[exim.git] / doc / doc-txt / OptionLists.txt
1$Cambridge: exim/doc/doc-txt/OptionLists.txt,v 1.1 2004/10/07 15:04:35 ph10 Exp $
6This file contains complete lists of three kinds of Exim option:
8 1. Those that can appear in the run time configuration file;
9 2. Those that can be used on the command line;
10 3. Those that can appear in the build time configuration (Local/Makefile);
11 4. Those that can appear in the build time configuration for the Exim monitor
12 (Local/eximon.conf).
14This file was last updated for Exim release 4.40.
20As Exim has developed, new options have been added at each major release. For
21the most part, backwards compatibility has been maintained, and obsolete
22options continue to be recognized. However, incompatible changes took place at
23releases 3.00, and 4.00. In both cases, several groups of options were
24amalgamated into new, extended options, and obsolete options were removed.
26The table below contains a complete list of all Exim's current options, along
27with their types, default values, and where they can be used. String options
28that are expanded before use are marked with *. Host lists, domain lists, and
29address lists are always expanded. In some cases the defaults are not fixed
30values, or not short enough to fit in the table. These are indicated by +. Some
31other default values are determined when the Exim binary is compiled; these are
32indicated by ++.
34For options that are specific to a particular driver, the fourth column
35contains the driver name, for example, appendfile. Otherwise, it contains
37 . `main' for options that appear in the main section of Exim's configuration
38 file;
40 . `authenticators' for generic options that apply to any authenticator;
42 . `routers' for generic options that apply to any router;
44 . `transports' for generic options that apply to any transport.
46The fifth column contains the version of Exim in which the option was added, or
47substantially changed. Where no number is given, the option has been in Exim
48since the very early releases. The routers were completely reorganised for
49release 4.00, and so no router options are shown as earlier than 4.00, though
50in fact some of them were inherited from earlier versions.
53accept_8bitmime boolean false main 1.60
54acl_not_smtp string* unset main 4.11
55acl_smtp_auth string* unset main 4.00
56acl_smtp_connect string* unset main 4.11
57acl_smtp_data string* unset main 4.00
58acl_smtp_etrn string* unset main 4.00
59acl_smtp_expn string* unset main 4.00
60acl_smtp_helo string* unset main 4.20
61acl_smtp_mail string* unset main 4.11
62acl_smtp_mailauth string* unset main 4.21
63acl_smtp_predata string* unset main 4.43
64acl_smtp_quit string* unset main 4.43
65acl_smtp_rcpt string* unset main 4.00
66acl_smtp_starttls string* unset main 4.11
67acl_smtp_vrfy string* unset main 4.00
68address_data string* unset routers 4.00
69address_test boolean true routers 4.14
70admin_groups string list unset main 3.02
71allow_domain_literals boolean false main 4.00 replacing forbid_domain_literals
72allow_commands string list* unset pipe 1.89
73allow_defer boolean false redirect 4.00
74allow_fail boolean false redirect 4.00
75allow_filter boolean false redirect 4.00
76allow_freeze boolean false redirect 4.00
77allow_fifo boolean false appendfile 3.13
78allow_localhost boolean false smtp 1.73
79allow_mx_to_ip boolean false main 3.14
80allow_symlink boolean false appendfile
81allow_utf8_domains boolean false main 4.14
82auth_advertise_hosts host list "*" main 4.00
83authenticated_sender string* unset smtp 4.14
84authenticate_hosts host list unset smtp 3.13
85auto_thaw time 0s main
86batch_id string unset appendfile 4.00
87 unset lmtp 4.00
88 unset pipe 4.00
89batch_max integer 100 appendfile
90 100 lmtp 3.20
91 100 pipe
92bcc string* unset autoreply
93bi_command string unset main
94body_only boolean false transports 2.05
95bounce_message_file string unset main 4.00
96bounce_message_text string unset main 4.00
97bounce_return_body boolean true main 4.23
98bounce_return_message boolean true main 4.00
99bounce_return_size_limit int 100K main 4.23 better name for return_size_limit
100bounce_sender_authentication string unset main 4.00
101callout_domain_negative_expire time 3h main 4.11
102callout_domain_positive_expire time 7d main 4.11
103callout_negative_expire time 2h main 4.11
104callout_positive_expire time 24h main 4.11
105callout_random_local_part string* + main 4.11
106cannot_route_message string* unset routers 4.11
107caseful_local_part boolean false routers 4.00
108cc string* unset autoreply
109check_ancestor boolean false redirect 4.00
110check_group boolean false appendfile
111 + redirect 4.00
112check_local_user boolean false routers 4.00
