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2017-12-03 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-11-25 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into 4.next
2017-11-11 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into 4.next
2017-10-31 Jeremy HarrisLose extraneous line
2017-10-31 Jeremy Harris Add macro support to -be expansion test mode. ...
2017-10-28 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into 4.next
2017-10-26 Jeremy HarrisCopyright year bumps for substantive changes 2017 exim-4_90_RC1
2017-10-14 Jeremy HarrisTidy build for OpenBSD
2017-10-14 Jeremy HarrisString handling: refactor the expanding-string routines...
2017-10-03 Jeremy HarrisString handling: refactor the expanding-string routines...
2017-10-01 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into 4.next
2017-09-05 Phil PennockFix sieve QP regression from Coverity cleanups
2017-08-20 Jeremy HarrisUse bitfields for flags in the "addr" struct
2017-08-09 Jeremy HarrisCoding: use specified-initialisers
2017-03-13 Jeremy HarrisSync 4.next from master
2017-01-18 Josh Soref214 spelling fixes
2016-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Merge from master into 4.next
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTidying: coverity issues
2016-09-17 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-04-10 Jeremy HarrisString-handling: rename string_cat() to string_catn...
2016-04-02 Jeremy Harris Copyright year updates (things touched in 2016)
2016-03-16 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-06 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-05 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2015-12-29 Jeremy Harrisupdate to pre-4.87 master
2015-06-05 Phil PennockCopyright year updates (things touched in 2015)
2015-04-12 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'SMTPUTF8_1516'. Bug 1516
2015-04-12 Jeremy HarrisRename substructure for ease of debugging
2015-02-01 Jeremy Harrisconstification
2014-11-29 Jeremy HarrisCompiler quietening
2014-07-22 Jeremy HarrisMassage coding style to project norm
2012-10-27 Phil PennockMerge 4.80.1 security fix in.
2012-06-06 Phil PennockBUGFIX: forced-fail smtp option tls_sni would dereferen...
2012-06-01 Phil PennockAdd -bI:help and -bI:sieve
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2009-11-05 Nigel MetheringhamFix signed/unsigned and UTF errors Fixes: #901
2009-02-04 Michael HaardtAdd owner-* parameter as of RFC 5436. DEVEL_PDKIM_START
2008-12-18 Michael HaardtImplement the infrastructure of the mailto notification...
2008-11-18 Michael HaardtAligned with draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-09:
2008-01-29 Michael HaardtBug fix: Only remember notifications resulting from...
2008-01-28 Michael HaardtFix some comments, no code changes.
2007-10-11 Michael HaardtProcess Auto-submitted: in the triggering message and...
2007-09-28 Tom Kistner[Buzilla 376] Preliminary DKIM support
2007-09-24 Michael HaardtCompile extension "encoded-character" (draft-ietf-sieve...
2007-08-17 Philip HazelPatch from the Sieve maintainer.
2007-04-19 Philip HazelUpdate version number; apply new patch from Sieve maint...
2007-04-12 Philip HazelAnother Sieve patch.
2007-03-21 Philip HazelPatch from the Sieve maintainer.
2007-03-13 Philip HazelApplied a patch from the Sieve maintainer to fix a...
2007-02-07 Philip HazelApply latest Sieve patches.
2006-10-10 Philip HazelSort out group syntax problems, particularly with verif...
2006-09-05 Philip HazelAn update to gcc 4 threw up some new uninitialized...
2006-04-25 Philip HazelSmall patch from the Sieve maintainer.
2006-04-04 Philip HazelTwo compiler warnings in sieve.c.
2006-03-08 Philip HazelAllow for linefold when generating more than one RFC...
2006-03-01 Philip HazelPatch from Sieve maintainer.
2005-11-28 Philip HazelRemove extra copy of new debug code that somehow got...
2005-11-21 Philip HazelFurther Sieve patches (tidies and documentation).
2005-11-15 Philip HazelAdd check_rfc2047_length to disable length checking...
2005-11-14 Philip HazelApply the latest Sieve patches.
2005-08-30 Philip HazelApplied latest Sieve patches from the maintainer.
2005-06-17 Philip HazelMichael Haardt's patch to update Sieve to RFC3028bis.
2005-05-03 Philip HazelPatch from Sieve maintainer for latest vacation updates.
2005-04-07 Philip HazelPatch for sieve envelope tests bug (supplied by Bob...
2005-04-06 Philip HazelMichael Haardt's patch for support for :user and :subad...
2005-03-01 Philip Hazel(1) Update version number and (overlooked) copyright...
2005-02-17 Philip Hazel(1) Last-minute sieve patch (updates to latest spec).
2005-02-17 Philip HazelPatch for "vacation" bug in Sieve handling.
2005-02-15 Philip HazelFix broken comment.
2005-02-15 Philip HazelError message wording change in sieve.c.
2004-12-21 Philip HazelSieve buglet: now it explicitly sets From: when generat...
2004-11-25 Philip HazelAllow both -bf and -bF in the same test run.
2004-10-07 Philip HazelStart