 and later)
2018-01-18 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Try harder to locate the tools
2018-01-18 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Use cp+chmod instead of install
2018-01-17 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Use more force to find postgresql binaries
2018-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: interlock Postgres server startup
2018-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: MySQL portability
2018-01-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: wait for MySQL DB startup before inserting...
2018-01-03 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-01-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Better platform portability by searching...
2017-03-13 Jeremy HarrisSync 4.next from master
2017-01-18 Josh Soref214 spelling fixes
2016-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Merge from master into 4.next
2016-11-24 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: do not use VPATH and $<
2016-11-21 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: prepare shadow (vpath) builds
2015-12-29 Jeremy Harrisupdate to pre-4.87 master
2015-12-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Use the configure results in Makefile
2015-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fakens/inet_pton on solaris again
2014-05-28 Todd LyonsMerge tag 'exim-4_82_1' exim-4_83_RC1
2013-11-20 Jeremy HarrisFix testsuite build on Solaris
2013-09-30 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'patch-3' of https://github.com/bes-intern...
2013-09-30 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/bes-intern...
2013-09-30 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master_tpda'
2013-09-30 Todd LyonsAdjust test build link paths.
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2007-01-23 Philip HazelTidies to the test-suite infrastructure for compiling...
2006-02-06 Philip HazelCVS-ing the new test suite.