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1# $Cambridge: exim/src/src/auths/Makefile,v 1.1 2004/10/07 13:10:00 ph10 Exp $
3# Make file for building a library containing all the available authorization
4# methods, and calling it auths.a. In addition, there are functions that are
5# of general use in several methods; these are in separate modules so they are
6# linked in only when needed. This Makefile is called from the main make file,
7# after cd'ing to the auths subdirectory. When the relevant AUTH_ macros are
8# defined, the equivalent modules herein is not included in the final binary.
10OBJ = b64encode.o b64decode.o call_pam.o call_pwcheck.o call_radius.o \
11 xtextencode.o xtextdecode.o get_data.o get_no64_data.o md5.o \
12 cram_md5.o cyrus_sasl.o plaintext.o pwcheck.o sha1.o auth-spa.o spa.o
14auths.a: $(OBJ)
15 /bin/rm -f auths.a
16 $(AR) auths.a $(OBJ)
17 $(RANLIB) $@
18 /bin/rm -rf ../drtables.o
20.SUFFIXES: .o .c
21.c.o:; $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) $*.c
23auth-spa.o: $(HDRS) auth-spa.c
24b64encode.o: $(HDRS) b64encode.c
25b64decode.o: $(HDRS) b64decode.c
26call_pam.o: $(HDRS) call_pam.c
27call_pwcheck.o: $(HDRS) call_pwcheck.c pwcheck.h
28call_radius.o: $(HDRS) call_radius.c
29get_data.o: $(HDRS) get_data.c
30get_no64_data.o: $(HDRS) get_no64_data.c
31md5.o: $(HDRS) md5.c
32pwcheck.o: $(HDRS) pwcheck.c pwcheck.h
33sha1.o: $(HDRS) sha1.c
34xtextencode.o: $(HDRS) xtextencode.c
35xtextdecode.o: $(HDRS) xtextdecode.c
37cram_md5.o: $(HDRS) cram_md5.c cram_md5.h
38cyrus_sasl.o: $(HDRS) cyrus_sasl.c cyrus_sasl.h
39plaintext.o: $(HDRS) plaintext.c plaintext.h
40spa.o: $(HDRS) spa.c spa.h
42# End