Docs: more indexing of affix-related bits
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2018-09-09 Jeremy HarrisDocs: more indexing of affix-related bits
2018-09-07 Phil PennockFix broken doc links and http→https where possible
2018-08-22 Jeremy HarrisLogging: server pipelining offer but no uptake
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisBuiltin macros for log_selector values
2018-08-21 Jeremy HarrisLogging: pipelining log_selector
2018-08-18 Phil PennockUTF8/locale: document constraints on current expansions.
2018-08-05 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add explicit warning on spoolfile formats
2018-07-28 Jeremy HarrisI18N: add a utf8_downconvert option to the smtp transpo...
2018-07-27 Jeremy HarrisSupport REQUIRETLS
2018-07-18 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify rolled-up dkim status availability in...
2018-07-13 Phil Pennockdoc: DANE: don't claim TA can be elided from chain
2018-07-11 Phil Pennocknit typo
2018-07-10 Phil PennockDocument problems with SHA-1 in certs with DANE-TA
2018-06-27 Jeremy HarrisRestore rsmapd support
2018-06-26 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'rspamd-removal'
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Support Rspamd. Patch from Andrew Lewis, light...
2018-06-25 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: A tls option on ${readsocket }. Bug 2282
2018-06-21 Kirill MiazineDocs: spelling
2018-06-20 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: TLSv1.3 notes
2018-06-12 Heiko Schlitterman... Clarify the socket address family (UNIX) for server_soc...
2018-06-09 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: support timestamp and expiry tags in signing...
2018-06-07 Jeremy HarrisFollow CNAME chains only one step. Bug 2264
2018-05-19 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on DKIM signing-limit security
2018-05-16 Jeremy HarrisCallouts: record succeeding random local-part tests...
2018-05-01 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: new ${lheader:<name>}. Bug 2272
2018-04-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: minor fixes
2018-04-21 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify DKIM verification
2018-04-18 Jeremy HarrisDocs: rewrite description of 'leaky' ratelimit. Bug...
2018-04-18 Heiko Schlitterman... Fix spec
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisAvoid doing logging in signal-handlers. Bug 1007
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clean for next release
2018-04-14 Jeremy HarrisDocs: typo
2018-04-13 Phil PennockDKIM downgrade example again; this time debugged
2018-04-13 Phil PennockFix length expansion operator in DKIM downgrade example
2018-04-13 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: add support for the SubjectPublicKeyInfo wrapped...
2018-04-12 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add known broken-version info for OpenSSL behavior
2018-04-12 Phil PennockMention MTA-STS in DANE context; nit fixes
2018-04-12 Phil PennockDoc: website updates and so forth
2018-04-09 Phil PennockAdd `receive_time` to list of log_selector values
2018-04-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Avast: implement pass_unscanned option
2018-04-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Avast: improve compliance with avast-protocol(5)
2018-03-31 Phil PennockMerge branch 'dane_require_tls_ciphers'
2018-03-30 Jeremy HarrisAvoid doing logging in signal-handlers. Bug 1007
2018-03-30 Jeremy HarrisDANE: smtp transport option dane_require_tls_ciphers
2018-03-29 Phil PennockImplement dane_require_tls_ciphers (theoretically)
2018-03-29 Phil PennockDocument new dane_require_tls_ciphers
2018-03-26 Jeremy HarrisSPF: remove the deprecated "err_temp" and "err_perm...
2018-03-26 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: document proper Ed25519 key-generation methods...
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisAdd non-mtp source info to ${authres }
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: document generation of RSA keys
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: document Ed25519 private key generation under...
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: move ed25519_privkey_pem_to_pubkey_raw_b64 to...
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDocs: more on ${authresults }
2018-03-23 Jeremy HarrisDocs: typo
2018-03-22 Jeremy HarrisSPF: additional variable $spf_result_guessed; tweak...
2018-03-17 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Ed25519 signatures under OpenSSL (1.1.1 or later)
2018-03-15 Jeremy HarrisDocs: copyright year exim-4_91_RC1
2018-03-15 Jeremy HarrisDocs: changemar markup
2018-03-15 Graeme FowlerNewStuff & doc addition for redis cluster changes
2018-03-12 Heiko Schlitterman... Update to protocol used by avast 2.2.0 (Multiline respo...
2018-03-07 Jeremy HarrisDANE: add dane:fail event
2018-03-06 Jeremy HarrisDocs: expand DKIM verification notes
2018-02-18 Jeremy Harristypo
2018-02-18 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: new ${authresults {mch}} for an Authenticat...
2018-02-15 Jeremy HarrisDANE: move to mainline
2018-02-13 Jeremy Harristypo
2018-02-12 Jeremy HarrisACL: Enforce non-usability of control=utf8_downconvert...
2018-02-10 Jeremy HarrisMacros: return macro-presence status from "exim -bP...
2018-02-09 Jeremy HarrisBuiltin macros for sha3-hash and ed25519-signing support
2018-02-06 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Ed25519 signatures (GnuTLS 3.6.0 and later)
2018-02-03 Vladimir PanteleevDocs: Spell-check spec.xfpt
2018-02-03 Vladimir PanteleevDocs: Fix formatting of $dkim_verify_status variable...
2018-02-03 Vladimir PanteleevDocs: Fix syntax in ${filter} example
2018-02-02 Jeremy HarrisString expansions: support sha3 under OpenSSL (1.1.1+)
2018-01-31 Phil PennockDoc update: RFC 8314 submissions service
2018-01-28 Jeremy HarrisRouting: dnslookup and manualroute routers: ipv4_only...
2018-01-20 Jeremy HarrisDocs: Update DKIM section with RFC 8301 requirements
2018-01-16 Jeremy HarrisLogging: Receive duration on <= lines. Bug 353
2018-01-07 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: permit dkim_private_key to override dkim_strict...
2018-01-06 Jeremy HarrisLogging: disable the verbose DKIM verification line...
2018-01-05 Jeremy HarrisSPF: promote from Experimental to mainline status
2018-01-05 Jeremy HarrisDocs: remove extraneous options from variables index
2018-01-03 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-01-01 Jeremy HarrisDocs: remove mention of the ClamAV "STREAM" method
2017-12-20 Jeremy HarrisACL: Disallow '/' characters in queue names specified...
2017-12-19 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2017-12-19 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clean for next release
2017-12-18 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: move CRL testcases away from using SHA1...
2017-12-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: amend warning on on lack of multiple-OCSP-proof...
2017-12-03 Jeremy HarrisGnuTLS: multiple server certs, OCSP stapling. Bug...
2017-12-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify smtp transport tls_verify_certificates...
2017-12-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add notes on lack of multiple-OCSP-proof support
2017-12-02 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add notes on lack of multiple-OCSP-proof support
2017-11-25 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into
2017-11-14 Jeremy HarrisDocs: PRVS validity. Bug 2033 exim-4_90_RC2
2017-11-11 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into
2017-11-08 Jeremy Harrisdocs: typo
2017-11-08 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: call ACL once for each signature matching the...