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2021-07-15 Ian Kellingremove debug comment master
2021-07-15 Ian Kellingprint out variables in the failed command
2021-02-14 Ian Kellingadd check for bash shell
2020-02-11 Ian Kellingcleanup documentation
2020-01-27 Ian Kellinghandle pipestatus, add some todos
2019-11-12 Ian KellingFix error with ssh, big refactor
2019-11-10 Ian Kellingfix bug after a bash completion
2019-11-06 Ian Kellinginteractive fixes an refactor
2019-11-06 Ian Kellingminor: docs
2019-11-06 Ian Kellingmore accurate interactive trace, refactor
2019-11-05 Ian Kellingsimplify cleanup, use gpl
2019-11-04 Ian KellingMake interactive catch function ignore bash-completion
2019-11-04 Ian Kellinguse ruby style, support interactive shell
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingminor comment
2019-07-22 Ian Kellingbetter docs
2019-06-30 Ian Kellingfix regression in last commit, ommiting a frame
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