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2007-01-15 Philip HazelSpec update.
2006-12-19 Philip HazelUpdate documentation and associated files for 4.64.
2006-09-12 Philip HazelTidy wording on Exim man page.
2006-07-31 Philip HazelMore 4.63 documentation (noticed an important bit missi... exim-4_63
2006-07-31 Philip HazelUpdate filter document for 4.63 release.
2006-07-31 Philip HazelUpdate reference manual for the 4.63 release.
2006-07-24 Tony Finchnote a caveat about print_topbitchars
2006-07-21 John Jetmoreexipick 20060721.2
2006-07-03 Tony FinchMore acl_not_smtp_* cross-referencing.
2006-06-30 Tony FinchFix typo reported by Matt Sealey <matt@genesi-usa.com>
2006-06-07 Tony FinchMake it easier to get SMTP authentication and TLS/SSL...
2006-05-31 Tony FinchNote in the spec that $authenticated_id is not set...
2006-05-22 Tony FinchExim does (usually) call initgroups() when daemonizing.
2006-04-27 Philip HazelUpdate documentation, ready for 4.62.
2006-04-04 Philip HazelUpdate documentation for 4.61 and some of the preparati... exim-4_61
2006-02-01 Philip HazelRemove Asciidoc versions of the documentation and build...
2005-12-20 Philip HazelDon't use ps2pdf to make PDF (or vice versa). Informati...
2005-12-13 Nigel MetheringhamChanged invocations of Pre-xml to ./Pre-xml for those...
2005-12-05 Philip Hazelipliteral was not recognizing "ipv6" prefix.
2005-12-01 Philip HazelThe PDF form of the filter document was done at the...
2005-11-15 Philip HazelDocumentation for 4.60 RC1.
2005-11-10 Philip HazelFirst pass update for 4.60 documentation.
2005-08-05 Philip HazelStylesheet version number changed.
2005-06-16 Philip HazelInstall all the files that comprise the new DocBook...