113check_log_inodes integer 0 main
114check_log_space integer 0 main
115check_owner boolean true appendfile 3.14
116 + redirect 4.00
117check_secondary_mx boolean false dnslookup 4.00
118check_spool_inodes integer 0 main
119check_spool_space integer 0 main
120check_string string "From " appendfile 3.03
121 unset pipe 3.03
122check_srv string* unset dnslookup 4.31
123client_name string* + cram_md5 3.10
124client_secret string* unset cram_md5 3.10
125client_send string* unset plaintext 3.10
126command string* unset lmtp 3.20
127 unset pipe
128 unset queryprogram 4.00
129command_group string unset queryprogram 4.00
130command_timeout time 5m smtp
131command_user string unset queryprogram 4.00
132condition string* unset routers 4.00
133connect_timeout time 0s smtp 1.60
134connection_max_messages integer 500 smtp 4.00 replaces batch_max
135create_directory boolean true appendfile
136create_file string "anywhere" appendfile
137current_directory string unset transports 4.00
138 unset queryprogram 4.00
139daemon_smtp_ports string unset main 1.75 pluralised in 4.21
140data string unset redirect 4.00
141data_timeout time 5m smtp
142debug_print string* unset authenticators 4.00
143 unset routers 4.00
144 unset transports 2.00
145delay_after_cutoff boolean true smtp
146delay_warning time list 24h main
147delay_warning_condition string* + main 1.73
148deliver_drop_privilege boolean false main 4.00
149deliver_queue_load_max fixed-point unset main 1.70
150delivery_date_add boolean false transports
151delivery_date_remove boolean true main
152directory string* unset appendfile
153directory_mode octal-integer 0700 appendfile
154directory_transport string* unset redirect 4.00
155disable_logging boolean false routers 4.11
156disable_logging boolean false transports 4.11
157dns_again_means_nonexist domain list unset main 1.89
158dns_check_names_pattern string + main 2.11
159dns_ipv4_lookup boolean false main 3.20
160dns_qualify_single boolean true smtp
161dns_retrans time 0s main 1.60
162dns_retry integer 0 main 1.60
163dns_search_parents boolean false smtp
164domains domain list unset routers 4.00
165driver string unset authenticators
166 unset routers 4.00
167 unset transports
168drop_cr boolean false main 4.00 became a no-op in 4.21
169envelope_to_add boolean false transports
170envelope_to_remove boolean true main
171environment string* unset pipe 2.95
172errors_copy string list* unset main
173errors_reply_to string unset main
174errors_to string* unset routers 4.00
175escape_string string ">From " appendfile 3.03
176 unset pipe 3.03
177exim_group string ++ main
178exim_path string ++ main
179exim_user string ++ main
180expn boolean true routers
181extra_local_interfaces string unset main 4.21
182extract_addresses_remove_arguments boolean true main 1.92
183fail_verify boolean false routers
184fail_verify_recipient boolean false routers 4.00
185fail_verify_sender boolean false routers 4.00
186fallback_hosts string list unset routers 4.00
187 unset smtp
188file string* unset appendfile
189 unset autoreply
190 unset redirect 4.00
191file_expand boolean false autoreply
192file_format string unset appendfile 3.03
193file_must_exist boolean false appendfile
194file_optional boolean false autoreply
195file_transport string* unset redirect 4.00
196final_timeout time 10m smtp
197finduser_retries integer 0 main
198forbid_blackhole boolean false redirect 4.00
199forbid_fail boolean false redirect 4.00
200forbid_file boolean false redirect 4.00
201forbid_filter_existstest boolean false redirect 4.00
202forbid_filter_logwrite boolean false redirect 4.00
203forbid_filter_lookup boolean false redirect 4.00
204forbid_filter_perl boolean false redirect 4.00
205forbid_filter_readfile boolean false redirect 4.00
206forbid_filter_readsocket boolean false redirect 4.11
207forbid_filter_reply boolean false redirect 4.00
208forbid_filter_run boolean false redirect 4.00
209forbid_include boolean false redirect 4.00
210forbid_pipe boolean false redirect 4.00
211freeze_exec_fail boolean false pipe 1.89
212freeze_tell boolean false main 4.00 replaces freeze_tell_mailmaster
213from string* unset autoreply
214gecos_name string* unset main
215gecos_pattern string unset main
216gethostbyname boolean false smtp
217group string + routers 4.00
218 unset transports 4.00 replaces local option in some transports
219header_line_maxsize integer 0 (unset) main 4.14
220header_maxsize integer 1M main 4.14
221headers string* unset autoreply
222headers_add string* unset routers 4.00
223 unset transports
224headers_charset string ++ main 4.21
225headers_only boolean false transports 2.05
226headers_remove string* unset routers 4.00
227 unset transports
228headers_rewrite string unset transports 3.20
229helo_accept_junk_hosts host list unset main 3.00
