More test commits.
[exim.git] / test / stderr / 0402
1Exim version x.yz ....
2changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
3 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
4configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
5admin user
6changed uid/gid: privilege not needed
7 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
8finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
9finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
10originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
11sender address = CALLER@test.ex
12set_process_info: pppp accepting a local non-SMTP message from <CALLER@test.ex>
13Sender: CALLER@test.ex
15 CALLER@test.ex
16 usery@test.ex
17 userz
18 rd+CALLER
19 rd+usery
20search_tidyup called
21>>Headers received:
23rewrite_one_header: type=F:
24 From: CALLER_NAME <CALLER@test.ex>
25search_tidyup called
26>>Headers after rewriting and local additions:
27I Message-Id: <E10HmaX-0005vi-00@mail.test.ex>
28F From: CALLER_NAME <CALLER@test.ex>
29 Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
31Data file written for message 10HmaX-0005vi-00
32expanding: ${tod_full}
33 result: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
34condition: def:sender_rcvhost
35 result: false
36expanding: from $sender_rcvhost
38 result: from
40skipping: result is not used
41condition: def:sender_ident
42 result: true
43expanding: $sender_ident
44 result: CALLER
45expanding: from ${quote_local_part:$sender_ident}
46 result: from CALLER
47condition: def:sender_helo_name
48 result: false
49expanding: (helo=$sender_helo_name)
51 result: (helo=)
53skipping: result is not used
54expanding: ${if def:sender_ident {from ${quote_local_part:$sender_ident} }}${if def:sender_helo_name {(helo=$sender_helo_name)
55 }}
56 result: from CALLER
57condition: def:received_protocol
58 result: true
59expanding: with $received_protocol
60 result: with local
61condition: def:sender_address
62 result: true
63expanding: (envelope-from <$sender_address>)
65 result: (envelope-from <CALLER@test.ex>)
67condition: def:received_for
68 result: false
70 for $received_for
71 result:
72 for
73skipping: result is not used
74>>Generated Received: header line
75P Received: from CALLER by mail.test.ex with local (Exim x.yz)
76 (envelope-from <CALLER@test.ex>)
77 id 10HmaX-0005vi-00; Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
78calling local_scan(); timeout=300
79local_scan() returned 0 NULL
80expanding: ${tod_full}
81 result: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
82Writing spool header file
83Size of headers = sss
85 <= CALLER@test.ex U=CALLER P=local S=sss
86created log directory TESTSUITE/spool/log
87search_tidyup called
88exec TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -DEXIM_PATH=TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -C TESTSUITE/test-config -d=0xfbb95dfd -odi -Mc 10HmaX-0005vi-00
89Exim version x.yz ....
90changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
91 uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
92configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
93trusted user
94admin user
95finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
96finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
97set_process_info: pppp delivering specified messages
98set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
99reading spool file 10HmaX-0005vi-00-H
100user=CALLER uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID sender=CALLER@test.ex
101sender_local=1 ident=CALLER
103Empty Tree
104---- End of tree ----
106body_linecount=0 message_linecount=6
107Delivery address list:
108 CALLER@test.ex
109 usery@test.ex
110 userz@test.ex
111 rd+CALLER@test.ex
112 rd+usery@test.ex
113locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
114locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
116returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
117ensuring TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile is owned by exim
118no retry data available
120Considering: CALLER@test.ex
121unique = CALLER@test.ex
122no domain retry record
123no address retry record
124CALLER@test.ex: queued for routing
126Considering: usery@test.ex
127unique = usery@test.ex
128no domain retry record
129no address retry record
130usery@test.ex: queued for routing
132Considering: userz@test.ex
133unique = userz@test.ex
134no domain retry record
135no address retry record
136userz@test.ex: queued for routing
138Considering: rd+CALLER@test.ex
139unique = rd+CALLER@test.ex
140no domain retry record
141no address retry record
142rd+CALLER@test.ex: queued for routing
144Considering: rd+usery@test.ex
145unique = rd+usery@test.ex
146no domain retry record
147no address retry record
148rd+usery@test.ex: queued for routing
150routing rd+usery@test.ex
151--------> r1 router <--------
152local_part=rd+usery domain=test.ex
153checking local_parts
154rd+usery in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
155r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
156--------> r2 router <--------
157local_part=rd+usery domain=test.ex
158checking local_parts
159rd+usery in "usery"? no (end of list)
160r2 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
161--------> r3 router <--------
162local_part=rd+usery domain=test.ex
163checking local_parts
164rd+usery in "userz"? no (end of list)
165r3 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
166--------> r4 router <--------
167local_part=rd+usery domain=test.ex
168stripped prefix rd+
169checking local_parts
170usery in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
171r4 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
172--------> r5 router <--------
173local_part=rd+usery domain=test.ex
174stripped prefix rd+
175checking local_parts
176usery in "usery"? yes (matched "usery")
177expanding: /non-exist/$domain
178 result: /non-exist/test.ex
179calling r5 router
180rda_interpret (string): TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
181expanded: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
182file is not a filter file
183parse_forward_list: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
184extract item: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
185set transport ft1
186r5 router generated TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
187 pipe, file, or autoreply
188 errors_to=NULL transport=ft1
189 uid=unset gid=unset home=/non-exist/$local_part
190routed by r5 router
191 envelope to: rd+usery@test.ex
192 transport: <none>
194routing rd+CALLER@test.ex
195--------> r1 router <--------
196local_part=rd+CALLER domain=test.ex
197checking local_parts
198rd+CALLER in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
