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3 This file is divided into two parts. The first is the original list maintained
4 by Exim's author, Philip Hazel, before he retired. That has two sub-lists of
5 contributors. The second main part is an attempt to bring this up-to-date,
6 using information from ChangeLog and git.
8 Names may well occur more than once.
10 There was a five year gap. It is unlikely that this file is complete.
11 If you contributed and are not listed, then *please* let us know. Even if you
12 don't much care, we want to acknowledge your help. A contribution isn't just
13 code, it includes reporting real bugs, helping with tracking problems down,
14 documentation fixes and more.
16 (Note that we have patches from folks in various countries and Latin1 is not
17 sufficient to handle all of their names acceptably.
18 This file should be in UTF-8).
20 -Phil Pennock, pp The Exim Maintainers.
22 ============================8< cut here >8==============================
24 I have not been very good at keeping a proper record of all the people who have
25 sent in patches and other contributions to Exim. I am going to try to do better
26 in the future by keeping a record in this file. First, I'll put a list of all
27 those I can recover from the past; then I'll create a new list to which I'll
28 add new contributors in future. Some regular contributors may appear in both.
30 I'm going to record people who send in actual patches or who help in detailed
31 ways. I'm not going to list people who just make a suggestion or report a
32 bug. I hope that is a reasonable approach.
34 If you should be on one of these lists and are not, please accept my apologies,
35 and let me know! Any omissions are solely due to my incompetence. In
36 particular, the "past" list has certainly lost the names of people who sent in
37 relatively small patches.
