SECURITY: DMARC uses From header untrusted data
[exim.git] / src / src / dmarc.c
2014-05-26 Todd LyonsSECURITY: DMARC uses From header untrusted data exim-4_82_1
2013-10-04 Wolfgang BreyhaBug 1392: Change status text when no dmarc record
2013-10-03 Todd LyonsBug 1389: Initialize and clear variables
2013-04-16 Todd LyonsRemove static from local variable declaration.
2013-04-10 Todd LyonsFix history file logging to use correct variables
2013-04-09 Todd LyonsWithhold TLD load error if not defined in conf
2013-04-09 Todd LyonsMove DKIM endif.
2013-04-09 Todd LyonsDMARC support by opendmarc libs