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[exim.git] / src / scripts / MakeLinks
2# $Cambridge: exim/src/scripts/MakeLinks,v 1.1 2004/10/06 15:07:40 ph10 Exp $
4# Script to build links for all the exim source files from the system-
5# specific build directory. It should be run from within that directory.
7test ! -d ../src && \
8 echo "*** $0 should be run in a system-specific subdirectory." && \
9 exit 1
10test -r version.c && \
11 echo "*** It appears that $0 has already been run." && \
12 exit 1
13if [ -r pcre/Makefile ] ; then
14 echo "*** It appears that $0 was previously interrupted."
15 echo "*** You need to remove the build directory, and then run 'make' again."
16 exit 1
20# Initialize the file holding the compile number
22echo "0" > cnumber.h
24echo ""
25echo ">>> Creating links to source files..."
28# The PCRE regular expression library sources have to be linked
29# independently in their own sub-directory, since their .o files
30# are built using their own Makefile in the sub-directory.
31mkdir pcre
32cd pcre
33ln -s ../../src/pcre/Makefile Makefile
34ln -s ../../src/pcre/config.h config.h
35ln -s ../../src/pcre/dftables.c dftables.c
36ln -s ../../src/pcre/internal.h internal.h
37ln -s ../../src/pcre/pcre.h pcre.h
38ln -s ../../src/pcre/maketables.c maketables.c
39ln -s ../../src/pcre/get.c get.c
40ln -s ../../src/pcre/pcre.c pcre.c
41ln -s ../../src/pcre/pcretest.c pcretest.c
42ln -s ../../src/pcre/printint.c printint.c
43ln -s ../../src/pcre/study.c study.c
44cd ..
46# Likewise for the lookups
47mkdir lookups
48cd lookups
49ln -s ../../src/lookups/README README
50ln -s ../../src/lookups/Makefile Makefile
51ln -s ../../src/lookups/cdb.h cdb.h
52ln -s ../../src/lookups/cdb.c cdb.c
53ln -s ../../src/lookups/dbmdb.h dbmdb.h
54ln -s ../../src/lookups/dbmdb.c dbmdb.c
55ln -s ../../src/lookups/dnsdb.h dnsdb.h
56ln -s ../../src/lookups/dnsdb.c dnsdb.c
57ln -s ../../src/lookups/dsearch.h dsearch.h
58ln -s ../../src/lookups/dsearch.c dsearch.c
59ln -s ../../src/lookups/ibase.h ibase.h
60ln -s ../../src/lookups/ibase.c ibase.c
61ln -s ../../src/lookups/ldap.h ldap.h
62ln -s ../../src/lookups/ldap.c ldap.c
63ln -s ../../src/lookups/lsearch.h lsearch.h
64ln -s ../../src/lookups/lsearch.c lsearch.c
65ln -s ../../src/lookups/mysql.h mysql.h
66ln -s ../../src/lookups/mysql.c mysql.c
67ln -s ../../src/lookups/nis.h nis.h
68ln -s ../../src/lookups/nis.c nis.c
69ln -s ../../src/lookups/nisplus.h nisplus.h
70ln -s ../../src/lookups/nisplus.c nisplus.c
71ln -s ../../src/lookups/oracle.h oracle.h
72ln -s ../../src/lookups/oracle.c oracle.c
73ln -s ../../src/lookups/passwd.h passwd.h
74ln -s ../../src/lookups/passwd.c passwd.c
75ln -s ../../src/lookups/pgsql.h pgsql.h
76ln -s ../../src/lookups/pgsql.c pgsql.c
77ln -s ../../src/lookups/testdb.h testdb.h
78ln -s ../../src/lookups/testdb.c testdb.c
79ln -s ../../src/lookups/whoson.h whoson.h
80ln -s ../../src/lookups/whoson.c whoson.c
82ln -s ../../src/lookups/lf_functions.h lf_functions.h
83ln -s ../../src/lookups/lf_check_file.c lf_check_file.c
84ln -s ../../src/lookups/lf_quote.c lf_quote.c
86cd ..
