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2020-10-16 eostreupdate settings.php to use as baseurl master
2020-10-16 eostresites/default/settings.php
2020-10-16 eostrebacking up shopserver1p apache config
2020-10-16 eostreadding dbd config
2020-09-23 eostreupdating my info file
2020-09-23 eostreremoved dead links
2020-09-23 eostrepulling in entire conf directory
2020-09-16 eostreadd info about the fsf
2020-09-16 eostremove server-specific configuration into a directory
2020-09-15 eostrere: 26c6a7ba6123163a7339b2ac046f7df72c594e13: removed...
2020-09-15 eostredocument conf/conf a bit
2020-09-15 eostremakefile: install the drupal-fix-404s.conf file and...
2020-09-15 eostrelong overdue commit: have composer test if its already...
2020-09-15 eostreremove legacy code and add a general config file
2020-09-15 eostregenericifying the drupal7 autobuild
2020-09-04 eostreupdate
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