Fix reporting of 2-phase queue-runner daemon, in daemon start log line and in exiwhat
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2019-03-13 Heiko Schlitterman... Build process: Mention Local/Makefile-<buildname>
2019-02-12 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2018-12-20 Heiko Schlitterman... Fix copyright year and exim website URL schema
2012-10-27 Phil PennockMerge 4.80.1 security fix in.
2012-06-06 Phil PennockBUGFIX: forced-fail smtp option tls_sni would dereferen...
2012-06-03 Phil Pennockcopyright year
2012-05-28 Phil PennockMerge openssl_disable_ssl2 branch exim-4_80_RC7
2012-05-20 Phil Pennock"make makfile" -> "make makefile".
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-01-24 Phil PennockCompatibility fixes for dynlookup makefile builder.
2005-08-30 Philip HazelMissing BOOL in function heading in filtertest.c; remov...
2005-01-04 Philip Hazel(1) Typo in redirect router; (2) Update version number...
2004-10-06 Philip HazelStart