230helo_allow_chars string "" main 4.02
231helo_lookup_domains domain list unset main 4.00
232helo_data string* "$primary_hostname" smtp 3.21
233helo_try_verify_hosts host list unset main 4.00
234helo_verify_hosts host list unset main 1.73
235hide_child_in_errmsg false redirect 4.00
236hold_domains domain list unset main 1.70
237home_directory string* unset transports 4.00 replaces individual options
238host_find_failed string "freeze" manualroute 4.00
239host_lookup host list unset main 3.00
240host_lookup_order string list "bydns:byaddr" main 4.30
241host_reject_connection host list unset main 4.00
242hosts string unset iplookup 4.00
243 string list* unset smtp
244hosts_avoid_esmtp host list unset smtp 4.21
245hosts_avoid_tls host list unset smtp 3.20
246hosts_connection_nolog host list unset main 4.43
247hosts_max_try integer 5 smtp 3.20
248hosts_nopass_tls host list unset smtp 4.00
249hosts_override boolean false smtp 2.11
250hosts_randomize boolean false manualroute 4.00
251 false smtp 3.14
252hosts_require_auth host list unset smtp 4.00
253hosts_require_tls host list unset smtp 3.20
254hosts_treat_as_local domain list unset main 1.95
255hosts_try_auth host list unset smtp 4.00
256ignore_bounce_errors_after time 0s main 4.00
257ignore_eacces boolean false redirect 4.00
258ignore_enotdir boolean false redirect 4.00
259ignore_fromline_hosts host list unset main
260ignore_fromline_local boolean false main 2.05
261ignore_status boolean false pipe
262ignore_target_hosts host list unset routers 4.00
263include_directory string unset redirect 4.00
264initgroups false routers 4.00
265interface string list unset smtp 1.70
266keep_malformed time 4d main
267keepalive boolean true smtp 2.05
268ldap_default_servers string list unset main 3.02
269ldap_version int 2 or 3 main 4.14
270local_from_check boolean true main 3.14
271local_from_prefix string unset main 3.14
272local_from_suffix string unset main 3.14
273local_interfaces string list unset main 1.60
274local_part_prefix string unset routers 4.00 replaces prefix
275local_part_prefix_optional boolean unset routers 4.00 replaces prefix_optional
276local_part_suffix string unset routers 4.00 replaces suffix
277local_part_suffix_optional boolean unset routers 4.00 replaces suffix_optional
278local_parts string list* unset routers 4.00
279local_scan_timeout time 5m main 4.03
280local_sender_retain boolean false main 4.00
281localhost_number string unset main
282lock_fcntl_timeout time 0s appendfile 3.14
283lock_flock_timeout time 0s appendfile 4.11
284lock_interval time 3s appendfile
285lock_retries integer 10 appendfile
286lockfile_mode octal-integer 0600 appendfile
287lockfile_timeout time 30m appendfile
288log string* unset autoreply
289log_as_local boolean + routers 4.00
290log_file_path string list ++ main
291log_defer_output boolean false pipe 1.89
292log_fail_output boolean false pipe 1.60
293log_output boolean false pipe 1.60
294log_selector string unset main 4.00
295log_timezone boolean false main 4.11
296lookup_open_max integer 25 main 2.05
297mailbox_filecount string* unset appendfile 4.43
298mailbox_size string* unset appendfile 4.43
299maildir_format boolean false appendfile 1.70
300maildir_retries integer 10 appendfile 1.70
301maildir_tag string* unset appendfile 1.92
302maildir_use_size_file boolean false appendfile 4.30
303mailstore_format boolean false appendfile 2.00
304mailstore_prefix string* unset appendfile 2.00
305mailstore_suffix string* unset appendfile 2.00
306match_directory string* unset localuser
307max_output integer 20K pipe
308max_rcpt integer 100 smtp 1.60
309max_user_name_length integer 0 main
310mbx_format boolean false appendfile 2.10
311message_body_visible integer 500 main
312message_id_header_domain string* unset main 4.11
313message_id_header_text string* unset main
314message_logs boolean true main 4.10
315message_prefix string* + appendfile 4.00 replaces prefix
316 string* unset pipe 4.00 replaces prefix
317message_size_limit integer 0 main
318 0 transports 2.05
319message_suffix string* + appendfile 4.00 replaces suffix
320 string* unset pipe 4.00 replaces suffix
321mode octal-integer 0600 appendfile
322 0600 autoreply
323mode_fail_narrower boolean true appendfile 1.70
324modemask octal-integer 022 redirect 4.00
325more boolean true routers 4.00
326move_frozen_messages boolean false main 3.09
327multi_domain boolean true smtp
328mx_domains domain list unset dnslookup 4.00
329mx_fail_domains domain list unset dnslookup 4.43
330mysql_servers string list unset main 3.03
331never_users string list unset main
332notify_comsat boolean false appendfile
333once string* unset autoreply
334once_file_size integer 0 autoreply 3.20
335once_repeat time 0s autoreply 2.95
336one_time boolean false redirect 4.00
