Build: do not override the system "cc", on Linux and OpenBSD
[exim.git] / test / stderr / 2201
1Exim version x.yz ....
2changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
3 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
4seeking password data for user "CALLER": cache not available
5getpwnam() succeeded uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID
6configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
7trusted user
8admin user
4b424e0d 9dropping to exim gid; retaining priv uid
10seeking password data for user "CALLER": using cached result
11getpwnam() succeeded uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID
12originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
13sender address = CALLER@myhost.test.ex
14Address testing: uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID euid=uuuu egid=EXIM_GID
16Testing test.ex@test.ex
18Considering test.ex@test.ex
20routing test.ex@test.ex
21--------> r0 router <--------
22local_part=test.ex domain=test.ex
23checking senders
24address match test: subject=CALLER@myhost.test.ex pattern=a@shorthost.test.ex
25CALLER@myhost.test.ex in "a@shorthost.test.ex"? no (end of list)
26r0 router skipped: senders mismatch
27--------> r1 router <--------
28local_part=test.ex domain=test.ex
29checking domains
30search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
31search_find: file="NULL"
32 key="test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
33LRU list:
34internal_search_find: file="NULL"
35 type=dnsdb key="test.ex"
36database lookup required for test.ex
37dnsdb key: test.ex
38DNS lookup of test.ex (TXT) using fakens
39DNS lookup of test.ex (TXT) succeeded
40lookup yielded: A TXT record for test.ex.
41test.ex in "dnsdb;test.ex"? yes (matched "dnsdb;test.ex")
42checking local_parts
43search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
44 cached open
45search_find: file="NULL"
46 key="test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
47LRU list:
48internal_search_find: file="NULL"
49 type=dnsdb key="test.ex"
50cached data used for lookup of test.ex
51lookup yielded: A TXT record for test.ex.
52test.ex in "dnsdb;test.ex"? yes (matched "dnsdb;test.ex")
53calling r1 router
54r1 router called for test.ex@test.ex
55 domain = test.ex
56set transport local_delivery
57queued for local_delivery transport: local_part = test.ex
58domain = test.ex
59 errors_to=NULL
60 domain_data=A TXT record for test.ex. localpart_data=A TXT record for test.ex.
61routed by r1 router
62 envelope to: test.ex@test.ex
63 transport: local_delivery
65Testing unknown@test.ex
67Considering unknown@test.ex
69routing unknown@test.ex
70--------> r0 router <--------
71local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
72checking senders
73address match test: subject=CALLER@myhost.test.ex pattern=a@shorthost.test.ex
74CALLER@myhost.test.ex in "a@shorthost.test.ex"? no (end of list)
75r0 router skipped: senders mismatch
76--------> r1 router <--------
77local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
78checking domains
79search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
80 cached open
81search_find: file="NULL"
82 key="test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
83LRU list:
84internal_search_find: file="NULL"
85 type=dnsdb key="test.ex"
86cached data used for lookup of test.ex
87lookup yielded: A TXT record for test.ex.
88test.ex in "dnsdb;test.ex"? yes (matched "dnsdb;test.ex")
89checking local_parts
90search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
91 cached open
92search_find: file="NULL"
93 key="unknown" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
94LRU list:
95internal_search_find: file="NULL"
96 type=dnsdb key="unknown"
97database lookup required for unknown
98dnsdb key: unknown
99DNS lookup of unknown (TXT) using fakens
100DNS lookup of unknown (TXT) gave HOST_NOT_FOUND
101returning DNS_NOMATCH
27085351 102 writing neg-cache entry for unknown-TXT-xxxx, ttl 3600
103lookup failed
104unknown in "dnsdb;unknown"? no (end of list)
105r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
106--------> r2 router <--------
107local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
108checking domains
109search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
110 cached open
111search_find: file="NULL"
112 key="test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
113LRU list:
114internal_search_find: file="NULL"
115 type=dnsdb key="test.ex"
116cached data used for lookup of test.ex
117lookup yielded: A TXT record for test.ex.