39 Philip Hazel
41 Lists created: 20 November 2002
42 Last updated (by PH): 22 August 2007
46 Alan Barratt First code for relay checking
47 Malcolm Beattie Interface to embedded Perl
48 Philip Blundell First support for IPv6
49 Piete Brooks Running the first live version
50 Implementing multiple-system compilation
51 Matthew Byng-Maddick First code for dsearch lookup
52 Steve Campbell Extensions to eximstats
53 Steve is now the maintainer of eximstats
54 Brian Candler LDAP support enhancement
55 Petr Cech PostgreSQL interface
56 Steve Clarke Best way to find the load average in Linux
57 Energis Ltd Resources for the exim.org site
58 Yann Golanski Numerical hash function
59 Jason Gunthorpe IPv6 support (Linux)
60 Michael Haardt LDAP support enhancement
61 Steve Haslam First code for TLS
62 Kjetil Torgrim Homme Suggested patch for macro extensions
63 John Horne Proof-reading documentation (repeatedly)
64 Pierre Humblet Cygwin support
65 Paul Kelly MySQL interface
66 First code for Oracle interface
67 Ian Kirk Radius support
68 Stuart Levy Replacement for broken inet_ntoa() on IRIX
69 Stuart Lynne First code for LDAP
70 Nigel Metheringham Setting up the web site and mailing list
71 Managing the web site and mailing list
72 Interface to Berkeley DB
73 Support for cdb
74 Support for maildir
75 Barry Pederson LDAP support enhancement
76 Marc Prud'hommeaux SPA client authentication
77 Alexander Sabourenkov pwcheck daemon support
78 Peter Savitch LDAP support enhancement
79 Robert Wal whoson lookup
80 Joachim Wieland Researching strace and stolen subprocesses in Linux
85 Alexander Alekseev Use of function attribute checks in gcc
86 Justo Alonso Suggested patch for maildir++ maildirsize file support
87 Anton Altaparmakov Patches to get cyrus_sasl fully working
88 Simon Arlott Patch for $dnslist_matched.
89 Claus Assmann Example code for OpenSSL CRL support
90 Robert Bannocks Patch for LDAP reference problem on Solaris
91 Ian Bell Analysis of a bug and an infelicity in clock tick code
92 Patch for ${quote_local_part
93 Peter Benie A number mistakes found by analysing the code
94 Johannes Berg Suggested patch for authentication client $auth<n> support
95 Suggested patch for acl_not_smtp_start
96 Matt Bernstein LMTP over socket
97 Suggested patch for dnslists '&' feature
98 Mike Bethune Help with debugging an elusive ALRM signal bug
99 Ard Biesheuvel Lookup code for accessing an Interbase database
100 Richard Birkett Fix for empty -f address crash
101 Dean Brooks Fix for ratelimit per_rcpt in acl_not_smtp.
102 Nick Burrett Patch for CONFIGURE_FILE_USE_EUID in exicyclog
103 Matthew Byng-Maddick Patch for qualify_domain in redirect router
104 Patch for ignore_target_hosts in ipliteral router
105 The cyrus_sasl authenticator
106 Steve Campbell eximstats extensions and continued maintenance
107 Brian Candler Use h_errno for gethostbyname()
108 Suggested patch for .ifdef etc
109 Several minor fixes and suggestions
110 Pete Carah Patch for change to radiusclient API
111 Oliver Cook Suggested patch for exigrep & rejected messages
112 Patch to add sender/host info to local_scan() rejects
113 Suggested patch to add queue time to "Completed"
114 Ted Cooper Suggested patch for NOTQUIT ACL
115 Jennifer Corley Designing the new Exim logo
116 John Dalbec Patch for quota_warn_threshold bug
117 Vivek Dasmohapatra Suggested patch for CRL support
118 Dennis Davis Suggested server_condition for all authenticators
119 Andrew Doran Patch for NetBSD configuration files
120 Patch for ifreq alignment and size problems
121 Michael Deutschmann Suggested patch for treating bind() failure like connect()
122 Patch for $sender_data and $recipient_data
123 Suggested patch for null address match lookup bug
124 Suggested patch for verify = not_blind
125 Patch for alternate TXT lookup in DNS lists
126 Oliver Eikemeier Patch to skip Received: if expansion is empty
127 Patch for "eqi"
128 Nico Erfurth Fix for bug in ${readfile}
129 Patch for router_home_directory
130 Patch for ACL crash (try to test sender after ETRN)
131 Suggested patch for lookup search bug
132 Suggested patch for advertise_condition
133 Patch for missing HELO in checkaccess
134 Patch for raw headers
135 Patch for lsearch lookups tidying
136 Patch for .include_if_exists
137 Patch for partial- not recognized in host list
138 Lots more patches for bug fixes, enhancements, and