199r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
200--------> r2 router <--------
201local_part=rd+CALLER domain=test.ex
202checking local_parts
203rd+CALLER in "usery"? no (end of list)
204r2 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
205--------> r3 router <--------
206local_part=rd+CALLER domain=test.ex
207checking local_parts
208rd+CALLER in "userz"? no (end of list)
209r3 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
210--------> r4 router <--------
211local_part=rd+CALLER domain=test.ex
212stripped prefix rd+
213checking local_parts
214CALLER in "CALLER"? yes (matched "CALLER")
215expanding: /non-exist/$local_part
216 result: /non-exist/CALLER
217calling r4 router
218rda_interpret (string): TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
219expanded: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
220file is not a filter file
221parse_forward_list: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
222extract item: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
223set transport ft1
224r4 router generated TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
225 pipe, file, or autoreply
226 errors_to=NULL transport=ft1
227 uid=unset gid=unset home=/non-exist/CALLER
228routed by r4 router
229 envelope to: rd+CALLER@test.ex
230 transport: <none>
232routing userz@test.ex
233--------> r1 router <--------
234local_part=userz domain=test.ex
235checking local_parts
236userz in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
237r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
238--------> r2 router <--------
239local_part=userz domain=test.ex
240checking local_parts
241userz in "usery"? no (end of list)
242r2 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
243--------> r3 router <--------
244local_part=userz domain=test.ex
245checking local_parts
246userz in "userz"? yes (matched "userz")
247expanding: /non-exist/$domain
248 result: /non-exist/test.ex
249calling r3 router
250r3 router called for userz@test.ex
251 domain = test.ex
252set transport t2
253queued for t2 transport: local_part = userz
254domain = test.ex
255 errors_to=NULL
256 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
257routed by r3 router
258 envelope to: userz@test.ex
259 transport: t2
261routing usery@test.ex
262--------> r1 router <--------
263local_part=usery domain=test.ex
264checking local_parts
265usery in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
266r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
267--------> r2 router <--------
268local_part=usery domain=test.ex
269checking local_parts
270usery in "usery"? yes (matched "usery")
271expanding: /non-exist/$domain
272 result: /non-exist/test.ex
273calling r2 router
274r2 router called for usery@test.ex
275 domain = test.ex
276set transport t1
277queued for t1 transport: local_part = usery
278domain = test.ex
279 errors_to=NULL
280 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
281routed by r2 router
282 envelope to: usery@test.ex
283 transport: t1
285routing CALLER@test.ex
286--------> r1 router <--------
287local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
288checking local_parts
289CALLER in "CALLER"? yes (matched "CALLER")
290expanding: /non-exist/$local_part
291 result: /non-exist/CALLER
292calling r1 router
293r1 router called for CALLER@test.ex
294 domain = test.ex
295set transport t1
296queued for t1 transport: local_part = CALLER
297domain = test.ex
298 errors_to=NULL
299 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
300routed by r1 router
301 envelope to: CALLER@test.ex
302 transport: t1
303locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
304locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
306returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
307no retry data available
309Considering: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
310unique = TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk:rd+CALLER@test.ex
311queued for ft1 transport
313Considering: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
314unique = TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk:rd+usery@test.ex
315queued for ft1 transport
317After routing:
318 Local deliveries:
319 TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
320 TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
321 CALLER@test.ex
322 usery@test.ex
323 userz@test.ex
324 Remote deliveries:
325 Failed addresses:
326 Deferred addresses:
327search_tidyup called
328>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Local deliveries >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
329--------> TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <--------
330locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
331locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
333returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
334no retry data available
335expanding: /non-exist/$local_part
336 result: /non-exist/usery
337search_tidyup called
338changed uid/gid: local delivery to TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk> transport=ft1
339 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
340 home=/non-exist/usery current=/
341set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk using ft1
342appendfile transport entered
343expanding: $address_file
344 result: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
345appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
346 file=TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk format=unix
347 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
348 message_suffix=\n
349 maildir_use_size_file=no
350 locking by lockfile fcntl
351lock name: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk.lock
352hitch name: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk.lock.test.ex.dddddddd.pppppppp
353lock file created
354mailbox TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk is locked
355writing to file TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
356condition: def:return_path
357 result: true
358expanding: $return_path
359 result: CALLER@test.ex
360expanding: MAILER-DAEMON
361 result: MAILER-DAEMON
362skipping: result is not used
363expanding: From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}
365 result: From CALLER@test.ex Tue Mar 02 09:44:33 1999
367writing data block fd=6 size=sss timeout=0
368writing data block fd=6 size=sss timeout=0
369writing data block fd=6 size=sss timeout=0
370appendfile yields 0 with errno=dd more_errno=dd
371search_tidyup called
372journalling TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk:rd+usery@test.ex
373ft1 transport returned OK for TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