88# Likewise for the code for the routers
89mkdir routers
90cd routers
91ln -s ../../src/routers/README README
92ln -s ../../src/routers/Makefile Makefile
93ln -s ../../src/routers/accept.h accept.h
94ln -s ../../src/routers/accept.c accept.c
95ln -s ../../src/routers/dnslookup.h dnslookup.h
96ln -s ../../src/routers/dnslookup.c dnslookup.c
97ln -s ../../src/routers/ipliteral.h ipliteral.h
98ln -s ../../src/routers/ipliteral.c ipliteral.c
99ln -s ../../src/routers/iplookup.h iplookup.h
100ln -s ../../src/routers/iplookup.c iplookup.c
101ln -s ../../src/routers/manualroute.h manualroute.h
102ln -s ../../src/routers/manualroute.c manualroute.c
103ln -s ../../src/routers/queryprogram.h queryprogram.h
104ln -s ../../src/routers/queryprogram.c queryprogram.c
105ln -s ../../src/routers/redirect.h redirect.h
106ln -s ../../src/routers/redirect.c redirect.c
108ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_functions.h rf_functions.h
109ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_change_domain.c rf_change_domain.c
110ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_expand_data.c rf_expand_data.c
111ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_get_errors_address.c rf_get_errors_address.c
112ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_get_munge_headers.c rf_get_munge_headers.c
113ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_get_transport.c rf_get_transport.c
114ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_get_ugid.c rf_get_ugid.c
115ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_queue_add.c rf_queue_add.c
116ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_lookup_hostlist.c rf_lookup_hostlist.c
117ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_self_action.c rf_self_action.c
118ln -s ../../src/routers/rf_set_ugid.c rf_set_ugid.c
120cd ..
122# Likewise for the code for the transports
123mkdir transports
124cd transports
125ln -s ../../src/transports/README README
126ln -s ../../src/transports/Makefile Makefile
127ln -s ../../src/transports/appendfile.h appendfile.h
128ln -s ../../src/transports/appendfile.c appendfile.c
129ln -s ../../src/transports/autoreply.h autoreply.h
130ln -s ../../src/transports/autoreply.c autoreply.c
131ln -s ../../src/transports/lmtp.h lmtp.h
132ln -s ../../src/transports/lmtp.c lmtp.c
133ln -s ../../src/transports/pipe.h pipe.h
134ln -s ../../src/transports/pipe.c pipe.c
135ln -s ../../src/transports/smtp.h smtp.h
136ln -s ../../src/transports/smtp.c smtp.c
138ln -s ../../src/transports/tf_maildir.c tf_maildir.c
139ln -s ../../src/transports/tf_maildir.h tf_maildir.h
141cd ..
143# Likewise for the code for the authorization functions
144mkdir auths
145cd auths
146ln -s ../../src/auths/README README
147ln -s ../../src/auths/Makefile Makefile
148ln -s ../../src/auths/b64encode.c b64encode.c
149ln -s ../../src/auths/b64decode.c b64decode.c
150ln -s ../../src/auths/call_pam.c call_pam.c
151ln -s ../../src/auths/call_pwcheck.c call_pwcheck.c
152ln -s ../../src/auths/call_radius.c call_radius.c
153ln -s ../../src/auths/cyrus_sasl.c cyrus_sasl.c
154ln -s ../../src/auths/cyrus_sasl.h cyrus_sasl.h
155ln -s ../../src/auths/get_data.c get_data.c
156ln -s ../../src/auths/get_no64_data.c get_no64_data.c
157ln -s ../../src/auths/md5.c md5.c
158ln -s ../../src/auths/xtextencode.c xtextencode.c
159ln -s ../../src/auths/xtextdecode.c xtextdecode.c
160ln -s ../../src/auths/cram_md5.c cram_md5.c
161ln -s ../../src/auths/cram_md5.h cram_md5.h
162ln -s ../../src/auths/plaintext.c plaintext.c
163ln -s ../../src/auths/plaintext.h plaintext.h
164ln -s ../../src/auths/pwcheck.c pwcheck.c
165ln -s ../../src/auths/pwcheck.h pwcheck.h
166ln -s ../../src/auths/auth-spa.c auth-spa.c
167ln -s ../../src/auths/auth-spa.h auth-spa.h
168ln -s ../../src/auths/sha1.c sha1.c
169ln -s ../../src/auths/spa.c spa.c
170ln -s ../../src/auths/spa.h spa.h
171cd ..