139 code refactorings - too many to record details!
140 Jochen Erwied Fix for BDB 4.1 API
141 Stefan Esser Fix for DNS RR parsing bug
142 Peter Evans Suggested using modification time of "new" for time
143 of "mailbox last read" for maildir
144 Andrew Findlay Patch to close writing end of ${readsocket
145 Michael Fischer
146 v. Mollard Suggested patch for exigrep -t option
147 Kevin Fleming Callout cache code
148 Patch for authenticated_sender
149 Tony Finch Expansion extensions
150 Timezone addition to log timestamps
151 A number of useful code criticisms
152 Timezone patch for exiwhat
153 Patch for more daemon exiwhat information
154 Patch for -dd
155 Patch for mxh lookup type in dnsdb
156 Patch for defer_foo in dndsb
157 Patch for ${dlfunc
158 Patch for $message_linecount
159 ... and many more
160 Graeme Fowler Suggested patch for /noupdate with ratelimit
161 Ian Freislich Patch for spamd timeout problem
162 Giuliano Gavazzi Patches for OSX compilation
163 Dominic Germain Patch for exiqgrep MacOS X bug
164 Oliver Gorwits $load_average patch
165 Patch for additional syslog facilities
166 James Grinter Suggested patches for header manipulation functions
167 and recipient remove for local_scan() use
168 Lukasz Grochal Patch for saslauthd buglet
169 Pavel Gulchouck Diagnosis of return_path_on_delivery crash
170 Michael Haardt Tidies to make the code stricter
171 Refactoring to allow for other filter types
172 Suggested patch for appendfile "folder" extension
173 Module to support Sieve (RFC 3028) filters and
174 continued maintenance of same
175 Patch for faster sort algorithm in queue.c
176 Patch for LDAP timeout handling
177 ... and several more
178 Thomas Hager Patch for saslauthd crash bug
179 Richard Hall Fix for file descriptor leak in redirection
180 Jori Hamalainen Patch to add features to exiqsumm
181 Patch to speed up exigrep
182 Steve Haslam Lots of stuff, including
183 HMAC computations
184 Better error messages for BDB
185 Sheldon Hearn Suggested patch for smtp_accept_max_nonmail_hosts
186 Fix for compile error with OpenSSL 0.9.8e
187 Bryan Henderson Patch to use RM_COMMAND everywhere during building
188 Jakob Hirsch Patch for % operator
189 Patch for arbitrarily named ACL variables
190 Magnus Holmgren Patch for filter_prepend_home
191 Patch for "h" flag in Domain Keys
192 Patch for $sending_ip_address/$sending_port
193 Patch for ${rfc2047d:
194 ... and several more
195 Lots of other maintenance support
196 Kjetil Torgrim Homme Patch for require_files problem on NFS file systems
197 Tom Hughes Suggested patch for $n bug in pipe command from filter
198 Pierre Humblet Continued Cygwin support
199 Peter Ilieve Suggested patch for lookup search bug
200 John Jetmore Writing and maintaining the 'exipick' utility
201 Much helpful testing of the test suite & elsewhere
202 Patch for -Mset
203 Patch for TLS testing with -bh/-bhc/-bs
204 Patch for exigrep -v functionality
205 Bob Johannessen Patch for Sieve envelope tests bug
206 Patch for negative uid/gid bug
207 Brad Jorsch Patch for bitwise logical operators
208 Patch for using "message" on acceptance
209 Patch to add == and =& to dnslists
210 Christian Kellner Patch for LDAP dereferencing
211 Alex Kiernan Patches for libradius
212 Diagnosis of milliwait clock-backwards bug
213 Patch for BDB 4.3 API change
214 Tom Kistner SPA server code
215 Writing and maintaining the content scanning
216 extension (exiscan)
217 Jürgen Kreileder Fix for cyrus_sasl advertisement problem
218 Friso Kuipers Patch for GDBM problem
219 Matthias Lederhofer Diagnosing and patching obscure and subtle socket bug
220 Chris Liddiard Fix for bug in exiqsumm
221 Chris Lightfoot Patch for -restore-times in exim_lock
222 Edgar Lovecraft Patch for ${str2b64:
223 Torsten Luettgert Suggested patch for proper integer overflow detection
224 David Madole Patch for SPA forced expansion failure bug
225 Lars Mainka Patch for OpenSSL crl collections
226 Andrey Malyshev Patch for $address_data after redirection bug
227 Lionel Elie Mamane Patch for IPv4/IPv6 listen() problem on USAGI Linux
228 Patch for recognizing IPv6 "scoped addresses"
229 Patch for callout caching bug
230 Everton da Silva Marques Suggested patch for SRV handling
231 Suggested patch for SRV/MX lookup retry option
232 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos GnuTLS proof of concept code
