2022-05-05 Ineievru: update master
2022-04-26 T. E. Kalaycitr: add missing translations
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update.
2022-04-16 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyen: XHTML validation fix.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyen: remove <center> and wrong centering attribute.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroycss: define h5.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update.
2022-04-16 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT.
2022-04-16 zoesubscribe
2022-04-16 zoesupporter
2022-04-16 zoechange order
2022-04-16 zoewidget add to static folder
2022-04-16 zoedonate & supporter
2022-04-16 zoedelete the big FSF
2022-04-15 zoesubscribe supporter
2022-03-23 Victorhckupdate and fix some terms in spanish svg infographic...
2022-02-23 Ineievru: update
2022-02-07 Thérèse Godefroyes & fr: regenerate HTML.
2022-02-07 Thérèse GodefroyRegenerate POT and POs; unfuzzify tr, update es & fr.
2022-02-07 Thérèse GodefroyAdd zero-length no-break space beween </code> and full...
2022-02-07 Victorhckupdated spanish translation
2022-02-06 Thérèse Godefroytr: regenerate HTML.
2022-02-06 T. E. Kalaycitr: update
2022-02-05 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update.
2022-02-05 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT;
2022-02-04 zoe1updated relation keyservers
2022-02-04 zoe1added a note instead for both options generate key
2022-02-04 zoe1code change to gen-key instead of generate key
2021-11-16 Ineievru: update graphics and sources
2021-11-12 Ineievru: regenerate.
2021-11-12 Ineievru: update graphics.
2021-11-12 Ineievru: convert to PO and update.
2021-11-11 Ineievadd a copy of license of *add-fuzzy-diff
2021-09-12 Thérèse Godefroytr: delete old fuzzy-diffs from the PO.
2021-09-12 T. E. Kalayci[tr] Updates.
2021-09-08 zoe1sp. gpg instead of gnupg -- list key
2021-09-08 zoe1gpg -- list key (instead of gnupg)
2021-08-30 Thérèse Godefroyes: reformat the PO; regenerate index & workshop.
2021-08-28 Victorhckupdated spanish translation
2021-08-27 Thérèse GodefroyUpdate.
2021-08-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index, POs and POT: s/[key id]/[keyID]/
2021-08-27 Thérèse GodefroyMerge again.
2021-08-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: one more tweak.
2021-08-27 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT.
2021-08-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: minor tweaks for consistency.
2021-08-26 zoe1sending key to keyserver troubleshoot option added
2021-08-26 zoe1update troubleshoot gpg2 for some distributions (in...
2021-08-26 zoe1update to 4.B troubleshoot adding a manual import for...
2021-08-26 zoe1logo color update
2021-08-24 Thérèse Godefroyes: regenerate HTML.
2021-08-24 Victorhckspanish translation: fix typos and improve translation
2021-08-18 Ariel CostasWork in galician translation
2021-08-15 Thérèse Godefroymain.es.css: update media query.
2021-08-15 Thérèse Godefroyes & fr: fix/remove link to lang-specific css.
2021-08-15 Thérèse GodefroyMakefile.gen: fix links to lang-specific css; match...
2021-08-14 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT.
2021-08-14 Thérèse GodefroyRemove the translist. It will be added in enc-live.
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroyes: generate HTML.
2021-08-14 Thérèse GodefroyMakefile.gen: update the Spanish recipe.
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroyimg/es: rename or delete images (strip background from...
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroyesd-es.po: remove previous msgid & fuzzy diff.
2021-08-13 Victorhckspanish translation: translate missing strings
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyimg/fr: fix a typo in Edward's signature.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroytr: fix a typo that used to be in en/index.
2021-08-13 T. E. Kalayci[tr] Latest updates
2021-08-13 Victorhckspanish translation: fix commands and translate missing...
2021-08-13 Victorhckupdated victorhck mail in spanish header po file
2021-08-13 Victorhckupdated spanish translation with latest style changes
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update translist; use localized images.
2021-08-13 Thérèse GodefroyMakefile.gen: update the French recipe.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: add localized images.
2021-08-12 zoe1version listing
2021-08-12 zoe1version update to 6.0
2021-08-12 zoe1turkish translation
2021-08-12 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update, typos & minor edits.
2021-08-12 Thérèse GodefroyAll translations: merge POs and POT.
2021-08-12 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: remove WIP warning, typos.
2021-08-12 Thérèse Godefroyen/index.html: don't mention the terminal until it...
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: adjust image width.
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroymain.rtl.css: update.
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: new classes for images.
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: make images more responsive (resize, center...
2021-08-05 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: replace img style attributes with classes...
2021-08-05 Thérèse Godefroymain.rtl.css: update.
2021-08-05 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: define classes for floating images; reorganiz...
2021-08-04 Ariel CostasStart galician translation from scratch, instead of...
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: typo in a style attribute.
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: add a left margin to right-floating images.
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: one more fix; revert unnecessary change.
2021-08-04 Thérèse GodefroyPrevent wrapping within anchor links and <kbd>.
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyfr: typo & minor edits.
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyen/fr: more proposed changes (typo in a command, edit...
2021-08-03 Thérèse Godefroyfr: minor rewording.
2021-08-03 Thérèse Godefroyfr: fix typos.
2021-08-03 Thérèse Godefroyfr: review by François O.
2021-08-03 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: proposed changes (see esd-translators@ 2021...
2021-08-02 Victorhckupdated spanish translation with latest style changes
2021-07-31 Thérèse Godefroyfr: remove deprecated strings; more fixes.