173# The basic source files for Exim and utilities. NB local_scan.h gets linked,
174# but local_scan.c does not, because its location is taken from the build-time
175# configuration. Likewise for the os.c file, which gets build dynamically.
177ln -s ../src/dbfunctions.h dbfunctions.h
178ln -s ../src/dbstuff.h dbstuff.h
179ln -s ../src/exim.h exim.h
180ln -s ../src/functions.h functions.h
181ln -s ../src/globals.h globals.h
182ln -s ../src/local_scan.h local_scan.h
183ln -s ../src/macros.h macros.h
184ln -s ../src/mytypes.h mytypes.h
185ln -s ../src/osfunctions.h osfunctions.h
186ln -s ../src/store.h store.h
187ln -s ../src/structs.h structs.h
189ln -s ../src/acl.c acl.c
190ln -s ../src/buildconfig.c buildconfig.c
191ln -s ../src/child.c child.c
192ln -s ../src/crypt16.c crypt16.c
193ln -s ../src/daemon.c daemon.c
194ln -s ../src/dbfn.c dbfn.c
195ln -s ../src/debug.c debug.c
196ln -s ../src/deliver.c deliver.c
197ln -s ../src/directory.c directory.c
198ln -s ../src/dns.c dns.c
199ln -s ../src/drtables.c drtables.c
200ln -s ../src/dummies.c dummies.c
201ln -s ../src/enq.c enq.c
202ln -s ../src/exim.c exim.c
203ln -s ../src/exim_dbmbuild.c exim_dbmbuild.c
204ln -s ../src/exim_dbutil.c exim_dbutil.c
205ln -s ../src/exim_lock.c exim_lock.c
206ln -s ../src/expand.c expand.c
207ln -s ../src/filter.c filter.c
208ln -s ../src/filtertest.c filtertest.c
209ln -s ../src/globals.c globals.c
210ln -s ../src/header.c header.c
211ln -s ../src/host.c host.c
212ln -s ../src/ip.c ip.c
213ln -s ../src/log.c log.c
214ln -s ../src/lss.c lss.c
215ln -s ../src/match.c match.c
216ln -s ../src/moan.c moan.c
217ln -s ../src/parse.c parse.c
218ln -s ../src/perl.c perl.c
219ln -s ../src/queue.c queue.c
220ln -s ../src/rda.c rda.c
221ln -s ../src/readconf.c readconf.c
222ln -s ../src/receive.c receive.c
223ln -s ../src/retry.c retry.c
224ln -s ../src/rewrite.c rewrite.c
225ln -s ../src/rfc2047.c rfc2047.c
226ln -s ../src/route.c route.c
227ln -s ../src/search.c search.c
228ln -s ../src/sieve.c sieve.c
229ln -s ../src/smtp_in.c smtp_in.c
230ln -s ../src/smtp_out.c smtp_out.c
231ln -s ../src/spool_in.c spool_in.c
232ln -s ../src/spool_out.c spool_out.c
233ln -s ../src/store.c store.c
234ln -s ../src/string.c string.c
235ln -s ../src/tls.c tls.c
236ln -s ../src/tls-gnu.c tls-gnu.c
237ln -s ../src/tls-openssl.c tls-openssl.c
238ln -s ../src/tod.c tod.c
239ln -s ../src/transport.c transport.c
240ln -s ../src/tree.c tree.c
241ln -s ../src/verify.c verify.c
242ln -s ../src/version.c version.c
244# End of MakeLinks