233 Update to RSA and D-H parameter caching code
234 Komar Maxim Patch for check_rfc2047_length
235 Andy Mell Fix for rejectlog regeneration bug
236 Marc Merlin Many suggestions and patches for callouts and
237 SMTP error message features
238 Andreas Metzler Patch for message_id_header_domain
239 Suggested patch for multi-config files in scripts bug
240 GnuTLS non-existent parameter file bug fix
241 Alex Miller Suggested readline() patch
242 Patch for LDAP_RES_SEARCH_REFERENCE handling
243 Support for the DrWeb content scanner
244 Arkadiusz Miskiewicz Patch to add timeout to reads in malware.c
245 Martin Mrazik Patches for problems in the test suite
246 Andreas Mueller Patch for logging uncompleted SMTP transactions
247 Pete Naylor Patch for LDAP TCP connect timeout setting
248 Alexander Newmann Diagnosing and patching obscure and subtle socket bug
249 Matthew Newton Patch for exicyclog log location problem
250 Marcin Owsiany Diagnosis of a tricky timeout failure bug
251 Andrey Panin Dovecot authenticator
252 Eric Parusel Patch for tls_remember_esmtp
253 Gaige Paulsen Amended Darwin config files
254 Richard Premdas Patch for PAM buglet
255 Jason Pyeron Suggested patch for ignoring Sendmail's -O option
256 Mark Rigby-Jones Patch for race condition during MBX locking
257 Robert Roselius Patch for OpenSSL workaround for bad clients
258 Larry Rosenman OpenUNIX config files
259 Alexander Sabourenkov Patch to add saslauthd daemon support
260 Patch for MySQL non-data queries
261 David Saez Suggested patch for $sender_hostname lookup if needed
262 Support for the clamd virus scanner
263 Suggested patch for increased number of ACL variables
264 Jonathan Sambrook Suggested patch for expanding uid and gid lists
265 Peter Savitch Diagnosis of FPE bug when statvfs() fails on spool
266 Harald Schueler Patch for dn_expand() failure on truncated data
267 Heiko Schlichting Diagnosis of intermittent daemon crash bug
268 Heiko Schlitterman Proposed patch for +pid
269 Stephan Schulz Patch for $host_data caching error
270 Lai Zit Seng Patch for radiusclient 0.4.9 interface bugs
271 Tony Sheen Log files with datestamped names and auto rollover
272 Martin Sluka Patch for exigrep to include non-message lines
273 Adam Stephens Suggested patch for IGNOREQUOTA in LMTP
274 Russell Stuart Diagnosis of obscure batch multiple delivery bug
275 Tamas Tevesz Patch for crypt16() support
276 Johan Thelmen Support for the F-Secure virus scanner
277 William Thompson Suggested patch for acl_smtp_helo
278 Suggested patch for nested ACL "drop" bug
279 Suggested patch for continuation lines in file ACLs
280 Patch for != support in DNS lists
281 Adam Thornton Patch for SMTP port expansion
282 Daniel Tiefnig Much helpful testing of the test suite
283 Rein Tollevik Patch to fix search cache missing tidyup
284 Stefan Traby Threaded Perl support
285 Samuli Tuomola OS files for QNX 6.2.0
286 Dave Turner Suggested patch for sender rewriting brokenness
287 Steve Usher Unbuffered I/O patch for Dovecot authentication
288 Carlos Villegas Suggested patch for "headers" in filter files
289 Matthias Waffenschmidt Patch for build-time Perl bug in configure script
290 Queue run abandon log message tidy up
291 Norihisa Washitake Suggested patch for RFC 2047 header decoding
292 Chris Webb Patch for support of an SPF lookup method.
293 Florian Weimer Patch for minor format string issue
294 Noticing the unwanted (and time-wasting) GnuTLS
295 RSA_EXPORT code, and supplying a patch to remove it
296 Joachim Wieland Patches for PostgreSQL socket support and other
297 PostgreSQL functionality
298 Patch for hosts_avoid_esmtp
299 Stephen Wilcox Patch for ignore_enotdir problem
300 Alain Williams Suggested patch for exicyclog options
301 PATCH for LDAP referrals option
302 David Woodhouse SQLite support proof of concept code
303 control=freeze/no_tell basic code
304 Erik ? patch to use select() instead of poll() on OS X
305 ****
307 ============================8< cut here >8==============================
309 The Exim Maintainers Lists
310 ==========================
312 We'll start with the Exim Maintainers, who are the people with commit
313 access to the master git repository and a couple more folk; then we'll list
314 known contributors since the lists above. Then we list the folks who work
315 to make Exim available on various operating systems as porters/packagers.