337optional boolean false iplookup 4.00
338oracle_servers string unset main 4.00
339owners string list unset redirect 4.00
340owngroups string list unset redirect 4.00
341pass_on_timeout boolean false routers 4.00
342pass_router string unset routers 4.00
343path string "/usr/bin" pipe
344percent_hack_domains domain list unset main
345perl_at_start boolean false main 2.10
346perl_startup string unset main 2.10
347pgsql_servers string list unset main 3.14
348pid_file_path string ++ main
349pipe_as_creator boolean false pipe
350pipe_transport string* unset redirect 4.00
351pipelining_advertise_hosts host list "*" main 4.14
352port integer 0 iplookup 4.00
353 string "smtp" smtp
354preserve_message_logs boolean false main
355primary_hostname string + main
356print_topbitchars boolean false main 1.89
357process_log_path string unset main 4.21
358prod_requires_admin boolean true main 1.70
359protocol string "udp" iplookup 4.00
360 string "smtp" smtp 3.20
361public_name string unset authenticators 3.10
362qualify_domain string + main
363 string* unset redirect 4.31
364qualify_preserve_domain boolean false redirect 4.00
365qualify_recipient string + main
366qualify_single boolean true dnslookup 4.00
367query string* + iplookup 4.00
368queue_domains domain list unset main 4.00
369queue_list_requires_admin boolean true main 1.95
370queue_only boolean false main
371queue_only_file string unset main 2.05
372queue_only_load fixed-point unset main
373queue_only_override boolean true main 4.21
374queue_run_in_order boolean false main 1.70
375queue_run_max integer 5 main
376queue_smtp_domains domain list unset main
377quota string* unset appendfile 1.60
378quota_directory string* unset appendfile 4.11
379quota_filecount integer 0 appendfile 2.05
380quota_is_inclusive boolean true appendfile 3.20
381quota_size_regex string unset appendfile 3.14
382quota_warn_message string* + appendfile 2.10
383quota_warn_threshold string* 0 appendfile 2.10
384rcpt_include_affixes boolean false transports 4.21
385receive_timeout time 0s main 4.00 replacing accept_timeout
386received_header_text string* + main
387received_headers_max integer 30 main
388recipient_unqualified_hosts host list unset main 4.00 replacing receiver_unqualified_hosts
389recipients_max integer 0 main 1.60
390recipients_max_reject boolean false main 1.70
391redirect_router string unset routers 4.00
392remote_max_parallel integer 1 main
393remote_sort_domains domain list unset main 4.00 replacing remote_sort
394repeat_use boolean true redirect 4.00
395reply_to string* unset autoreply 2.05
396reply_transport string* unset redirect 4.00
397require_files string list* unset routers 4.00
398reroute string* unset iplookup 4.00
399response_pattern string unset iplookup 4.00
400restrict_to_path boolean false pipe
401retry_data_expire time 7d main 3.03
402retry_include_ip_address boolean true smtp 1.92
403retry_interval_max time 24h main
404retry_use_local_part boolean + routers 4.00
405 + transports 4.00 replacing individual options
406return_fail_output boolean false pipe 1.60
407return_message boolean false autoreply
408return_output boolean false pipe
409return_path string* unset transports 2.05
410return_path_add boolean false transports
411return_path_remove boolean true main
412return_size_limit integer 100K main renamed bounce_return_size_limit in 4.23
413rewrite boolean true redirect 4.00
414rewrite_headers boolean true dnslookup 4.00
415rfc1413_hosts host list * main
416rfc1413_query_timeout time 30s main
417router_home_directory string* unset routers 4.11
418route_data string* unset manualroute 4.00
419route_list string list unset manualroute 4.00
420same_domain_copy_routing boolean false dnslookup 4.00
421search_parents boolean false dnslookup 4.00
422self string "freeze" routers 4.00
423sender_unqualified_hosts host list unset main
424senders address list unset routers 4.00
425serialize_hosts host list unset smtp 1.60
426server_advertise_condition string* unset authenticators 4.14
427server_condition string* unset plaintext 3.10
428server_hostname string* "$primary_hostname" cyrus_sasl 4.43
429server_mail_auth_condition string* unset authenticators 3.22
430server_mech string public_name cyrus_sasl 4.43
431server_prompts string* unset plaintext 3.10
432server_realm string unset cyrus_sasl 4.43
433server_secret string* unset cram_md5 3.10
434server_service string "smtp" cyrus_sasl 4.43
435server_set_id string* unset authenticators 3.10
436shadow_condition string* unset transports
437shadow_transport string unset transports
438size_addition integer 1024 smtp 1.91
439skip_syntax_errors boolean false redirect 4.00
440smtp_accept_keepalive boolean true main
441smtp_accept_max integer 20 main
442smtp_accept_max_nonmail integer 10 main 4.11
