Mention dns_use_edns0
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2011-03-22 Phil PennockMention dns_use_edns0
2011-02-21 Phil PennockFix doc typos. Add freeze_signal to OptionLists. exim-4_75_RC1
2011-01-21 Phil PennockBump version to 4.74.
2010-06-12 John JetmoreAdd tcp_wrappers_daemon_name (closes: bug #278)
2010-06-06 Phil PennockImplement --version. Fixes: #973
2010-06-05 Phil PennockUpdate OptionLists. (Claim for 4.72 because 4.73 not...
2007-08-29 Philip HazelUpdate documentation for 4.68 release.
2007-08-23 Philip HazelAdd message_body_newlines.
2007-06-27 Philip HazelAdd queue_only_load_latch.
2007-04-11 Philip HazelUpdated documentation for 4.67.
2007-03-13 Philip HazelAdd host_find_failed=ignore and host_all_ignored to...
2007-02-06 Philip HazelImplemented hosts_avoid_pipelining in the smtp transport.
2007-01-18 Philip HazelAdd gnutls_require_{kx,mac,protocols}.
2006-12-05 Philip HazelDocumentation and comment tidies.
2006-11-06 Philip HazelInclude sender address in retry key for 4xx errors.
2006-10-24 Philip HazelAdded -bem option.
2006-10-16 Philip HazelAdd server_condition to all authenticators, to allow...
2006-09-22 Philip Hazeldirectory_file was missing from OptionLists.txt.
2006-09-19 Philip HazelApply Jakob Hirsch's patch for arbitrary ACL variable...
2006-07-31 Philip HazelMore 4.63 documentation (noticed an important bit missi... exim-4_63
2006-06-27 Philip HazelImplement filter_prepend_home option.
2006-04-27 Philip HazelAdd maildirfolder_create_regex to appendfile.
2006-02-28 Philip HazelAdd authenticated_sender_force to the smtp transport.
2006-02-23 Philip HazelMake server prompts available in $auth<n> when plaintex...
2006-02-20 Philip HazelReduce rfc1413_query_timeout default from 30s to 5s.
2006-02-10 Philip HazelAdd $auth1, $auth2, $auth3 variables.
2006-02-09 Philip HazelCorrect message_size_limit default value.
2005-12-12 Philip HazelGo to 20 ACL variables of each type, and make the numbe...
2005-12-06 Philip HazelAdd disable_ipv6, tidy up calls to string_is_ip_address().
2005-11-15 Philip HazelDocumentation for 4.60 RC1.
2005-11-10 Philip HazelFirst pass update for 4.60 documentation.
2005-08-08 Philip HazelAdd sqlite_lock_timeout.
2005-06-21 Philip HazelImplement daemon_startup_{retries,sleep} to control...
2005-05-03 Philip Hazel(1) Don't ignore timeouts while writing to a pipe!...
2005-04-04 Philip HazelAdded acl_not_smtp_mime. This involved a bit of refacto...
2005-03-03 Philip HazelFix typos.
2005-01-04 Philip HazelAdded the hosts_max_try_hardlimit option. (The removed...
2004-11-10 Philip HazelAdded -dd for daemon debugging.
2004-11-04 Philip HazelAdded forbid_exim_filter and forbid_sieve_filter to...
2004-10-18 Philip HazelAdded CONFIGURE_GROUP as a build-time facility, cf...
2004-10-07 Philip HazelStart