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3 Exim Documentation
4 ------------------
6 This directory should contain the following files:
8 ChangeLog most recent log of all changes to Exim
9 NewStuff features that haven't made it to the manual yet,
10 and/or a list of newly-added functionality
11 OptionLists.txt lists of all Exim's options
12 README this document
13 README.SIEVE notes on the Sieve support
14 Exim3.upgrade information about upgrading from release 2.12 to 3.00
15 Exim4.upgrade information about upgrading from release 3.33 to 4.00
16 dbm.discuss.txt discussion of DBM libraries
17 filter.txt specification of filter file contents
18 pcre.txt specification of PCRE regular expression library
19 pcretest.txt specification of the PCRE test program
20 spec.txt main specification of Exim
22 The .txt files are straight ASCII text; spec.txt and filter.txt have change
23 bars on the right for changes from the previous editions.
26 PostScript
27 ----------
29 The Exim specifications are also available in PostScript. This is not included
30 in the main distribution because not everyone wants it and it doesn't diff
31 well, causing patches to be very much larger than necessary.
33 Wherever you got this distribution from should also have carried another file
34 called exim-postscript-<version>.tar.gz which contains the PostScript
35 documentation. When de-tarred it creates a directory called
36 exim-postscript-<version> into which it places the files doc/ and
37 doc/
41 ----
43 A special conversion from the original sources via Texinfo into HTML is done to
44 create the online documentation at This set of files is
45 also available for installation on other servers. Wherever you got this
46 distribution from should also have carried another file called
47 exim-html-<version>.tar.gz which contains the HTML documentation. When
48 de-tarred it creates a directory called exim-html-<version> into which it
49 places a directory called doc/html containing the set of HTML files. The kick
50 off points are:
52 html/spec.html - specification (framed)
53 html/filter_toc.html - filter docs
56 PDF
57 ---
59 The Exim specifications are available in Portable Document Format. Wherever you
60 got this distribution from should also have carried another file called
61 exim-pdf-<version>.tar.gz which contains the PDF documentation. When de-tarred
62 it creates a directory called exim-pdf-<version> into which it places the files
63 doc/filter.pdf and doc/spec.pdf.
66 TeXinfo
67 -------
69 A version of the documentation that has been converted to TeXinfo format is
70 available in the distribution file exim-texinfo-<version>.gz. When de-tarred it
71 creates a directory called exim-texinfo-<version> into which it places the
72 files doc/filter.texinfo and doc/spec.texinfo.
74 The conversion process is automatic (a Perl script) so the result isn't as nice
75 as hand-maintained TeXinfo files would be, and some information is lost;
76 for example, TeXinfo does not support the use of change bars.
78 There is cgi-bin perl script called info2www which converts info files to
79 html on the fly so that the same info files can be read using the "info"
80 program, or from emacs, or from your favourite browser. This is available from
84 -- End --