443smtp_accept_max_nonmail_hosts host list * main 4.14
444smtp_accept_max_per_connection integer 1000 main 4.00
445smtp_accept_max_per_host integer 0 main 2.05
446smtp_accept_queue integer 0 main
447smtp_accept_queue_per_connection integer 10 main 2.03
448smtp_accept_reserve integer 0 main
449smtp_active_hostname string* unset main 4.33
450smtp_banner string* + main
451smtp_check_spool_space boolean true main 2.10
452smtp_connect_backlog integer 5 main
453smtp_enforce_sync boolean true main 4.00
454smtp_etrn_command string* unset main 1.92
455smtp_etrn_serialize boolean true main 1.89
456smtp_load_reserve fixed-point unset main
457smtp_max_synprot_errors integer 3 main 4.30
458smtp_max_unknown_commands integer 3 main 4.14
459smtp_ratelimit_hosts host list unset main 4.00
460smtp_ratelimit_mail string unset main 4.00
461smtp_ratelimit_rcpt string unset main 4.00
462smtp_receive_timeout time 5m main
463smtp_reserve_hosts host list unset main
464smtp_return_error_details boolean false main 4.11
465socket string* unset lmtp 4.11
466split_spool_directory boolean false main 1.70
467spool_directory string ++ main
468srv_fail_domains domain list unset dnslookup 4.43
469strip_excess_angle_brackets boolean false main
470strip_trailing_dot boolean false main
471subject string* unset autoreply
472syntax_errors_text string* unset redirect 4.00
473syntax_errors_to string unset redirect 4.00
474syslog_duplication boolean true main 4.21
475syslog_facility string unset main 4.20
476syslog_processname string "exim" main 4.20
477syslog_timestamp boolean true main 4.00
478system_filter string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
479system_filter_directory_transport string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
480system_filter_file_transport string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
481system_filter_group string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
482system_filter_pipe_transport string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
483system_filter_reply_transport string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
484system_filter_user string unset main 4.00 replacing message_filter
485tcp_nodelay boolean true main 4.23
486 true smtp 4.23
487temp_errors string list + pipe 1.95
488text string* unset autoreply
489timeout time 5m lmtp 3.20
490 1h pipe
491 1h queryprogram 4.00
492 5s iplookup 4.00
493timeout_frozen_after time 0s main 3.20
494timezone string + main 3.15
495tls_advertise_hosts host list * main 3.20
496tls_certificate string* unset main 3.20
497 unset smtp 3.20
498tls_dhparam string* unset main 3.20
499tls_on_connect_ports string unset main 4.43
500tls_privatekey string* unset main 3.20
501 unset smtp 3.20
502tls_remember_emstp boolean false main 4.21
503tls_require_ciphers string* unset smtp 4.00 replaces tls_verify_ciphers
504 string* unset main 4.33
505tls_tempfail_tryclear boolean true smtp 4.05
506tls_try_verify_hosts host list unset main 4.00
507tls_verify_certificates string* unset main 3.20
508 unset smtp 3.20
509tls_verify_hosts host list unset main 3.20
510to string* unset autoreply
511translate_ip_address string unset routers 4.00
512transport string* unset routers 4.00
513transport_current_directory string unset routers 4.00
514transport_home_directory string unset routers 4.00
515transport_filter string unset transports
516transport_filter_timeout time 5m transports 4.30
517trusted_groups string list unset main
518trusted_users string list unset main
519umask octal-integer 022 pipe
520unknown_login string unset main
521unknown_username string unset main
522unseen boolean false routers 4.00
523untrusted_set_sender boolean false main 3.20
524use_bsmtp boolean false appendfile 4.00
525 false pipe 4.00
526use_crlf boolean false appendfile 1.89
527 false pipe 1.89
528use_fcntl_lock boolean + appendfile 1.70
529use_flock_lock boolean + appendfile 4.11
530use_lockfile boolean + appendfile
531use_mbx_lock boolean + appendfile 2.10
532use_shell boolean false pipe 1.70
533user string + routers 4.00
534 unset transports 4.00 replaces individual options
535uucp_from_pattern string + main 1.75
536uucp_from_sender string* "$1" main 1.75
537verify boolean true routers 4.00
538verify_only boolean false routers 4.00
539verify_recipient boolean true routers 4.00
540verify_sender boolean true routers 4.00
541warn_message_file string unset main 4.00
542widen_domains string list unset dnslookup 4.00
543write_rejectlog boolean true main 4.31
550The table below contains a complete list of all Exim's command line options.
551Those marked with # are available only to trusted users, those marked with +
552are available only to admin users, and those marked with * exist only to
553provide compatibility with Sendmail.
