Do not use arc4random_stir() directly (Bug 2304)
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2018-08-27 Xin LiDo not use arc4random_stir() directly (Bug 2304)
2018-08-23 Jeremy HarrisUse single-bit fields for file-global flags in smtp_in
2018-08-22 Jeremy HarrisDMARC: Fix forensic-report envelopes to permit non...
2018-08-22 Jeremy HarrisFix no-SSL, with-SOCKS build
2018-08-22 Jeremy HarrisUse single-bit fields for global flags
2018-08-22 Jeremy HarrisLogging: server pipelining offer but no uptake
2018-08-22 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisBuiltin macros for log_selector values
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisTidying: indentation
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisDebug: indent builtin-DB operations
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisLogging: pipelining log_selector
2018-08-17 Phil PennockFix utf8clean not replacing incomplete final character
2018-08-11 Jeremy HarrisFix logging all_parents for cutthrough delivery. Bug...
2018-08-09 Jeremy HarrisFix cutthrough delivery for more than one iteration...
2018-07-31 Phil PennockMake -n work with macros too
2018-07-28 Jeremy HarrisI18N: add a utf8_downconvert option to the smtp transpo...
2018-07-27 Jeremy HarrisSupport REQUIRETLS
2018-07-20 Jeremy HarrisFix non-EVENTS build
2018-07-18 Jeremy HarrisI18N: reject SMTPUTF8 MAIL command when facility not...
2018-07-18 Jeremy HarrisI18N: Fix protocol recorded for a multi-SMTPUTF8-messag...
2018-06-28 Jeremy HarrisCallouts: enhance debug message
2018-06-27 Jeremy HarrisRestore rsmapd support
2018-06-26 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'rspamd-removal'
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Support Rspamd. Patch from Andrew Lewis, light...
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Rspamd: add $authenticated_id as User to scan...
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Spamd: add missing initialiser. Rspamd mode...
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Do not use shutdown() when talking to rspamd...
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Avoid repeated string-copy building command...
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisUnbreak non-DANE build
2018-06-25 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: A tls option on ${readsocket }. Bug 2282
2018-06-25 Jeremy HarrisARC: Fix verification to do AS checks in reverse order
2018-06-24 Jeremy HarrisFix mutiple message send under TLS
2018-06-24 Jeremy HarrisTLS: rework client-side use with an explicit context...
2018-06-21 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Fix signing for body lines starting with a pair...
2018-06-20 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: TLSv1.3 notes
2018-06-14 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: enable use of TLS 1.3 (with OpenSSL 1.1.0...
2018-06-14 Jeremy HarrisAdd client-ip info to non-pass iprev ${authres } lines
2018-06-09 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: support timestamp and expiry tags in signing...
2018-06-07 Jeremy HarrisFollow CNAME chains only one step. Bug 2264
2018-06-07 Jeremy HarrisARC: Fix signing for case when DKIM signing failed
2018-06-06 Jeremy HarrisChange-log
2018-06-06 Jeremy HarrisFix logging of cmdline args when starting in an unlinke...
2018-05-24 Jeremy HarrisUse serial number 1 for self-generated selfsigned certi...
2018-05-20 Jeremy HarrisARC: better diagnostics for keyfile issues
2018-05-20 Jeremy HarrisDMARC: do not wipe values set by config options, betwee...
2018-05-19 Phil PennockSafer handling of argument-logging memory of cwd
2018-05-16 Jeremy HarrisCallouts: record succeeding random local-part tests...
2018-05-16 Jeremy HarrisContent scanning: Fix locking on message spool files...
2018-05-15 Phil PennockDon't open spool data-files which are symlinks
2018-05-11 Jeremy HarrisARC: fix crash on signing with missing key file
2018-05-09 Heiko Schlitterman... -bV: include the CONFIGURE_FILE path if it contains...
2018-05-07 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-05-05 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: fix race resulting in duplicate-delivery...
2018-05-05 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-05-03 Heiko Schlitterman... Fix typo in readconf.c
2018-05-01 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: new ${lheader:<name>}. Bug 2272
2018-04-29 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-04-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: minor fixes
2018-04-25 Jeremy HarrisARC: add $arc_oldest_pass variable, for verify
2018-04-25 Jeremy HarrisARC: support $arc_domains also for verify fails
2018-04-24 Jeremy HarrisARC: add $arc_domains variable, for verify pass
2018-04-24 Jeremy HarrisARC: limit verify chain to 50-deep
2018-04-23 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: enforce limit of 20 on received DKIM-Signature...
2018-04-22 Phil PennockImprove OpenSSL/GnuTLS; enable DNSSEC for non-smarthost
2018-04-21 Phil PennockTLS by default for example smarthost SMTP Transport
2018-04-18 Jeremy HarrisACL: reword error message for ratelimit. Bug 2267
2018-04-17 Jeremy HarrisCompile warning defaults for OpenBSD, at request of...
2018-04-16 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-04-16 Phil PennockBelated README.UPDATING notes for Exim 4.91
2018-04-16 Jeremy HarrisFix OpenSSL non-OCSP build
2018-04-16 Jeremy HarrisFix merge artifacts
2018-04-16 Jeremy HarrisFix typo in arc. Bug 2262
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: syslog testcase
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisTidy logging code
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisClear more globals between messages
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisAdd client-ip info to iprev ${authres } line
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisARC: add optional x= tag to signing
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisARC: add optional t= tags to signing
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisAvoid doing logging in signal-handlers. Bug 1007
2018-04-14 Jeremy HarrisLogging: fix syslog logging for syslog_timestamp=no...
2018-04-14 Jeremy HarrisLogging: fix syslog logging for syslog_timestamp=no...
2018-04-13 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: add support for the SubjectPublicKeyInfo wrapped...
2018-04-09 Phil Pennockbugfix: heimdal interaction, check length
2018-04-09 Jeremy HarrisARC: fix signing when DKIM-signing is also being done
2018-04-09 Jeremy HarrisDMARC: fix history file
2018-04-09 Phil PennockBetter(?!?) fallback for stat: Perl
2018-04-09 Phil Pennockstat portability
2018-04-09 Phil PennockAdded util/ script to renew PSL
2018-04-08 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: Revert the disabling of the session-cache...
2018-04-07 Jeremy HarrisARC: fix verify to not evaluate the top AMS twice exim-4_91_RC4
2018-04-07 Jeremy HarrisClear more globals between messages
2018-04-06 Jeremy HarrisLogging: fix DKIM precis received log line element.
2018-04-04 Heiko Schlitterman... compiler quietening
2018-04-04 Jeremy HarrisAdd client-ip info to iprev ${authres } line
2018-04-04 Jeremy Harriscompiler quietening
2018-04-04 Jeremy HarrisARC: add optional x= tag to signing
2018-04-04 Jeremy Harrislocal_scan: add note on Makefile requirement
2018-04-03 Jeremy HarrisARC: add optional t= tags to signing