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1; This is a testing zone file for use when testing DNS handling in Exim. This
2; is a fake zone of no real use - hence no SOA record. The zone name is
3; This file is passed through the substitution mechanism before being
4; used by the fakens auxiliary program. This inserts the actual IP addresses
5; of the local host into the zone.
7; NOTE (1): apart from ::1, IPv6 addresses must always have 8 components. Do
8; not abbreviate them by using the :: feature. Leading zeros in components may,
9; however, be omitted.
11; NOTE (2): the fakens program is very simple and assumes that the buffer into
12; which is puts the response is always going to be big enough. In other words,
13; the expectation is for just a few RRs for each query.
15; NOTE (3): the top-level networks for testing addresses are parameterized by
16; the use of V4NET and V6NET. These networks should be such that no real
17; host ever uses them.
18 NS
21; Alias A record for the local host, under the name "server1"
23server1 A HOSTIPV4
25; End