Added DomainKeys support. See doc/experimental-spec.txt for documentation.
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2005-03-07 Philip HazelAnother wish. Thick and fast they came at last...
2005-03-03 Philip HazelTwo new wishes - they keep rolling in!
2005-03-02 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2005-02-25 Philip HazelOne more wish...
2005-02-21 Philip HazelA new wish.
2005-02-15 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2005-02-15 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2005-01-21 Philip HazelThe suggestion for multiple queues.
2004-12-22 Philip Hazel(1) Tidies to the Wishlist; (2) Extra testing for dupli...
2004-12-17 Philip Hazel1. Tidies to get rid of compiler warnings from the...
2004-12-07 Philip HazelMore wishes.
2004-12-06 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2004-12-01 Philip HazelAnother new wish.
2004-11-25 Philip HazelAllow both -bf and -bF in the same test run.
2004-11-25 Philip HazelTidy up some Wish List entries.
2004-11-24 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2004-11-24 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2004-11-19 Philip HazelAdditions to dnsdb lookups: (a) list of domains (b...
2004-11-09 Philip HazelAnother wish.
2004-11-02 Philip HazelMore wishes.
2004-10-27 Philip HazelFurther wishing.
2004-10-25 Philip HazelSome new wishes...
2004-10-14 Philip HazelAdded a new callout suggestion to 294.
2004-10-08 Philip HazelStart