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2021-01-04 Michael McMahonExtend fundraiser
2020-12-01 Greg Faroughadd new banner
2020-11-16 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2020-10-28 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated my personal email address
2020-10-11 Michael McMahonRemove fsf35 modal window
2020-10-05 Michael McMahonAdd fsf35 modal window
2020-08-10 Michael McMahonRemove spring 2020 fundraiser elements.
2020-07-31 Andrew EngelbrechtUpdated Piwik tracking code
2020-07-13 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window 2020 spring fundraiser
2020-06-25 Thérèse GodefroyAll transl: Pump.io > Mastodon (enc ef8311c); standardi...
2020-06-25 Thérèse Godefroyen: replace Pump.io with Mastodon throughout the site...
2020-06-25 Thérèse Godefroyru: fix link to the zipped sources (enc c5fa456).
2020-06-25 Thérèse Godefroyzh-hans: update credits & fix typos (enc c5fa456).
2020-06-25 Thérèse GodefroyBump submodule.
2020-06-24 zoethis was nothing -- now all versions are the same
2020-06-24 zoenext steps final spelling
2020-06-24 zoeforgot a mention of pump.io
2020-06-24 zoeupdate to mastodon logo instead of pump.io
2020-01-17 Michael McMahonRemove banner and modal window
2020-01-03 Michael McMahonChange fundraiser modal window text.
2019-11-26 Michael McMahonModal window changes - validation and frequency
2019-11-19 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2019-11-02 Thérèse Godefroytr: update (enc c053b6a & 408bf82).
2019-11-02 Thérèse Godefroyde: update (enc db1c87c & 4fb1623).
2019-10-30 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update (enc 33335ce).
2019-10-30 Thérèse Godefroyzh-hans: update (enc cc6d00c).
2019-10-30 Thérèse Godefroyes: update (enc f217757).
2019-10-28 Thérèse Godefroyen: wrap long lines; propagate change to mac & windows...
2019-10-28 Zoekeyserver status
2019-10-28 ZoeMerge branch 'live' of vcs.fsf.org:enc-live into live
2019-09-19 Thérèse Godefroyzn-hans: remove unfinished translations from the langua...
2019-09-19 Thérèse GodefroyMerge branch 'live'
2019-09-19 Thérèse Godefroytr: update (enc 48b1396).
2019-09-19 Thérèse Godefroyde: update (enc ab3d72f & 9feb1c2).
2019-09-19 Thérèse Godefroyde: remove unfinished translations from the language...
2019-09-09 zoeMerge branch 'master' into live
2019-09-09 zoeminor changes to Edwards behavior DE
2019-08-26 Ineievru: update (enc 28ce1fb93b0a26c1e9936)
2019-08-23 zoezh-hans translation update
2019-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: minor rewording (enc 5755781).
2019-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update (enc b90df4b).
2019-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyen: propagate changes to mac.html and windows.html...
2019-08-09 Zoeupdate EN 3.c and 3.e to sync behaviou edward
2019-08-09 Zoeupdate email address to edward-zh@fsf.org in zh files
2019-08-09 ZoeTypo fix
2019-07-16 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "Add banner and modal window"
2019-06-19 Thérèse GodefroyFix a link in Workshops (global change).
2019-06-19 Thérèse GodefroyPropagate links in 2B and 3B; update link in #transfer...
2019-06-18 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'live'
2019-06-18 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't justify text in modal window
2019-06-18 Thérèse GodefroyPropagate the links update.
2019-06-17 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2019-06-17 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2019-06-03 ZoeTroubleshooting links update (2A,2B,3B) - v2
2019-06-03 ZoeRevert "links troubleshooting (2A, 2B, 3B) in order...
2019-05-31 Zoeupdating links to work in troubleshooting (2A, 2B, 3B)
2019-05-19 Thérèse Godefroytr: update (enc 255f51d...5cf7c4f).
2019-05-13 Thérèse Godefroytr: fix a link (enc 83516c8).
2019-05-13 Thérèse Godefroytr: a few fixes (enc 3ef098a).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroytr: reformat, (re)move paragraphs, remove 'no-display...
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyru: update & fix workshops.html (enc e4b6329 965f418).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update & minor fixes (enc d1f6e13).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroypt-br: reformat (enc dded879).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroysq: (re)move paragraphs (enc 0d7a8dc).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroysv: (re)move paragraphs (enc 5a5d525).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyja: partial update (enc 730b358).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyfa: partial update (enc 1f44666).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroycs: partial update (enc 6a82a2a).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyzh-hans: rewording & update (enc ec560d7 4639b7c).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyes: update (enc 67f57a1).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyde: update (enc ae33c3c).
2019-05-12 Thérèse Godefroyen: remove duplicate or irrelevant paragraphs (enc...
2019-04-29 Ian Kellingfix submodule path
2019-04-19 Thérèse GodefroyVarious fixes (enc 20cbc2a f0f41a4 696eca5).
2019-04-19 Thérèse Godefroyko: fix a typo - thanks Tom! (enc dd5861f).
2019-04-19 Thérèse GodefroyStandardize language picker.
2019-04-19 Thérèse Godefroyzh-hans: add the source package.
2019-04-18 Thérèse Godefroyfr: fix a typo (enc 267f612).
2019-04-18 Thérèse Godefroyfr: localize Edward's email (enc 3af537f).
2019-04-18 Thérèse GodefroyUpdate language picker.
2019-04-18 Thérèse GodefroyBump submodule.
2019-04-18 Thérèse Godefroyzh-hans: new translation (enc 3fbe605 ... e910d3e).
2019-03-24 Thérèse GodefroyUpdate language picker.
2019-03-24 Thérèse Godefroyde: remove obsolete files (enc a49b111).
2019-03-24 Thérèse Godefroyde: update source package (enc a49b111).
2019-03-24 Thérèse Godefroyde: update to v4 (enc d6096b1 ... db05cc6a).
2019-03-20 Thérèse Godefroycs, fa, sv: link to localized infographic.html (enc...
2019-03-19 Thérèse GodefroyBump submodule.
2019-03-19 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update (enc 90c8495).
2019-03-19 Thérèse Godefroyen: fix link; remove obsolete sentence (enc 8ffa937).
2019-03-11 Thérèse Godefroyes: fix small typos and update (enc 6a2c470 ... 19b17ca).
2019-03-11 Thérèse Godefroyen: fix a typo (enc 1ed1c6a).
2019-01-02 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "added 2018 fundraiser banner to pages on site"
2019-01-02 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into live
2018-11-16 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "changed banner URL to static.emailselfdefense...
2018-11-16 Andrew Engelbrechtchanged banner URL to static.emailselfdefense.org
2018-11-16 Andrew Engelbrechtadded 2018 fundraiser banner to pages on site
2018-09-30 Ineievsync with enc d889c5254ec0d8.
2018-09-24 Ruben RodriguezUse https for git submodules