374post-process TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk (0)
375TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk delivered
376rd+usery@test.ex: children all complete
378 => TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <rd+usery@test.ex> R=r5 T=ft1
379--------> TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <--------
380locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
381locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
383returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
384no retry data available
385search_tidyup called
386changed uid/gid: local delivery to TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk> transport=ft1
387 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
388 home=/non-exist/CALLER current=/
389set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk using ft1
390appendfile transport entered
391expanding: $address_file
392 result: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
393appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
394 file=TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk format=unix
395 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
396 message_suffix=\n
397 maildir_use_size_file=no
398 locking by lockfile fcntl
399lock name: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk.lock
400hitch name: TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk.lock.test.ex.dddddddd.pppppppp
401lock file created
402mailbox TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk is locked
403writing to file TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
404condition: def:return_path
405 result: true
406expanding: $return_path
407 result: CALLER@test.ex
408expanding: MAILER-DAEMON
409 result: MAILER-DAEMON
410skipping: result is not used
411expanding: From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}
413 result: From CALLER@test.ex Tue Mar 02 09:44:33 1999
415writing data block fd=7 size=sss timeout=0
416writing data block fd=7 size=sss timeout=0
417writing data block fd=7 size=sss timeout=0
418appendfile yields 0 with errno=dd more_errno=dd
419search_tidyup called
420journalling TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk:rd+CALLER@test.ex
421ft1 transport returned OK for TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk
422post-process TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk (0)
423TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk delivered
424rd+CALLER@test.ex: children all complete
426 => TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk <rd+CALLER@test.ex> R=r4 T=ft1
427--------> CALLER@test.ex <--------
428locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
429locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
431returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
432no retry data available
433search_tidyup called
434changed uid/gid: local delivery to CALLER <CALLER@test.ex> transport=t1
435 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
436 home=/non-exist/CALLER current=/
437set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to CALLER using t1
438appendfile transport entered
439appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
440 file=/dev/null format=unix
441 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
442 message_suffix=\n
443 maildir_use_size_file=no
444 locking by lockfile fcntl
445search_tidyup called
446journalling CALLER@test.ex
447t1 transport returned OK for CALLER@test.ex
448post-process CALLER@test.ex (0)
449CALLER@test.ex delivered
451 => CALLER <CALLER@test.ex> R=r1 T=t1
452--------> usery@test.ex <--------
453locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
454locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
456returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
457no retry data available
458expanding: /non-exist/$local_part
459 result: /non-exist/usery
460search_tidyup called
461changed uid/gid: local delivery to usery <usery@test.ex> transport=t1
462 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
463 home=/non-exist/usery current=/
464set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to usery using t1
465appendfile transport entered
466appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
467 file=/dev/null format=unix
468 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
469 message_suffix=\n
470 maildir_use_size_file=no
471 locking by lockfile fcntl
472search_tidyup called
473journalling usery@test.ex
474t1 transport returned OK for usery@test.ex
475post-process usery@test.ex (0)
476usery@test.ex delivered
478 => usery <usery@test.ex> R=r2 T=t1
479--------> userz@test.ex <--------
480locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
481locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
483returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
484no retry data available
485expanding: /$local_part
486 result: /userz
487search_tidyup called
488changed uid/gid: local delivery to userz <userz@test.ex> transport=t2
489 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
490 home=/userz current=/
491set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to userz using t2
492appendfile transport entered
493appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
494 file=/dev/null format=unix
495 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
496 message_suffix=\n
497 maildir_use_size_file=no
498 locking by lockfile fcntl
499search_tidyup called
500journalling userz@test.ex
501t2 transport returned OK for userz@test.ex
502post-process userz@test.ex (0)
503userz@test.ex delivered
505 => userz <userz@test.ex> R=r3 T=t2
506>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> deliveries are done >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
507changed uid/gid: post-delivery tidying
508 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
509set_process_info: pppp tidying up after delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
510Processing retry items
511Succeeded addresses:
512userz@test.ex: no retry items
513usery@test.ex: no retry items
514CALLER@test.ex: no retry items
515TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk: no retry items
516rd+CALLER@test.ex: no retry items
517TESTSUITE/test-mail/junk: no retry items
518rd+usery@test.ex: no retry items
519rd+CALLER@test.ex: no retry items
520rd+usery@test.ex: no retry items
521Failed addresses:
522Deferred addresses:
523end of retry processing
525 Completed
526end delivery of 10HmaX-0005vi-00
527search_tidyup called
528search_tidyup called
529>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
530search_tidyup called
531>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>