317 For the Maintainers, we may list primary focus area. All maintainers
318 will have contributed to work outside those areas. The maintainers'
319 contributions are initialled in ChangeLog. Changes from before maintainership
320 should be listed as a contributor.
322 For other contributors, we will attempt to track all contributions. Note that
323 the entries per-person were added initially by scanning back through the
324 ChangeLog and git, so are not in chronological order.
326 [ With names from all over the world, we need one sort order. I've arbitrarily
327 decreed it to be "normal British address-book sort order, but based on family
328 name rather than whichever comes last and using whatever seems sanest for
329 sort order of characters which do not collate onto an English character",
330 which should handle the majority of cases. If it is not adequate for some
331 situation, we'll resolve it then.
332 We leave out titles and honourifics, just names and handles. ]
335 Maintainers
336 -----------
337 Steve Campbell eximstats maintainer.
338 Mike Cardwell Exim webmaster.
339 Tony Finch Unbreaks lots of things. Ratelimit code.
340 Graeme Fowler
341 Michael Haardt Maintains Sieve support, works on DKIM.
342 Jeremy Harris
343 Philip Hazel Retired.
344 Originating architect and author of the Exim project.
345 John Jetmore
346 Tom Kistner DKIM. Content scanning. SPA.
347 Todd Lyons
348 Nigel Metheringham Transitioning out of Default Victim status.
349 Phil Pennock Release Coordinator. Breaks lots of things.
350 David Woodhouse Dynamic modules. Security.
353 Contributors
354 ------------
355 Andrew Aitchison Spotted cmdline AV scanner regression with -bmalware
356 Simon Arlott Code for outbound SSL-on-connect
357 Patch implementing %M datestamping in log filenames
358 Patch restoring SIGPIPE handler for child_open_uid
359 Patch fixing NUL term/init of DKIM strings
360 Patch fixing dnsdb TXT record handling for DKIM
361 Patch speeding up DomainKeys signing
362 Dmitry Banschikov Path to check for LDAP TLS initialisation errors
363 René Berber Pointed out mistake in build instructions for QNX
364 Johannes Berg Maintained dynamically loadable module code out-of-tree
365 Patch expanding spamd_address if contains $
366 Jasen Betts Spotted lack of docs re bool{} on empty string
367 and typo fixes
368 Wolfgang Breyha DCC integration; expandable spamd_address
369 Patch handling IPv6 addresses for SPF
370 Patch fixing DKIM verification when signature header
371 not prepended
372 Unbroke Cyrus SASL auth after incorrect SSF addition
373 David Brownlee Patch improving local interface IP address detection
374 Eugene Bujak Security patch fixing buffer overflow in string_format
375 Adam Ciarcinski Patch for TLS-enabled LDAP (alternative to ldaps)
376 Dennis Davis Patches fixing compilation in older compilers
377 Reported dynlookup framework build issues on Solaris
378 Serge Demonchaux Maintained dynamically loadable module code out-of-tree
379 Patch fixing sign/unsigned and UTF mismatches
380 Uwe Doering Patch fixing DKIM multiple signature generation
381 Maxim Dounin Patch portability of accept() len
382 Frank Elsner Fixed build reliability by exporting LC_ALL=C
383 Paul Fisher Diagnosed smtp_cmd_buffer_size affecting GSSAPI SASL
384 initial response, raised buffer size
385 Oliver Fleischmann Patches fixing compilation in older compilers
386 Julian Gilbey Helped improve userforward local_part_suffix docs
387 Richard Godbee Patch fixing usage fprintf
388 Steve Haslam Maintained dynamically loadable module code out-of-tree
