Documentation fix. Fixes: #949
[exim.git] / doc / doc-docbook / spec.xfpt
2011-11-30 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation fix. Fixes: #949
2011-10-20 Phil PennockASCII NUL in desc of $body_zerocount (keyword grepability)
2011-10-14 Phil PennockEXPAND_LISTMATCH_RHS for match_ip too
2011-10-10 Phil PennockUpdate release date, prep for 4.77 final cut
2011-10-09 Phil Pennockfix unprotected variable in SQL example
2011-10-03 Phil PennockExim 4.77: documentation version updates.
2011-10-03 Phil PennockMerge branch 'list_safety'
2011-09-25 Phil PennockDocument match_*/inlist changes (before coding starts)
2011-09-24 Phil PennockTLS1.2 and TLS1.1 support with GnuTLS
2011-09-05 Phil PennockDoc: exim-future@ gone; mention exim-cvs@
2011-09-04 Phil PennockDocument behaviour of message_size_limit=0 (main config...
2011-08-28 Phil PennockDoc fixes for syntax errors.
2011-08-27 Phil PennockMake maildir_use_size_file expandable.
2011-08-27 Phil Pennock$av_failed variable set when av_scanner deferred
2011-08-27 Phil PennockAdd protocol=smtps support to smtp transport.
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-06-17 Tony FinchImproved ratelimit ACL condition.
2011-05-08 Tom KistnerMerge branch 'tom_dev'
2011-05-06 Phil PennockPrep for 4.76 release. Version bumps, ChangeLog update. exim-4_76_RC1
2011-03-22 Phil PennockAdded dns_use_edns0 main option.
2011-03-22 Phil PennockSet "new since" to the 4.75 release.
2011-02-21 Phil PennockFix doc typos. Add freeze_signal to OptionLists. exim-4_75_RC1
2011-02-21 Phil PennockExim 4.75.
2011-02-21 Phil Pennockmaildir_tag hint provided by Heiko Schlittermann.
2011-02-21 Phil PennockUpdate $message_linecount for maildir_tag.
2011-02-13 Phil PennockImplement %M datestamping in log filenames.
2011-02-13 Phil PennockImplement freeze_signal on pipe transport.
2011-02-05 Phil PennockLDAP TLS negotiation support.
2011-01-22 Phil PennockMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-01-21 Nigel MetheringhamReworked changebars (still relative to 4.72) in doc...
2011-01-21 Phil PennockUpdate dates. exim-4_74_RC1
2011-01-21 Phil PennockBump version to 4.74.
2011-01-17 Phil PennockClarify: tls_verify_certificates is for CA certs.
2011-01-16 Phil PennockBug 139: portability fixes and documentation.
2010-12-26 Nigel MetheringhamDKIM ACL Documentation exim-4_73
2010-12-26 Nigel MetheringhamLDAP Authetication documentation example syntax fix
2010-12-26 Nigel MetheringhamReword BSMTP ACL documentation
2010-12-26 Andreas Metzlerdrop unwanted paragraph break.
2010-12-26 Andreas Metzlerfix grammar error: s/this/that/
2010-12-23 Nigel MetheringhamMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// exim-4_73_RC1
2010-12-19 Nigel MetheringhamInserted change notifications into the documentation...
2010-12-18 David WoodhouseMake the documentation cleared that TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIST...
2010-12-18 Nigel MetheringhamUpdated version numbers of code and documentation exim-4_73_RC00
2010-12-17 David WoodhouseMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-12-16 David WoodhouseTurn TRUSTED_CONFIG_PREFIX_LIST into TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIS...
2010-12-15 David WoodhouseAllow only Exim or CONFIGURE_OWNER to use whitelisted...
2010-12-15 Phil PennockImplement -D whitelist invoking user restriction.
2010-12-14 Phil PennockDocument the change to system_filter_user's default.
