Parallel build fixes for lookups
[exim.git] / src / OS / Makefile-Base
2011-11-10 Phil PennockParallel build fixes for lookups
2011-08-27 Phil PennockStop build process more reliably on failure.
2011-06-30 Tony FinchUse git to automatically create version.h
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-06-17 Tony FinchImproved ratelimit ACL condition.
2011-01-16 Phil PennockBug 139: portability fixes and documentation.
2011-01-05 David WoodhouseAdd dynamic lookup support
2009-06-10 Tom KistnerMerge native DKIM support (from DEVEL_PDKIM)
2009-01-20 Tony FinchInterpolate the configured paths of chmod and touch...
2008-02-14 Tony FinchFix parallel build (make -j). Fixes: bug #668.
2008-01-17 Tom Kistneradd patch to support dccifd directly from ACL system...
2008-01-16 Nigel MetheringhamInitial work removing PCRE from dist. Documentation...
2007-11-12 Nigel MetheringhamUpdated embedded PCRE to version 7.4 to avoid 2 CVE...
2007-09-28 Tom Kistner[Buzilla 376] Preliminary DKIM support
2006-02-07 Philip HazelMinor Makefile fix for test_host (code-testing utility).
2005-09-16 Philip HazelFurther changes for the benefit of the new test suite.
2005-09-12 Philip HazelUse RM_COMMAND everywhere during building.
2005-06-27 Philip HazelAdd dependencies on spf.h, srs.h, dk.h to spf.o, srs...
2005-05-17 Philip HazelTidy up "make" output along the lines of a 2.6 kernel...
2005-05-04 Philip HazelPass $(MAKE) to the scripts/Configure-config.h script... exim-4_51
2005-03-08 Tom KistnerAdded DomainKeys support. See doc/experimental-spec...
2005-02-17 Philip Hazel(1) Last-minute sieve patch (updates to latest spec).
2004-12-16 Tom KistnerMerge from EXISCAN branch.
2004-10-06 Philip HazelStart