Tidy up "make" output along the lines of a 2.6 kernel make (just a short
[exim.git] / src / src / lookups / Makefile
... / ...
1# $Cambridge: exim/src/src/lookups/Makefile,v 1.2 2005/05/17 09:53:35 ph10 Exp $
3# Make file for building a library containing all the available lookups and
4# calling it lookups.a. This is called from the main make file, after cd'ing
5# to the lookups subdirectory. When the relevant LOOKUP_ macros are not
6# defined, dummy modules get compiled.
8OBJ = cdb.o dbmdb.o dnsdb.o dsearch.o ibase.o ldap.o lsearch.o mysql.o nis.o \
9 nisplus.o oracle.o passwd.o pgsql.o testdb.o whoson.o lf_check_file.o \
10 lf_quote.o
12lookups.a: $(OBJ)
13 @/bin/rm -f lookups.a
14 @echo "$(AR) lookups.a"
15 @$(AR) lookups.a $(OBJ)
16 $(RANLIB) $@
17 @/bin/rm -rf ../drtables.o
19.SUFFIXES: .o .c
20.c.o:; @echo "$(CC) $*.c"
21 $(FE)$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) $*.c
23lf_check_file.o: $(HDRS) lf_check_file.c lf_functions.h
24lf_quote.o: $(HDRS) lf_quote.c lf_functions.h
26cdb.o: $(HDRS) cdb.c cdb.h
27dbmdb.o: $(HDRS) dbmdb.c dbmdb.h
28dnsdb.o: $(HDRS) dnsdb.c dnsdb.h
29dsearch.o: $(HDRS) dsearch.c dsearch.h
30ibase.o: $(HDRS) ibase.c ibase.h
31ldap.o: $(HDRS) ldap.c ldap.h
32lsearch.o: $(HDRS) lsearch.c lsearch.h
33mysql.o: $(HDRS) mysql.c mysql.h
34nis.o: $(HDRS) nis.c nis.h
35nisplus.o: $(HDRS) nisplus.c nisplus.h
36oracle.o: $(HDRS) oracle.c oracle.h
37passwd.o: $(HDRS) passwd.c passwd.h
38pgsql.o: $(HDRS) pgsql.c pgsql.h
39testdb.o: $(HDRS) testdb.c testdb.h
40whoson.o: $(HDRS) whoson.c whoson.h
42# End