118test.ex in "dnsdb;test.ex"? yes (matched "dnsdb;test.ex")
119checking senders
cd5567b1 120address match test: subject=CALLER@myhost.test.ex pattern=dnsdb;A=myhost.test.ex
121search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
122 cached open
123search_find: file="NULL"
124 key="A=myhost.test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
125LRU list:
126internal_search_find: file="NULL"
127 type=dnsdb key="A=myhost.test.ex"
128database lookup required for A=myhost.test.ex
129dnsdb key: myhost.test.ex
130DNS lookup of myhost.test.ex (A) using fakens
131DNS lookup of myhost.test.ex (A) succeeded
132lookup yielded: V4NET.10.10.10
133CALLER@myhost.test.ex in "dnsdb;A=myhost.test.ex"? yes (matched "dnsdb;A=myhost.test.ex")
134calling r2 router
135r2 router called for unknown@test.ex
136 domain = test.ex
137set transport local_delivery
138queued for local_delivery transport: local_part = unknown
139domain = test.ex
140 errors_to=NULL
141 domain_data=A TXT record for test.ex. localpart_data=NULL
142routed by r2 router
143 envelope to: unknown@test.ex
144 transport: local_delivery
145search_tidyup called
9bfb7e1b 146>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp (main) terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
147Exim version x.yz ....
148configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
149trusted user
150admin user
151search_tidyup called
152search_tidyup called
153search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
154search_find: file="NULL"
155 key="a=shorthost.test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
156LRU list:
157internal_search_find: file="NULL"
158 type=dnsdb key="a=shorthost.test.ex"
159database lookup required for a=shorthost.test.ex
160dnsdb key: shorthost.test.ex
161lookup yielded:
162search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
163 cached open
164search_find: file="NULL"
165 key="a=shorthost.test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
166LRU list:
167internal_search_find: file="NULL"
168 type=dnsdb key="a=shorthost.test.ex"
169cached data used for lookup of a=shorthost.test.ex
170lookup yielded:
171search_open: dnsdb "NULL"
172 cached open
173search_find: file="NULL"
174 key="a=shorthost.test.ex" partial=-1 affix=NULL starflags=0
175LRU list:
176internal_search_find: file="NULL"
177 type=dnsdb key="a=shorthost.test.ex"
178cached data found but past valid time; database lookup required for a=shorthost.test.ex
179dnsdb key: shorthost.test.ex
180lookup yielded:
182 <= a@shorthost.test.ex U=CALLER P=local S=sss
183created log directory TESTSUITE/spool/log
184search_tidyup called
9bfb7e1b 185>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp (main) terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
187******** SERVER ********
188Exim version x.yz ....
189configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
190trusted user
191admin user
4b424e0d 192dropping to exim gid; retaining priv uid
193ppppp daemon_smtp_port overridden by -oX:
194ppppp <: 1225
195ppppp listening on all interfaces (IPv4) port 1225
196ppppp pid written to TESTSUITE/spool/
197ppppp LOG: MAIN
198ppppp exim x.yz daemon started: pid=pppp, no queue runs, listening for SMTP on port 1225
199ppppp daemon running with uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID euid=EXIM_UID egid=EXIM_GID
200ppppp Listening...
201ppppp Connection request from port sssss
202ppppp 1 SMTP accept process running
203ppppp Listening...
204ppppp Process ppppp is handling incoming connection from []
205ppppp Process ppppp is ready for new message
206ppppp DNS list check: rbl.test.ex/V4NET.11.12.14
207ppppp new DNS lookup for 14.12.11.V4NET.rbl.test.ex
208ppppp DNS lookup for 14.12.11.V4NET.rbl.test.ex succeeded (yielding
209ppppp => that means V4NET.11.12.14 is listed at rbl.test.ex
210ppppp DNS list check: rbl.test.ex/V4NET.11.12.14
211ppppp using result of previous DNS lookup
212ppppp DNS lookup for 14.12.11.V4NET.rbl.test.ex succeeded (yielding
213ppppp => that means V4NET.11.12.14 is listed at rbl.test.ex
214ppppp DNS list check: rbl.test.ex/V4NET.11.12.14
215ppppp cached data found but past valid time; new DNS lookup for 14.12.11.V4NET.rbl.test.ex
216ppppp DNS lookup for 14.12.11.V4NET.rbl.test.ex succeeded (yielding
217ppppp => that means V4NET.11.12.14 is listed at rbl.test.ex
218ppppp LOG: MAIN
219ppppp <= a@shorthost.test.ex H=localhost (myhost.test.ex) [] P=esmtp S=sss id=E10HmaX-0005vi-00@myhost.test.ex
220ppppp Process ppppp is ready for new message
221ppppp LOG: smtp_connection MAIN
222ppppp SMTP connection from localhost (myhost.test.ex) [] closed by QUIT
223ppppp child ppppp ended: status=0x0
224ppppp normal exit, 0
225ppppp 0 SMTP accept processes now running
226ppppp Listening...