Pull Andreas Metzler's fix for gnutls_certificate_verify_peers (bug 1095)
[exim.git] / src / Makefile
2011-08-27 Phil PennockStop build process more reliably on failure.
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-01-16 Phil PennockBug 139: portability fixes and documentation.
2011-01-05 David WoodhouseAdd dynamic lookup support
2009-11-16 Nigel MetheringhamUpdate all copyright messages to cover 1995 - 2009...
2009-06-10 Tom KistnerMerge native DKIM support (from DEVEL_PDKIM)
2008-02-14 Tony FinchFix parallel build (make -j). Fixes: bug #668.
2005-09-12 Philip HazelAdded "distclean" to top-level Makefile.
2005-09-12 Philip HazelUse RM_COMMAND everywhere during building.
2004-10-11 Philip HazelTrailing space tidying.
2004-10-06 Philip HazelStart