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293ae364 4Exim is an open-source project licensed under the GNU General Public License.
5At time of writing, all the developers work on Exim on a volunteer basis.
6We welcome patches and contributions. There is no copyright assignment
7policy; if you offer a patch, it is assumed to be under the GPL, of whichever
8version the main developers see fit to use.
10Mistakes or inadequacies in the documentation are treated as bugs. The main
11documentation is called "The Exim Specification" for a reason. So if you
12can't code there are still places where your help will be very appreciated.
14General discussion, requests for help, and initial "is this a bug?" questions
15go to <exim-users@exim.org>. Many suspected bugs turn out to not be bugs, so
16asking first is appreciated.
18Our main website is at http://www.exim.org/ and contains links to our wiki,
19where many frequent setups are walked through. You will also find our
20bug-tracking system linked there.
22Development takes place in part on exim-users, when bugs or missing features
23are spotted based on feedback from people actually using the product. In
24large part, discussion takes place on <exim-dev@exim.org>. While you can use
25the bug-tracking system, everyone working on Exim, a mail transfer agent, is
26comfortable dealing with just email too, so you can use whichever you're most
27comfortable with.
29If you have an idea for a new feature, please do raise it on exim-users first.
31Our code is maintained in a Git repository. The master repository, together
32with some others, can be found on http://git.exim.org/ and we welcome patches,
33whether of documentation or of code. If you have a request for a new feature
34and can accompany it with working code, then it stands a much greater chance
35of being incorporated in a timely manner.
37If you're planning on working on a major new feature or redesign, please do
38talk to us first.
40We do not have a formal code-review process, but posted patches are subject to
41being reworked before being pulled in, or requests for modification made;
42we're a small enough pool of developers that we rely on the good judgement and
43discretion of the committer rather than formal process.
45We prefer new features to be accompanied by documentation patches, but if no
46new documentation is provided, we can write it and, in the process, perhaps
47uncover issues to work over with you. Note that the PDF form of the
48documentation is faster to build than the TXT form.
50We do have a test harness and appreciate it if new features can be accompanied
51by new tests; if this is awkward for you, please do include sufficient
52description to allow someone else to write the test.
55-The Exim Maintainers
56 July 7th, 2010