FreeBSD is ELF and has been for a long time
[exim.git] / src / OS / Makefile-FreeBSD
2012-06-02 Phil PennockFreeBSD is ELF and has been for a long time
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-01-16 Phil PennockBug 139: portability fixes and documentation.
2009-11-19 Nigel MetheringhamFixes for FreeBSD outside of ports. Fixes: #914
2008-07-25 Tony FinchOS-dependent locations for CHMOD_COMMAND, required...
2006-04-19 Philip HazelAdd -lutil to the default FreeBSD LIBS setting.
2006-02-22 Philip HazelAdded STRIP_COMMAND=/usr/bin/strip to the FreeBSD Makefile.
2005-05-23 Tony FinchAdd the ratelimit ACL condition. This is mostly reasona...
2004-10-06 Philip HazelStart