OCSP description: minor nits
[exim.git] / doc / doc-txt / NewStuff
2012-05-21 Phil PennockAdded tls_dh_max_bits & check tls_require_ciphers early.
2012-05-17 Phil PennockInsert new JH/02 entry for the ACL clean-up
2012-05-17 rootDocumentation update for bug 1172.
2012-05-17 Phil Pennock4.78 -> 4.80
2012-05-17 Phil PennockGuards for older releases of GnuTLS.
2012-05-17 Phil Pennockdnsdb SPF support, from Janne Snabb
2012-05-16 Phil PennockMerge branch 'experimental_ocsp'
2012-05-16 Phil PennockOverhaul of GnuTLS code.
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch '64bitint'
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisUse defines in config.h for type & scanf-patterns for...
2012-05-12 Phil Pennockpcre-config support.
2012-05-09 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git://git.exim.org/exim
2012-05-08 Phil Pennockinetd wait mode support with -bw
2012-05-08 Phil PennockOCSP Stapling support, under EXPERIMENTAL_OCSP.
2012-05-07 Phil PennockDefault accept_8bitmime to true.
2012-05-05 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git://git.exim.org/exim
2012-05-04 Phil PennockMore tls_sni support: outbound, logging.
2012-05-04 Phil PennockTLS SNI support for OpenSSL ($tls_sni)
2012-05-04 Phil PennockOpenSSL fixes and backwards compat break.
2012-03-31 Phil Pennockfix gsasl / cyrus claims
2012-03-21 Phil PennockMerge branch 'dbmjz'
2012-03-02 Phil PennockAdd dbmjz lookup type
2012-02-18 Phil PennockMerge branch 'sasl_fixes'
2012-02-18 Phil PennockDocument pkg-config for TLS
2012-02-18 Phil PennockDocument pkg-config
2012-02-18 Phil PennockDocument heimdal_gssapi as it works now.
2012-02-14 Phil PennockDocument gsasl integration
2012-02-04 Phil PennockDocumentation for $tls_bits and SASL changes
2011-10-03 Phil PennockMerge branch 'list_safety'
2011-09-25 Phil PennockDocument match_*/inlist changes (before coding starts)
2011-08-27 Phil Pennock$av_failed variable set when av_scanner deferred
2011-08-27 Phil PennockAdd protocol=smtps support to smtp transport.
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-06-17 Tony Finchdoc/doc-txt/NewStuff: note the ratelimit changes.
2011-05-08 Tom KistnerMerge branch 'tom_dev'
2011-05-07 Phil PennockTypo fixes from Andreas Metzler.
2011-03-22 Phil PennockAdded dns_use_edns0 main option.
2011-02-21 Phil PennockImproved spamd server selection.
2011-02-21 Phil PennockUpdate $message_linecount for maildir_tag.
2011-02-13 Phil PennockImplement %M datestamping in log filenames.
2011-02-13 Phil PennockImplement freeze_signal on pipe transport.
2011-02-05 Phil PennockLDAP TLS negotiation support.
2011-01-21 Phil PennockCheck return values of setgid/setuid.
2011-01-17 Phil PennockMention new dlopen functionality.
2010-12-18 David WoodhouseMake the documentation cleared that TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIST...
2010-12-17 David WoodhouseMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.exim.org/home/git...
2010-12-16 David WoodhouseTurn TRUSTED_CONFIG_PREFIX_LIST into TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIS...
2010-12-15 Phil Pennockdoc-txt updates for the security changes
2010-12-14 Phil PennockChange the default for system_filter_user.
2010-09-05 Phil PennockDocument the ClamAV ExtendedDetectionInfo response...
2010-06-14 Phil PennockClarify that the ACL framework is not invoked for ...
2010-06-12 John JetmoreAdd tcp_wrappers_daemon_name (closes: bug #278)
2010-06-07 Phil PennockAdded bool_lax{} expansion operator, which uses Router...
