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2023-01-20 Tomzh-hans: Add "Noto Sans CJK SC" font in css.
2023-01-14 Thérèse Godefroytr: localize the link to confirmation.html
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2023-01-05 Besnik BletaChanging locale code to sq
2023-01-05 Besnik BletaUpdating sq translation
2023-01-02 Thérèse Godefroyes: fix a typo.
2023-01-02 Thérèse Godefroyes: reformat esd-es.po & fix a typo in a link; regenera...
2023-01-02 Victorhcktranslate missing strings in spanish esd-es.po file...
2023-01-01 Victorhckupdate spanish esd-es.po file
2022-12-28 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update.
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