Fix too-often retry bug after 4xx with more hosts than hosts_max_retry.
[exim.git] / test / stderr / 0388
1Exim version x.yz ....
2changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
3 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
4configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
5admin user
6set_process_info: pppp delivering specified messages
7set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
8locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
9locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
11returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
12ensuring TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile is owned by exim
13no retry data available
15Considering: x@y
16unique = x@y
17no domain retry record
18no address retry record
19x@y: queued for routing
21routing x@y
22--------> r0 router <--------
23local_part=x domain=y
24checking local_parts
25x in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
26r0 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
27--------> r1 router <--------
28local_part=x domain=y
29calling r1 router
30r1 router called for x@y
31 domain = y
32route_item = * " : V4NET.0.0.0"
33y in "*"? yes (matched "*")
34original list of hosts = " : V4NET.0.0.0" options =
35expanded list of hosts = " : V4NET.0.0.0" options =
36set transport smtp
37finding IP address for
38calling host_find_byname
39using host_fake_gethostbyname for (IPv4)
40local host found for non-MX address
41fully qualified name =
42MUNGED: ::1 will be omitted in what follows
43get[host|ipnode]byname[2] looked up these IP addresses:
44 name= address=
45remote host address is the local host: y: configured to try delivery anyway
46finding IP address for V4NET.0.0.0
47calling host_find_byname
48using host_fake_gethostbyname for V4NET.0.0.0 (IPv4)
49fully qualified name = V4NET.0.0.0
50MUNGED: ::1 will be omitted in what follows
51get[host|ipnode]byname[2] looked up these IP addresses:
52 name=V4NET.0.0.0 address=V4NET.0.0.0
53queued for smtp transport: local_part = x
54domain = y
55 errors_to=NULL
56 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
57routed by r1 router
58 envelope to: x@y
59 transport: smtp
60 host []
61 host V4NET.0.0.0 [V4NET.0.0.0]
63After routing:
64 Local deliveries:
65 Remote deliveries:
66 x@y
67 Failed addresses:
68 Deferred addresses:
69search_tidyup called
70search_tidyup called
71changed uid/gid: remote delivery to x@y with transport=smtp
72 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
73set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 using smtp
74checking status of
75locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
76locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
78returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
79no retry data available
80127.0.0.1 in serialize_hosts? no (option unset)
81set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to [] (x@y)
82Connecting to []:1224 ... connected
83 SMTP<< 220 Server ready
84127.0.0.1 in hosts_avoid_esmtp? no (option unset)
85 SMTP>> EHLO myhost.test.ex
86 SMTP<< 250 OK
87127.0.0.1 in hosts_require_auth? no (option unset)
88 SMTP>> MAIL FROM:<CALLER@myhost.test.ex>
89 SMTP<< 250 OK
90 SMTP>> RCPT TO:<x@y>
91 SMTP<< 451 Temporary error
93 SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<x@y>: host []: 451 Temporary error
94added retry item for R:x@y: errno=-44 more_errno=dd,A flags=0
96set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00: just tried [] for x@y: result OK
97address match: subject=*@ pattern=*
98127.0.0.1 in "*"? yes (matched "*")
99*@ in "*"? yes (matched "*")
100checking status of V4NET.0.0.0
101locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
102locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
104returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
105no retry data available
106V4NET.0.0.0 in serialize_hosts? no (option unset)
107set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to V4NET.0.0.0 [V4NET.0.0.0] (x@y)
108Connecting to V4NET.0.0.0 [V4NET.0.0.0]:1224 ... failed: Network Error
110 V4NET.0.0.0 [V4NET.0.0.0] Network Error
111set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00: just tried V4NET.0.0.0 [V4NET.0.0.0] for x@y: result DEFER
112added retry item for T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224: errno=dd more_errno=dd,A flags=2
113set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 (just run smtp for x@y in subprocess)
114search_tidyup called
115set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00: waiting for a remote delivery subprocess to finish
116set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
117reading retry information for T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224 from subprocess
118 added retry item
119reading retry information for R:x@y from subprocess
120 added retry item
122 == x@y R=r1 T=smtp defer (dd): Network Error
123changed uid/gid: post-delivery tidying
124 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
125set_process_info: pppp tidying up after delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
126Processing retry items
127Succeeded addresses:
128Failed addresses:
129Deferred addresses:
131locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
132locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
134returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
135opened hints database TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry: flags=O_RDWR
136address match: subject=x@y pattern=*
137y in "*"? yes (matched "*")
138x@y in "*"? yes (matched "*")
ea49d0e1 139retry for R:x@y = * 0 0
54c5ebb1 140dbfn_read: key=R:x@y
727071f8 141failing_interval=ttt message_age=ttt
54c5ebb1 142Writing retry data for R:x@y
727071f8 143 first failed=dddd last try=dddd next try=+1 expired=1
144 errno=-44 more_errno=dd,A SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<x@y>: host []: 451 Temporary error
145dbfn_write: key=R:x@y
146address match: subject=*@V4NET.0.0.0 pattern=*
147V4NET.0.0.0 in "*"? yes (matched "*")
148*@V4NET.0.0.0 in "*"? yes (matched "*")
ea49d0e1 149retry for T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224 (y) = * 0 0
54c5ebb1 150dbfn_read: key=T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224
727071f8 151failing_interval=ttt message_age=ttt
dd16e114 152on queue longer than maximum retry
54c5ebb1 153Writing retry data for T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224
dd16e114 154 first failed=dddd last try=dddd next try=+0 expired=0
155 errno=dd more_errno=dd,A Network Error
156dbfn_write: key=T:V4NET.0.0.0:V4NET.0.0.0:1224
157timed out: all retries expired
159 ** x@y: retry timeout exceeded
160end of retry processing
75e0e026 161exec TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -DEXIM_PATH=TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -C TESTSUITE/test-config -d=0xebb95ced -odi -odi -t -oem -oi -f <> -E10HmaX-0005vi-00
162Exim version x.yz ....
163changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
164 uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
165configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
166trusted user
167admin user
168changed uid/gid: privilege not needed
169 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
170originator: uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID login=EXIMUSER name=
171sender address =
172set_process_info: pppp accepting a local non-SMTP message from <>
174search_tidyup called
175>>Headers received:
176X-Failed-Recipients: x@y
177Auto-Submitted: auto-replied
178From: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@myhost.test.ex>
179To: CALLER@myhost.test.ex
180Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
182rewrite_one_header: type=F:
183 From: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@myhost.test.ex>
184rewrite_one_header: type=T:
185 To: CALLER@myhost.test.ex
186search_tidyup called
187>>Headers after rewriting and local additions:
188 X-Failed-Recipients: x@y
189 Auto-Submitted: auto-replied
190F From: Mail Delivery System <Mailer-Daemon@myhost.test.ex>
191T To: CALLER@myhost.test.ex
192 Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
193I Message-Id: <E10HmaY-0005vi-00@myhost.test.ex>
194 Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
196Data file written for message 10HmaY-0005vi-00
197>>Generated Received: header line
198P Received: from EXIMUSER by myhost.test.ex with local (Exim x.yz)
199 id 10HmaY-0005vi-00
200 for CALLER@myhost.test.ex; Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
201calling local_scan(); timeout=300
202local_scan() returned 0 NULL
203Writing spool header file
204Size of headers = sss
206 <= <> R=10HmaX-0005vi-00 U=EXIMUSER P=local S=sss
207search_tidyup called
208exec TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -DEXIM_PATH=TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -C TESTSUITE/test-config -d=0xebb95ced -odi -Mc 10HmaY-0005vi-00
209Exim version x.yz ....
210changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
211 uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
212configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
213trusted user
214admin user
215set_process_info: pppp delivering specified messages
216set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaY-0005vi-00
217locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
218locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
220returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
221opened hints database TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry: flags=O_RDONLY
223Considering: CALLER@myhost.test.ex
224unique = CALLER@myhost.test.ex
225dbfn_read: key=R:myhost.test.ex
226dbfn_read: key=R:CALLER@myhost.test.ex
227no domain retry record
228no address retry record
229CALLER@myhost.test.ex: queued for routing
231routing CALLER@myhost.test.ex
232--------> r0 router <--------
233local_part=CALLER domain=myhost.test.ex
234checking local_parts
235CALLER in "CALLER"? yes (matched "CALLER")
236checking senders
237address match: subject= pattern=
238 in ":"? yes (matched "")
239calling r0 router
240rda_interpret (string): :blackhole:
241expanded: :blackhole:
242file is not a filter file
243parse_forward_list: :blackhole:
244extract item: :blackhole:
245address :blackhole:d
247 => :blackhole: <CALLER@myhost.test.ex> R=r0
249After routing:
250 Local deliveries:
251 Remote deliveries:
252 Failed addresses:
253 Deferred addresses:
254search_tidyup called
255changed uid/gid: post-delivery tidying
256 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
257set_process_info: pppp tidying up after delivering 10HmaY-0005vi-00
258Processing retry items
259Succeeded addresses:
260CALLER@myhost.test.ex: no retry items
261Failed addresses:
262Deferred addresses:
263end of retry processing
265 Completed
266search_tidyup called
267search_tidyup called
268>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
269search_tidyup called
270>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
271Writing spool header file
272Size of headers = sss
274 Completed
275search_tidyup called
276search_tidyup called
277>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>