2010-06-07 Phil PennockAllow Routers to have multiple conditions, IF each...
2010-06-06 Phil PennockNo longer permit the exim user to be root. Fixes:...
2010-06-06 Phil PennockLight documentation dusting from patch provided by...
2010-06-06 Phil PennockImplement "control = debug" ACL control. Fixes: #937
2010-06-05 Phil PennockNew expansion operator: reverse_ip
2010-06-05 Phil PennockClamAV INSTREAM scanning by default, unless built with...
2010-06-05 Phil PennockAdd permit_coredump pipe transport option. Fixes:...
2010-06-05 Phil PennockAdd an openssl_options main configuration option, to...
2010-06-03 John JetmoreAdded DISABLE_DKIM option to EDITME, leaving some bread...
2010-06-01 Phil PennockMy understanding of the new dnsdb txt lookup syntax...
2010-06-01 Phil PennockProvide a NewStuff description for 4.72.
2010-01-04 Nigel MetheringhamReset environment for 4.72 development
2009-11-16 Nigel MetheringhamNewStuff updates to add missing items
2009-11-14 Nigel MetheringhamChanges to work towards a 4.71 release
2008-10-16 Nigel MetheringhamFixed erroneous documentation references to smtp_notqui...
2008-02-12 Nigel MetheringhamIntegrated SPF Best Guess. Fixes: bug #521
2007-08-23 Philip HazelAdd message_body_newlines.
2007-08-23 Philip HazelAdd "server=" feature to MySQL and PostgreSQL lookups.
2007-08-22 Philip HazelAdd the NOTQUIT ACL.
2007-06-27 Philip HazelAdd queue_only_load_latch.
2007-06-26 Philip HazelAdd +ignore_defer and +include_defer to host lists.
2007-06-22 Philip HazelAdded $max_received_linelength.
2007-06-20 Philip HazelAdd /noupdate as a ratelimit option.
2007-06-19 Philip HazelAdd -Mvc option.
2007-06-18 Philip HazelAdd client_condition to authenticators.
2007-06-14 Philip HazelAdded $dnslist_matched.
2007-06-14 Philip HazelExport body_linecount and body_zerocount in the local_s...
2007-04-17 Philip HazelFinal documentation updates for 4.67. exim-4_67
2007-03-13 Philip HazelAdd host_find_failed=ignore and host_all_ignored to...
2007-03-13 Philip HazelAdd -v functionality to exigrep.
2007-02-26 Philip HazelMH's patch for allowing control characters as list...
2007-02-14 Philip HazelAdd "continue" modifier.
2007-02-14 Philip HazelAdded expansion items addresses, filter, map, reduce.
2007-02-07 Philip HazelJori Hamalainen's patch to speed up exigrep, and fix...
2007-02-06 Philip HazelImplemented hosts_avoid_pipelining in the smtp transport.
2007-02-06 Philip HazelFlush SMTP before callout (unless control=no_callout_fl...
2007-02-06 Philip HazelAdded dsn_from to vary the contents of From: in DSNs
2007-02-06 Philip HazelAdd forany/forall (Marcus Holmgren's patch, basically).
2007-02-05 Philip HazelFlush SMTP output buffer before "delay" in an ACL;...
2007-01-31 Philip HazelHeiko Schlitterman's patch for log_selector=+pid, plus...
2007-01-31 Philip HazelAdd ${rfc2047d: expansion.
2007-01-30 Philip HazelMagnus' patch for $sending_ip_address and $sending_port.
2007-01-30 Philip HazelAdd control=no_pipelining.
2007-01-23 Philip HazelAdd $smtp_count_at_connection_start.
2007-01-22 Philip HazelCautiously added ENABLE_DISABLE_FSYNC and disable_fsync...
2007-01-18 Philip HazelAdd gnutls_require_{kx,mac,protocols}.
2007-01-17 Philip HazelFix negated dnslists item bug; add == and =& features...