Ensure $smtp_command is initialized before it can be expanded (bug 1182).
[exim.git] / test / stderr / 0398
1Exim version x.yz ....
2changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
3 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
4configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
5admin user
6changed uid/gid: privilege not needed
7 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
8seeking password data for user "CALLER": cache not available
9getpwnam() succeeded uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID
10originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
11sender address = CALLER@test.ex
12set_process_info: pppp accepting a local SMTP message from <CALLER@test.ex>
13 in hosts_connection_nolog? no (option unset)
14LOG: smtp_connection MAIN
15 SMTP connection from CALLER
898d150f 16SMTP>> 220 mail.test.ex ESMTP Exim x.yz Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
17smtp_setup_msg entered
18SMTP<< mail from:<qq@remote>
898d150f 19SMTP>> 250 OK
20SMTP<< rcpt to:<abc@local>
21using ACL "rcpt"
22processing "deny"
23check senders = qq@remote
24address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
25remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
26qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
27check !verify = sender
29Verifying qq@remote
31Considering qq@remote
33routing qq@remote
34--------> r1 router <--------
35local_part=qq domain=remote
36checking domains
37remote in "local"? no (end of list)
38r1 router skipped: domains mismatch
39--------> r2 router <--------
40local_part=qq domain=remote
41checking domains
42remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
43calling r2 router
44r2 router called for qq@remote
45 domain = remote
46route_item = *
47remote in "*"? yes (matched "*")
48original list of hosts = "" options =
49expanded list of hosts = "" options =
50set transport t2
51finding IP address for
52calling host_find_byname
53using host_fake_gethostbyname for (IPv4)
54local host found for non-MX address
55fully qualified name =
56MUNGED: ::1 will be omitted in what follows
57get[host|ipnode]byname[2] looked up these IP addresses:
58 name= address=
59remote host address is the local host: remote: configured to try delivery anyway
60queued for t2 transport: local_part = qq
61domain = remote
62 errors_to=NULL
63 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
64routed by r2 router
65 envelope to: qq@remote
66 transport: t2
67 host []
68----------- end verify ------------
69sender qq@remote verified ok
70deny: condition test failed
71processing "warn"
72check senders = qq@remote
73address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
74remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
75qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
76check !verify = sender/callout
78Verifying qq@remote
80Considering qq@remote
82routing qq@remote
83--------> r1 router <--------
84local_part=qq domain=remote
85checking domains
86remote in "local"? no (end of list)
87r1 router skipped: domains mismatch
88--------> r2 router <--------
89local_part=qq domain=remote
90checking domains
91remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
92calling r2 router
93r2 router called for qq@remote
94 domain = remote
95route_item = *
96remote in "*"? yes (matched "*")
97original list of hosts = "" options =
98expanded list of hosts = "" options =
99finding IP address for
100calling host_find_byname
101using host_fake_gethostbyname for (IPv4)
102local host found for non-MX address
103fully qualified name =
104MUNGED: ::1 will be omitted in what follows
105get[host|ipnode]byname[2] looked up these IP addresses:
106 name= address=
107remote host address is the local host: remote: configured to try delivery anyway
108queued for t2 transport: local_part = qq
109domain = remote
110 errors_to=NULL
111 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
112routed by r2 router
113 envelope to: qq@remote
114 transport: t2
115 host []
116Attempting full verification using callout
117locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
118locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
120returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
121opened hints database TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout: flags=O_RDWR
122dbfn_read: key=remote
123callout cache: found domain record
124dbfn_read: key=qq@remote
125callout cache: no address record found
126interface=NULL port=1224
127Connecting to []:1224 ... connected
128 SMTP<< 220 Server ready
129 SMTP>> HELO mail.test.ex
130 SMTP<< 250 OK
132 SMTP<< 250 OK
133 SMTP>> RCPT TO:<qq@remote>
134 SMTP<< 550 Unknown
136locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
137locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
139returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
140opened hints database TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout: flags=O_RDWR|O_CREAT
141dbfn_write: key=remote
142wrote callout cache domain record:
143 result=1 postmaster=0 random=0
144dbfn_write: key=qq@remote
145wrote negative callout cache address record
146----------- end verify ------------
147warn: condition test succeeded
149 U=CALLER Warning: Sender verify failed: response to "RCPT TO:<qq@remote>" from [] was: 550 Unknown
150processing "accept"
151check senders = qq@remote
152address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
153remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
154qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
155accept: condition test succeeded
898d150f 156SMTP>> 250 Accepted
157SMTP<< rcpt to:<xyz@local>
158using ACL "rcpt"
159processing "deny"
160check senders = qq@remote
161address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
162remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
163qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
164check !verify = sender
165using cached sender verify result
166deny: condition test failed
167processing "warn"
168check senders = qq@remote
169address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
170remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
171qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
172check !verify = sender/callout
174Verifying qq@remote
176Considering qq@remote
178routing qq@remote
179--------> r1 router <--------
180local_part=qq domain=remote
181checking domains
182remote in "local"? no (end of list)
183r1 router skipped: domains mismatch
184--------> r2 router <--------
185local_part=qq domain=remote
186checking domains
187remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
188calling r2 router
189r2 router called for qq@remote
190 domain = remote
191route_item = *
192remote in "*"? yes (matched "*")
193original list of hosts = "" options =
194expanded list of hosts = "" options =
195finding IP address for
196calling host_find_byname
197using host_fake_gethostbyname for (IPv4)
198local host found for non-MX address
199fully qualified name =
200MUNGED: ::1 will be omitted in what follows
201get[host|ipnode]byname[2] looked up these IP addresses:
202 name= address=
203remote host address is the local host: remote: configured to try delivery anyway
204queued for t2 transport: local_part = qq
205domain = remote
206 errors_to=NULL
207 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
208routed by r2 router
209 envelope to: qq@remote
210 transport: t2
211 host []
212Attempting full verification using callout
213locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
214locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout.lockfile
216returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
217opened hints database TESTSUITE/spool/db/callout: flags=O_RDWR
218dbfn_read: key=remote
219callout cache: found domain record
220dbfn_read: key=qq@remote
221callout cache: found address record
222callout cache: address record is negative
223----------- end verify ------------
224warn: condition test succeeded
226 U=CALLER Warning: Sender verify failed
227processing "accept"
228check senders = qq@remote
229address match: subject=qq@remote pattern=qq@remote
230remote in "remote"? yes (matched "remote")
231qq@remote in "qq@remote"? yes (matched "qq@remote")
232accept: condition test succeeded
898d150f 233SMTP>> 250 Accepted
54c5ebb1 234SMTP<< quit
898d150f 235SMTP>> 221 mail.test.ex closing connection
236LOG: smtp_connection MAIN
237 SMTP connection from CALLER closed by QUIT
238search_tidyup called
239>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>