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1 # The Exim Project does not use GitHub Issues
3 Hey, we want your input, but we want to make sure that we actually see it and
4 that your help is not wasted, so please read this.
6 The GitHub repo exists for convenience for some folks, and to host our Wiki.
7 The Git repo is an automated clone of our real repo over at
8 <>.
10 Sometimes a maintainer will take a look at GitHub issues, just because we care
11 about the software and want to know about issues, but expect long delays.
12 It's not a really supported workflow.
14 If you need help with configuration, or _think_ you've found a bug, then the
15 Exim Users mailing-list is the place to start. Many experienced postmasters
16 hang out there: <>
18 Our documentation is _very_ extensive and if the behavior does not match the
19 documentation, then that's a bug to be reported.
20 <>
21 In addition, if using Debian or a derivative (such as *Ubuntu*), then you
22 should read: <>
24 If you're absolutely sure it's a bug, and it's not a security problem, then
25 our Bugzilla is the main place to go: <>
27 If you've found a security bug, then please email <>.
28 All Exim Maintainers can and do use PGP.
29 Keyring: <>
30 We don't have a re-encrypting mailer, just encrypt to all of them please.
33 ## If you MUST file an issue on GitHub
35 Read "How to Report Bugs Effectively":
36 <>
38 Please include the OS details, output of `exim -d -bV 2>/dev/null`
39 and as much information as you think is relevant.
41 Thanks.