555-- Terminate options
556--help Give a little help (not a lot)
557-B * Ignored
558-bd + Start daemon
559-bdf + Start daemon and run it in the foreground
560-be Test string expansion
561-bF Test system filter file
562-bf Test user filter file
563-bfd Set domain for filter testing
564-bfl Set local part for filter testing
565-bfp Set local part prefix for filter testing
566-bfs Set local part suffix for filter testing
567-bh Test incoming SMTP call, omitting callouts
568-bhc Test incoming SMTP call, with callouts
569-bi * Run <command>bi_command</command>
570-bm Accept message on standard input
571-bnq Don't qualify addresses in locally submitted messages
572-bP Show configuration option settings
573-bp + List the queue
574-bpa + ... with generated addresses as well
575-bpc + ... but just show a count of messages
576-bpr + ... do not sort
577-bpra + ... with generated addresses, unsorted
578-bpru + ... only undelivered addresses, unsorted
579-bpu + ... only undelivered addresses
580-brt Test retry rules
581-brw Test rewriting rules
582-bS Read batch SMTP on standard input
583-bs Run SMTP on standard input and output
584-bt Test address directing and routing
585-bV Verify version number
586-bv Test recipient address verification
587-bvs Test sender address verification
588-C + Use alternate configuration file
589-D + Define macro for configuration file
590-d Turn on debugging output
591-dropcr Remove CR character in input: became a no-op in 4.21
592-E Internal use only
593-ex * Synonym for -oex (for several different x)
594-F Set calling user name
595-f # Set calling user address
596-G * Ignored
597-h * Ignored
598-i Dot does not terminate message
599-M + Force deliver specific message
600-Mar + Add recipient to message
601-MC Internal use only
602-MCA Internal use only
603-MCP Internal use only
604-MCQ Internal use only
605-MCS Internal use only
606-MCT Internal use only
607-Mc + Deliver specific message
608-Mes + Edit message sender
609-Mf + Freeze message(s)
610-Mg + Give up (bounce) message(s)
611-Mmad + Mark all recipients delivered
612-Mmd + Mark one recipient delivered
613-Mrm + Remove message(s) (no bounce)
614-Mt + Thaw message(s)
615-Mvb + View message body
616-Mvh + View message header
617-Mvl + View message log
618-m * Ignored
619-N + Deliver without transporting
620-n * Ignored
621-O * Ignored
622-oA * Supply argument for <option>-bi</option>
623-oB Set max messages down one connection
624-odb Background delivery
625-odf Foreground delivery
626-odi Foreground delivery
627-odq Queue message; do not deliver
628-odqs ... do not do SMTP deliveries
629-oee Error sent by mail; zero return code
630-oem Error sent by mail; non-zero return code
631-oep Error written to standard error stream
632-oeq * Error written to standard error stream
633-oew * Error sent by mail; non-zero return code
634-oi Dot does not terminate message
635-oitrue * Dot does not terminate message
636-oMa # Supply host address
637-oMaa # Supply authenticator name
638-oMai # Supply authenticated id
639-oMas # Supply authenticated sender
640-oMi # Supply interface address
641-oMr # Supply protocol name
642-oMs # Supply host name
643-oMt # Supply ident string
644-om * Ignored
645-oo * Ignored
646-oP * Specify path for daemon's pid file
647-or Timeout non-SMTP messages
648-os Timeout for SMTP messages
649-ov * Verbose; same as -v
650-oX Alternative port for daemon
651-pd Delay Perl interpreter start
652-ps Do not delay Perl interpreter start
653-p<r>:<s> * Same as -oMr <r> -oMs <s>
654-q + Run the queue )
655-qf + ... force delivery ) Other combinations are
656-qff + ... and include frozen messages ) possible. The syntax is
657-qi + ... initial deliveries only )
658-ql + ... local deliveries only ) -q[q][f][f][i|l][time]
659-qq + Two-stage queue run )
660-qR * Same as -R
661-qS * Same as -S
662-R Select by recipient in queue run
663-Rf ... with forcing
664-Rff ... and frozen messages
665-Rr ... using regular expression
666-Rrf ... with forcing
667-Rrff ... and frozen messages
668-r * Synonym for -f
669-S Select by sender in queue run
670-Sf ... with forcing
671-Sff ... and frozen messages
672-Sr ... using regular expression
673-Srf ... with forcing
674-Srff ... and frozen messages
675-Tqt * Used by Exim test suite; not recognized in normal use
676-t Take recipients from header lines
677-ti * Same as -t -i
678-tls-on-connect Do TLS on startup (for legacy clients)
679-U * Ignored
680-v Verbose - shows SMTP dialogue and other delivery info
681-x Ignored (AIX compatibility)
687The table below contains a complete list of options that can be set in
688Local/Makefile when building Exim. More information about individual options
689can be found in src/EDITME and OS/Makefile-Default.
691The second column below gives the type of option:
693 . `system' means the option is concerned with the operating system;
695 . `driver' means the option selects a driver to be included in the binary;
697 . `lookup' means the option selects a lookuptype to be included in the binary;
699 . `mandatory' means the option is required to be supplied;
701 . `recommended' means the option is recommended to be supplied;
703 . `optional' means what it says;
705Those marked with * are specialized and are unlikely to be required in most
706installations. Those that are marked with ** are commonly set in OS-specific
707Makefiles. If you use any of these in your Local/Makefile, you may need to
708reproduce some of the OS-specific settings. For example, in the Makefile for
709Solaris (which is actually called OS/Makefile-SunOS5), there is
711 LIBS=-lsocket -lnsl -lkstat
713If you use LIBS to add extra libraries, you must also include the OS ones in
714your setting. It is better, in this particular case, to use EXTRALIBS, which is
715empty by default, and is provided for just this reason. Of course, if you do
716actually want to modify a setting from the OS-specific file, there is nothing
717to stop you overriding it in your Local/Makefile.
