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3 New Features in Exim
4 --------------------
6 This file contains descriptions of new features that have been added to Exim.
7 Before a formal release, there may be quite a lot of detail so that people can
8 test from the snapshots or the CVS before the documentation is updated. Once
9 the documentation is updated, this file is reduced to a short list.
12 Version 4.64
13 ------------
15 1. ACL variables can now be given arbitrary names, as long as they start with
16 "acl_c" or "acl_m" (for connection variables and message variables) and are
17 at least 6 characters long. However, only alphanumeric characters and
18 underscores are allowed. This is a compatible change because the old set of
19 variables such as acl_m12 are a subset of the allowed names. There may now
20 be any number of ACL variables. For example:
22 set acl_c_foo = something
23 set acl_ccc = thingsome
24 set acl_m13 = value for original ACL variable
25 set acl_m13b = whatever
27 What happens if an undefined ACL variable is referenced depends on the
28 setting of the strict_acl_vars option. If it is false (the default), an
29 empty string is substituted; if it is true, an error is generated. This
30 affects all ACL variables, including the "old" ones such as acl_c4.
31 (Previously there wasn't the concept of an undefined ACL variable.)
33 The implementation has been done in such a way that spool files containing
34 ACL variable settings written by previous releases of Exim are compatible
35 and can be read by the new release. If only the original numeric names are
36 used, spool files written by the new release can be read by earlier
37 releases.
40 Version 4.63
41 ------------
43 1. There is a new Boolean option called filter_prepend_home for the redirect
44 router.
46 2. There is a new acl, set by acl_not_smtp_start, which is run right at the
47 start of receiving a non-SMTP message, before any of the message has been
48 read.
50 3. When an SMTP error message is specified in a "message" modifier in an ACL,
51 or in a :fail: or :defer: message in a redirect router, Exim now checks the
52 start of the message for an SMTP error code.
54 4. There is a new parameter for LDAP lookups called "referrals", which takes
55 one of the settings "follow" (the default) or "nofollow".
57 5. Version 20070721.2 of exipick now included, offering these new options:
58 --reverse
59 After all other sorting options have bee processed, reverse order
60 before displaying messages (-R is synonym).
61 --random
62 Randomize order of matching messages before displaying.
63 --size
64 Instead of displaying the matching messages, display the sum
65 of their sizes.
66 --sort <variable>[,<variable>...]
67 Before displaying matching messages, sort the messages according to
68 each messages value for each variable.
69 --not
70 Negate the value for every test (returns inverse output from the
71 same criteria without --not).
74 Version 4.62
75 ------------
77 1. The ${readsocket expansion item now supports Internet domain sockets as well
78 as Unix domain sockets. If the first argument begins "inet:", it must be of
79 the form "inet:host:port". The port is mandatory; it may be a number or the
80 name of a TCP port in /etc/services. The host may be a name, or it may be an
81 IP address. An ip address may optionally be enclosed in square brackets.
82 This is best for IPv6 addresses. For example:
84 ${readsocket{inet:[::1]:1234}{<request data>}...
86 Only a single host name may be given, but if looking it up yield more than
87 one IP address, they are each tried in turn until a connection is made. Once
88 a connection has been made, the behaviour is as for ${readsocket with a Unix
89 domain socket.
91 2. If a redirect router sets up file or pipe deliveries for more than one
92 incoming address, and the relevant transport has batch_max set greater than
93 one, a batch delivery now occurs.
95 3. The appendfile transport has a new option called maildirfolder_create_regex.
96 Its value is a regular expression. For a maildir delivery, this is matched
97 against the maildir directory; if it matches, Exim ensures that a
98 maildirfolder file is created alongside the new, cur, and tmp directories.
101 Version 4.61
102 ------------
104 The documentation is up-to-date for the 4.61 release. Major new features since
105 the 4.60 release are:
107 . An option called disable_ipv6, to disable the use of IPv6 completely.
109 . An increase in the number of ACL variables to 20 of each type.
111 . A change to use $auth1, $auth2, and $auth3 in authenticators instead of $1,
112 $2, $3, (though those are still set) because the numeric variables get used
113 for other things in complicated expansions.
115 . The default for rfc1413_query_timeout has been changed from 30s to 5s.
117 . It is possible to use setclassresources() on some BSD OS to control the
118 resources used in pipe deliveries.
120 . A new ACL modifier called add_header, which can be used with any verb.
122 . More errors are detectable in retry rules.
124 There are a number of other additions too.
127 Version 4.60
128 ------------
130 The documentation is up-to-date for the 4.60 release. Major new features since
131 the 4.50 release are:
133 . Support for SQLite.
135 . Support for IGNOREQUOTA in LMTP.
137 . Extensions to the "submission mode" features.
139 . Support for Client SMTP Authorization (CSA).
141 . Support for ratelimiting hosts and users.
143 . New expansion items to help with the BATV "prvs" scheme.
145 . A "match_ip" condition, that matches an IP address against a list.
147 There are many more minor changes.
149 ****