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[exim.git] / doc / ABOUT
1 Exim repository: doc
2 --------------------
4 This directory contains all the files related to Exim documentation. They are
5 held in a number of subdirectories.
7 doc-docbook This directory contains the AsciiDoc and DocBook sources for
8 the Exim specification and the filter description. It also
9 contains a Makefile and all the scripts, stylesheets, etc.
10 that are used to create the distributed renditions of the
11 documents. This way of creating the documentation was
12 introduced for release 4.60.
14 doc-misc This directory contains a number of miscellaneous documents
15 that are relevant to Exim, but not part of its distribution
16 tarball.
18 doc-scripts This directory contains scripts for building exported
19 documentation from the original SGCAL input source. These were
20 used up to and including release 4.50.
22 doc-src This directory contains the SGCAL source documents that were
23 used up to and including release 4.50.
25 doc-txt This directory contains documentation that is maintained only
26 as text files.
28 Each of these directories contains an ABOUT file that describes its contents in
29 more detail.
31 End