2010-12-12 David WoodhouseAdd TRUSTED_CONFIG_PREFIX_FILE option
2010-12-12 David WoodhouseRemove ALT_CONFIG_ROOT_ONLY build option, effectively...
2010-12-11 David WoodhouseDon't allow a configure file which is writeable by...
2010-06-14 Phil PennockClarify that the ACL framework is not invoked for ...
2010-06-12 John JetmoreAdd tcp_wrappers_daemon_name (closes: bug #278)
2010-06-09 Phil PennockMinor doc updates:
2010-06-07 Phil PennockBoth bool{} and bool_lax{} should ignore trailing white...
2010-06-07 Phil PennockAdded bool_lax{} expansion operator, which uses Router...
2010-06-07 Phil PennockAllow Routers to have multiple conditions, IF each...
2010-06-06 Phil PennockImplement --version. Fixes: #973
2010-06-06 Phil PennockLight documentation dusting from patch provided by...
2010-06-06 Phil PennockImplement "control = debug" ACL control. Fixes: #937
2010-06-05 Phil PennockNew expansion operator: reverse_ip
2010-06-05 Phil PennockUpdate OptionLists. (Claim for 4.72 because 4.73 not...
2010-06-05 Phil PennockClamAV INSTREAM scanning by default, unless built with...
2010-06-05 Phil PennockAdd permit_coredump pipe transport option. Fixes:...
2010-06-05 Phil PennockAdd an openssl_options main configuration option, to...
2010-05-29 Nigel MetheringhamFix documentation version numbers
2010-05-29 Nigel MetheringhamDKIM DNS TXT record bug fix. Fixes: #967
2010-03-05 Nigel MetheringhamFix for unknown responses from Dovecot authenticator...
2010-03-05 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation fix for max_rcpts. Fixes: #955
2010-01-04 Nigel MetheringhamReset environment for 4.72 development
2009-11-16 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation for randint. Better randomness defaults...
2009-11-16 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation fix for gnutls_* options. Fixes: #913
2009-11-14 Nigel MetheringhamChanges to work towards a 4.71 release
2009-11-05 Nigel MetheringhamDoc corrections from John Horne. Fixes: #899
2009-11-05 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation ownership tweaks
2009-10-27 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation: Added changebars, fixed date
2009-10-26 Nigel MetheringhamTLS documentation bugfixes Fixes: #888
2009-10-26 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation bug fixes. Fixes: #862, #866, #875
2009-10-20 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation tweak. Related: #805
2009-10-19 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation correction for ratelimit. Fixes: #799
2009-10-16 Nigel Metheringhamgnutls_compat_mode to allow compatibility with broken...
2009-10-16 Tom KistnerDKIM Doc update
2009-10-16 Tom KistnerBugzilla #643
2009-10-16 Tom KistnerBugzilla #887
2009-10-14 Nigel Metheringhambool: condition support. fixes: #167
2009-10-13 Tom KistnerAdd DKIM documentation
2009-06-30 Tom KistnerMinor style update
2009-06-30 Tom KistnerFix errors preventing compilation
2009-06-11 Tom KistnerUpdate Version and current year
2009-06-11 Tom KistnerDKIM docs WIP
2009-01-02 Nigel MetheringhamAdded index entry for acl_smtp_notquit, updating change...
2008-10-16 Nigel MetheringhamFixed erroneous documentation references to smtp_notqui...
2008-09-29 Nigel MetheringhamDocumentation correction to quote_mysql example. fixes...
2008-09-01 Tony FinchCorrect name of the selector is received_recipients...
2008-08-05 Tony FinchAdd missing } in examples. Fixes: bug#743
2008-06-04 Tony FinchClarify the extent of effect of log_reject_target.
2008-05-14 Tony FinchBATV PRVS no longer uses slashes.
2008-04-16 Tony Finchutil/ is gone.
2008-04-13 Tom Kistnerremove reference to RSA from section 39.3
2008-04-13 Tom Kistnerremove reference to RSAfrom section 39.3