719Option Type Description
722ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX optional restricts location of -C files
723ALT_CONFIG_ROOT_ONLY optional* privileged -C needs root (not exim)
724APPENDFILE_MODE optional*
727AR system command to build a library
728AUTH_CRAM_MD5 driver include cram_md5 authenticator
729AUTH_PLAINTEXT driver include plaintext authenticator
730AUTH_SPA driver include SPA (NTLM) authenticator
731BASENAME_COMMAND system** path to basename
732BASE_62=62 optional* not normally changed for Unix
733BIN_DIRECTORY mandatory Exim binary directory
734CC system** C compiler
735CFLAGS system** flags for C compiler
736CHGRP_COMMAND system** path to chgrp
737CHOWN_COMMAND system** path to chown
738COMPRESS_COMMAND system path to a compress command
739COMPRESS_SUFFIX system suffix added to compressed files
740CONFIGURE_FILE mandatory Exim runtime configuration file
743CONFIGURE_OWNER optional* alternate owner for configuration file
744CYRUS_PWCHECK_SOCKET optional socket for pwcheck daemon
745DBMLIB optional** location of DBM library
746DB_DIRECTORY_MODE optional* mode for hints directory
747DB_LOCKFILE_MODE optional* mode for hints lock files
748DB_LOCK_TIMEOUT optional* timeout for hints lock files
749DB_MODE optional* mode for hints files
750DEFAULT_CRYPT optional use crypt16() as default
753DISABLE_D_OPTION optional disables -D option
754ERRNO_QUOTA optional* error code for system quota failures
755EXICYCLOG_MAX optional number of old log files to keep
756EXIMDB_DIRECTORY_MODE optional* for hints database directory
757EXIMDB_LOCKFILE_MODE optional* for hints lock files
758EXIMDB_MODE optional* mode for hints files
759EXIMON_TEXTPOP system**
760EXIM_CHMOD optional*
761EXIM_GROUP mandatory group to use for Exim
762EXIM_MONITOR optional set to eximon.bin to compile
763EXIM_PERL optional
764EXIM_USER mandatory user to use for Exim
765EXIWHAT_EGREP_ARG system** to find Exim processes from ps
766EXIWHAT_KILL_SIGNAL system** -SIGUSER1 or numerical equivalent
769EXIWHAT_PS_ARG system** to list all processes
770EXIWHAT_PS_CMD system** path to ps command
771EXTRALIBS system additional libraries
772EXTRALIBS_EXIM system additional libraries for Exim only
773EXTRALIBS_EXIMON system additional libraries for the monitor
774FIXED_NEVER_USERS optional can't override at runtime
775HAVE_ICONV system the iconv() function is available
776HAVE_IPV6 system include IPv6 support
777HEADERS_CHARSET optional charset for decoded header lines
778HEADER_ADD_BUFFER_SIZE optional* buffer for header_add()
779HEADER_MAXSIZE optional* max memory for message header
780HOSTNAME_COMMAND system** path to hostname command
781INCLUDE system path to include files
782INFO_DIRECTORY optional directory for Info documentation
783INPUT_DIRECTORY_MODE optional mode for input directory
784IPV6_INCLUDE system additional includes for IPv6
785IPV6_LIBS system additional libraries for IPv6
786LDAP_LIB_TYPE optional type of LDAP library
787LFLAGS system** link editor flags
788LIBIDENTCFLAGS system C flags when compiling libident
789LIBIDENTNAME system name for libident library
790LIBRESOLV system** library for DNS resolver
791LIBS system** additional libraries
792LIBS_EXIM system** additional libraries for Exim ony
793LIBS_EXIMON system** additional libraries for monitor
794LOCAL_SCAN_SOURCE optional location of local_scan() source
795LOG_DIRECTORY_MODE optional mode for log directory
796LOG_FILE_PATH optional path to log files
797LOG_MODE optional mode for log files
798LOOKUP_CDB lookup include cdb lookup
799LOOKUP_DBM lookup include dbm lookup
800LOOKUP_DNSDB lookup include dnsdb lookup
801LOOKUP_DSEARCH lookup include dsearch lookup
802LOOKUP_INCLUDE lookup include files for lookups
803LOOKUP_LDAP lookup include ldap lookup
804LOOKUP_LIBS lookup include libraries for lookups
805LOOKUP_LSEARCH lookup include all lsearch lookups
806LOOKUP_MYSQL lookup include mysql lookup
807LOOKUP_NIS lookup include nis lookup
808LOOKUP_NISPLUS lookup include nisplus lookup
809LOOKUP_ORACLE lookup include oracle lookup
810LOOKUP_PGSQL lookup include pgsql lookup
811LOOKUP_TESTDB lookup*
812LOOKUP_WHOSON lookup include whoson lookup
813MAKE_SHELL optional* shell to use for make
814MAX_FILTER_SIZE optional* max file size for filter files
815MAX_INCLUDE_SIZE optional* max file size for :include: files
816MAX_LOCALHOST_NUMBER=256 optional* for when localhost_number is set
817MAX_NAMED_LIST optional* max named lists of a given type
818MAX_INTERFACES system maximum network interfaces
819MSGLOG_DIRECTORY_MODE optional* mode for message log directory
820MV_COMMAND system path to mv command
821NO_SYMLINK optional install doesn't make 'exim" symlink
822PCRE_CFLAGS system compile flags for PCRE library
823PERL_CC system* compiler for Perl interface code