389 Oliver Heesakkers Debugged dynamic lookup build issues for LOOKUP_foo.
390 Dmitry Isaikin Spotted short writes to local files
391 Patch for format string regression
392 Alun Jones Patch for NULL dereference in localhost_number
393 Brad Jorsch Patches fixing Resent-*: header handling
394 John Hall Updated PCRE to 7.4 (when in-tree)
395 Jeremy Harris Patch to log authentication information in reject log
396 Reported a ${extract error message typo
397 Jakob Hirsch Patch implementing freeze_signal on pipe transports
398 Suggested X-Envelope-Sender: for content-scanning
399 Patch fixing Base64 decode bugs
400 John Horne Patch adding $av_failed
401 Patch escaping log text after lookup expansion defer
402 Documentation fixes
403 Pointed out ClamAV ExtendedDetectionInfo compat issue
404 Andreas M. Kirchwitz Let /dev/null have normal permissions (4.73 fallout)
405 Roberto Lima Patch letting exicyclog rotate paniclog
406 Todd Lyons Patch handling TAB in MAIL arguments
407 Christof Meerwald Provided insight & suggested patch for GnuTLS update
408 Andreas Metzler Patch upgrading PolarSSL (DKIM)
409 Reported delivery logging problems (4.73 fallout)
410 Patch to build without WITH_CONTENT_SCAN
411 Patch fixing docs for max_rcpts
412 Kirill Miazine Multiple patches improving Dovecot authenticator
413 Robert Millan Wrote SPF Best Guess support
414 Marcin Mirosław Running static analysis tools for us, catching issues
415 Dirk Mueller Patch extending use of our printf() compiler checking
416 Andrey Oktyabrski Patch fixing wide character breakage in rfc2047 coding
417 Patch keeping SQL errors from being returned over SMTP
418 Phil Pennock Patch adding gnutls_compat_mode
419 Patches adding bool{} and later bool_lax{}
420 Patch for TLS library version reporting build/runtime
421 Patch letting EXPN work under TLS
422 More patches built up & applied when became maintainer
423 Mark Daniel Reidel Patch adding f-protd malware scanner support
424 Steven A Reisman Pointed out ${eval:x % 0} SIGFPE
425 Todd Rinaldo Patch fixing transport filter timeout
426 Dan Rosenberg Security notification & patch for hardlink attack on
427 sticky mail directory
428 Security notification of race condition in MBX locking
429 Jay Rouman Kept our copyright claim in the 21st century, not 11th
430 Heiko Schlittermann Patch making maildir_use_size_file expand
431 Patch fixing maildir quota file races
432 Patch fixing make parallelisation
433 Updates to eximstats, exiwhat
434 Janne Snabb TLS extensive debugging & failure root cause analysis
435 Added SPF record type support to dnsdb lookup
436 Jan Srzednicki Patch improving Dovecot authenticator
437 Reported crash in Dovecot authenticator
438 Martin Tscholak Reported issue with TLS anonymous ciphersuites
439 Stephen Usher Patch fixing use of Oracle's LDAP libraries on Solaris
440 Holger Weiß Patch leting ${run} return more data than OS pipe
441 buffer size
442 Moritz Wilhelmy Pointed out PCRE_PRERELEASE glitch
443 Alain Williams Patch supporting MySQL stored procedures
444 Mark Zealey Patch updating $message_linecount for maildir_tag
445 Patch improving spamd server selection
448 Packagers
449 ---------
450 Mark Baker Debian, through Exim 3
451 Hilko Bengen Debian, Exim 4, current(*) maintenance
452 Tim Cutts Debian, initial packaging
453 Marc Haber Debian, Exim 4, current(*) maintenance
454 Steve Haslam Debian, Exim 4
455 Andreas Metzler Debian, current(*) maintenance
456 Christian Perrier Debian, current(*) maintenance
458 (*) Current as of our last information as of release: Exim 4.81
461 # vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 expandtab :