MacOS: fix clang redef warning
[exim.git] / src / OS / os.h-Darwin
2014-07-14 Phil PennockMacOS: fix clang redef warning
2012-05-28 Phil PennockMerge openssl_disable_ssl2 branch exim-4_80_RC7
2012-05-16 Phil PennockMerge branch 'experimental_ocsp'
2012-05-16 Phil PennockOverhaul of GnuTLS code.
2011-08-27 Phil PennockUse .dylib not .so for dynamic libraries on MacOS
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2005-08-08 Philip HazelDefine BIND_8_COMPAT in the os.h file for Darwin.
2005-05-10 Tom KistnerFix poll() being unavailable on Mac OSX 10.2
2004-10-06 Philip HazelStart