824PERL_CCOPTS system* flags for same
825PERL_COMMAND system path to Perl
826PERL_LIBS system* library for compiling Perl interface
827PID_FILE_PATH optional path to daemon's pid file
828RADIUS_CONFIG_FILE optional path to Radius config file
829RADIUS_LIB_TYPE optional type of RADIUS library
830RANLIB system** path to ranlib command
831RM_COMMAND system path to rm command
832ROUTER_ACCEPT driver include accept router
833ROUTER_DNSLOOKUP driver include dnslookup router
834ROUTER_MANUALROUTE driver include manualroute router
835ROUTER_IPLITERAL driver include ipliteral router
836ROUTER_IPLOOKUP driver include iplookup router
837ROUTER_REDIRECT driver include redirect router
838ROUTER_QUERYPROGRAM driver include queryprogram router
839SPOOL_DIRECTORY recommended path to spool directory
840SPOOL_DIRECTORY_MODE optional mode of spool directory
841SPOOL_MODE optional mode of spool files
842STRING_SPRINTF_BUFFER_SIZE optional* buffer for string_sprintf()
843STRIP_COMMAND optional* can be used to strp binaries
844SUPPORT_A6 optional* support A6 DNS records
845SUPPORT_CRYPTEQ optional support crypteq (if no auths)
846SUPPORT_MAILDIR optional support for maildir delivery
847SUPPORT_MAILSTORE optional support for mailstore delivery
848SUPPORT_MBX optional support for MBX delivery
849SUPPORT_MOVE_FROZEN_MESSAGES optional* support for frozen message moving
850SUPPORT_PAM optional support for PAM authentication
851SUPPORT_TLS optional support for TLS encryption over SMTP
852SUPPORT_TRANSLATE_IP_ADDRESS optional* support for address translation
853SYSLOG_LOG_PID optional add pid to syslog lines
854SYSLOG_LONG_LINES optional do not split long syslog lines
855SYSTEM_ALIASES_FILE optional defaults to /etc/aliases
856TIMEZONE_DEFAULT optional default for timezone option
857TLS_INCLUDE optional path to include files for TLS
858TLS_LIBS optional additional libraries for TLS
859TMPDIR system value for TMPDIR environment variable
860TRANSPORT_APPENDFILE driver include appendfile transport
861TRANSPORT_AUTOREPLY driver include autoreply transport
862TRANSPORT_LMTP driver include lmtp transport
863TRANSPORT_PIPE driver include pipe transport
864TRANSPORT_SMTP driver include smtp transport
865USE_DB system** use native DB interface
866USE_GNUTLS optional use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL
867USE_READLINE optional try to load libreadline for -be
868USE_TCP_WRAPPERS system link with tcpwrappers
869USE_TDB optional use the tdb DB interface
870X11 system** X11 base directory
871X11_LD_LIB system** X11 link library
872XINCLUDE system** X11 include directory
873XLFLAGS system** X11 link time flags
874ZCAT_COMMAND system path to zcat command
880The table below contains a complete list of options that can be set in
881Local/eximon.conf when building the Exim monitor. Where the default is shown as
882** it means that the text string is too long to fit in the table and is instead
883given below. A blank default means that there is no default value.
885ACTION_OUTPUT=no show output for every action
886ACTION_QUEUE_UPDATE=yes update queue display after actions
887BODY_MAX=20000 maximum body display
888DOMAIN= domain to strip from window title
889LOG_BUFFER=20K buffer for log tail
890LOG_DEPTH=300 depth of log subwindow
891LOG_FONT=** font for log display
892LOG_STRIPCHARTS=** patterns for stripcharts
893LOG_WIDTH=950 width of log subwindow
894MENU_EVENT='Shift<Btn1Down>' keypress for menu
895MIN_HEIGHT=162 minimum window height
896MIN_WIDTH=103 minimum window width
897QUALIFY_DOMAIN= local domain to strip from addresses
898QUEUE_DEPTH=200 depth of queue subwindow
899QUEUE_FONT=$LOG_FONT font for queue display
900QUEUE_INTERVAL=300 queue refresh interval
901QUEUE_MAX_ADDRESSES=10 max addresses to show in queue
902QUEUE_STRIPCHART_NAME=queue name for queue stripchart
903QUEUE_WIDTH=950 width of queue subwindow
904SIZE_STRIPCHART= request partition size stripchart
905SIZE_STRIPCHART_NAME=space name for size stripchart
906START_SMALL=no if yes, start with small window
907STRIPCHART_INTERVAL=60 stripchart refresh interval
908TEXT_DEPTH=200 depth of text windows
909WINDOW_TITLE="${hostname} eximon" window title
911The default for LOG_FONT is
913 LOG_FONT=-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-14-140-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
915and the default for LOG_STRIPCHARTS is
917 LOG_STRIPCHARTS='/ <= /in/
918 / => /out/
919 / => .+ R=local/local/
920 / => .+ T=[^ ]*smtp/smtp/'
922That is, there are four stripcharts, named in, out, local, and smtp. The first
923counts message arrivals, the second counts all deliveries, the third counts
924deliveries where the router's name starts with "local", and the fourth counts
925deliveries where the transport name contains "smtp".
927**** End of OptionLists ****