DNSSEC: fix clang warning re && in || precedence
[exim.git] / src / src / lookups / dnsdb.c
2014-07-14 Phil PennockDNSSEC: fix clang warning re && in || precedence
2014-07-14 Phil PennockRename T_APL to T_ADDRESSES
2014-05-29 Jeremy HarrisFix dnssec dnsdb lookup in defer_never mode
2014-05-28 Todd LyonsMerge tag 'exim-4_82_1' exim-4_83_RC1
2014-05-01 Jeremy HarrisSupport dnssec in verify-callout use of smtp transport.
2014-04-24 Jeremy HarrisDnssec observability: add variable $lookup_dnssec_authe...
2014-04-24 Jeremy Harrisdnssec_strict, _lax, _never modifiers for dnsdb lookups
2014-04-23 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of git://git.exim.org/exim
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisAdd options dnssec_request_domains, dnssec_require_doma...
2014-04-19 Todd LyonsCopyright year updates:
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.exim.org/home/git...
2014-04-09 Todd Lyonsdnsdb tlsa lookup
2012-10-27 Phil PennockMerge 4.80.1 security fix in.
2012-09-27 Jeremy HarrisUnbreak non-ipv6 build.
2012-09-05 Jeremy HarrisAdd dnsdb lookup pseudo-type "a+". Addresses bug...
2012-05-28 Phil PennockMerge openssl_disable_ssl2 branch exim-4_80_RC7
2012-05-18 Phil PennockSecond SPF fix, moved to where type is correct.
2012-05-18 Phil PennockSPF multiple strings join on "".
2012-05-17 Phil PennockCopyright year updates.
2012-05-17 Phil Pennockdnsdb SPF support, from Janne Snabb
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-03-22 Phil PennockCompiler masochism compliance.
2011-01-21 Phil PennockVersion reporting & module ABI change.
2011-01-05 David WoodhouseAdd dynamic lookup support
2010-05-29 Nigel MetheringhamDKIM DNS TXT record bug fix. Fixes: #967
2009-11-16 Nigel MetheringhamUpdate all copyright messages to cover 1995 - 2009...
2009-06-10 Tom KistnerMerge native DKIM support (from DEVEL_PDKIM)
2007-01-08 Philip HazelUpdate version number and copyright year.
2006-02-07 Philip HazelUpdate copyright year in (most) files (those that my...
2005-12-06 Philip HazelAdd disable_ipv6, tidy up calls to string_is_ip_address().
2005-06-10 Tony FinchA minor code clean-up and a comment fix for the CSA...
2005-06-10 Tom KistnerRevert accidental bogus checkin, sorry
2005-06-10 Tom KistnerFix possible endless loop due to dying spamd
2005-05-10 Philip Hazel1. Update version.
2005-02-17 Philip Hazel(1) Last-minute sieve patch (updates to latest spec).
2005-01-11 Philip HazelCorrected several mis-calls of is_ip_address() that...
2005-01-04 Philip Hazel(1) Typo in redirect router; (2) Update version number...
2004-12-21 Philip HazelCheck dnsdb PTR key for IP address before playing the...
2004-12-20 Philip HazelAdded Tony's defer_foo patch to dnsdb lookups.
2004-11-25 Philip HazelDon't defer for lists of domains (in dnsdb and dnslists...
2004-11-24 Philip HazelAdded the mxh lookup type for dnsdb lookups.
2004-11-19 Philip HazelAdditions to dnsdb lookups: (a) list of domains (b...
2004-11-19 Philip HazelImplement the pseudo dns lookup type "zns" for ${dnsdb...
2004-10-07 Philip HazelStart