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1# Make file for building a library containing all the available routers and
2# calling it routers.a. This is called from the main make file, after cd'ing
3# to the directors subdirectory. The library also contains functions that
4# are called only from within the individual routers.
6OBJ = accept.o dnslookup.o ipliteral.o iplookup.o manualroute.o \
7 queryprogram.o redirect.o \
8 rf_change_domain.o rf_expand_data.o rf_get_errors_address.o \
9 rf_get_munge_headers.o rf_get_transport.o rf_get_ugid.o \
10 rf_lookup_hostlist.o \
11 rf_queue_add.o rf_self_action.o \
12 rf_set_ugid.o
14routers.a: $(OBJ)
15 @$(RM_COMMAND) -f routers.a
16 @echo "$(AR) routers.a"
17 @$(AR) routers.a $(OBJ)
18 $(RANLIB) $@
20.SUFFIXES: .o .c
21.c.o:; @echo "$(CC) $*.c"
22 $(FE)$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) $*.c
24rf_change_domain.o: $(HDRS) rf_change_domain.c rf_functions.h
25rf_expand_data.o: $(HDRS) rf_expand_data.c rf_functions.h
26rf_get_errors_address.o: $(HDRS) rf_get_errors_address.c rf_functions.h
27rf_get_munge_headers.o: $(HDRS) rf_get_munge_headers.c rf_functions.h
28rf_get_transport.o: $(HDRS) rf_get_transport.c rf_functions.h
29rf_get_ugid.o: $(HDRS) rf_get_ugid.c rf_functions.h
30rf_lookup_hostlist.o: $(HDRS) rf_lookup_hostlist.c rf_functions.h
31rf_queue_add.o: $(HDRS) rf_queue_add.c rf_functions.h
32rf_self_action.o: $(HDRS) rf_self_action.c rf_functions.h
33rf_set_ugid.o: $(HDRS) rf_set_ugid.c rf_functions.h
35accept.o: $(HDRS) accept.c rf_functions.h accept.h
36dnslookup.o: $(HDRS) dnslookup.c rf_functions.h dnslookup.h
37ipliteral.o: $(HDRS) ipliteral.c rf_functions.h ipliteral.h
38iplookup.o: $(HDRS) iplookup.c rf_functions.h iplookup.h
39manualroute.o: $(HDRS) manualroute.c rf_functions.h manualroute.h
40queryprogram.o: $(HDRS) queryprogram.c rf_functions.h queryprogram.h
41redirect.o: $(HDRS) redirect.c rf_functions.h redirect.h
43# End