2022-05-05 Ineievru: sync with enc 5e31a2b969 live
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyfr: synchronize with enc 93d9ba4.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyen: XHTML validation fix.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyfr: synchronize with enc efa2eb8.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroyen: remove <center> and wrong centering attribute.
2022-04-16 Thérèse Godefroycss: define h5.
2022-04-16 zoesubscribe
2022-04-16 zoeupdated
2022-04-16 zoewidget
2022-04-16 zoewidget in static folder
2022-04-16 zoeadded supporter
2022-04-16 zoewidget update
2022-04-16 zoedelete the big text
2022-04-15 zoesupporter subscribe
2022-03-24 Ineieves: sync with enc 83ce531958.
2022-02-23 Ineievru: sync with enc e72290f97a0cd.
2022-02-07 Thérèse Godefroyes & fr: synchronize with enc 800b13d.
2022-02-06 Thérèse Godefroyindex & workshops: update the language picker.
2022-02-06 Thérèse Godefroytr: update (synchronize with enc 179b4bb).
2022-02-05 Thérèse Godefroyfr: update (synchronize with enc af46548).
2022-02-05 Thérèse Godefroylang-picker-source: switch on ru.
2022-02-04 zoe1relation keyservers change updated
2022-02-04 zoe1added the generate key explanation with notes
2022-01-22 Michael McMahonRemoving banner and modal window
2022-01-01 Michael McMahonExtend fundraiser.
2021-11-16 Ineievru: update, switch on (in sync with enc c6e6acf5e)
2021-11-15 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2021-09-12 Thérèse Godefroytr: synchronize with enc 79ddb32.
2021-09-12 Thérèse Godefroytr: rename full-infographic-tr.png to full-infographic...
2021-09-08 zoe1sp. gpg instead of gnupg --list key
2021-09-08 zoe1fr gpg instead of gnupg --list key
2021-08-30 Thérèse Godefroyes: synchronize with enc 79088a0.
2021-08-27 Thérèse Godefroyfr: synchronize with enc f6a0eca.
2021-08-27 Thérèse Godefroyen: synchronize with enc 2dd4fae.
2021-08-26 zoe1update I can't find edward's key in 4B adding manual...
2021-08-26 zoe1add keyserver error option to troubleshoot 2.b
2021-08-26 zoe1added gpg2 troubleshoot option in 2a
2021-08-26 zoe1replace logo color
2021-08-24 Thérèse Godefroyes: synchronize with enc cbc43f6.
2021-08-15 Thérèse Godefroymain.es.css: update media query.
2021-08-15 Thérèse GodefroyAdd tools to synchronize enc-live with enc.
2021-08-15 Thérèse Godefroyes & fr: fix/remove link to lang-specific css.
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroyen fr tr: update the language picker.
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroyes: add updated pages and source package.
2021-08-14 Thérèse Godefroystatic/img/es: rename/delete localized images.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyimg/fr: fix a typo in Edward's signature.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyen: fix language picker (v 5, URL relative to server...
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroytr: update.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: add updated pages & source package.
2021-08-13 Thérèse Godefroyfr: add new localized images & remove obsolete ones.
2021-08-12 zoe1delete banner on top
2021-08-12 zoe1fixed a mistake
2021-08-12 zoe1updated translation files
2021-08-12 zoe1turkish = live
2021-08-12 zoe1test translation
2021-08-12 Thérèse Godefroyen: synchronize with enc up to 97b7b36.
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: use new css classes for image layout.
2021-08-08 Thérèse Godefroymain.css & main.rtl.css: sync with enc (up to 697a6df).
2021-08-05 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: add a left margin to right-floating images.
2021-08-05 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: prevent wrapping within anchor links and...
2021-08-04 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: minor fixes
2021-07-30 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: sync with enc (up to commit 685d29d).
2021-07-30 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: synchronize with enc (commit 26aabf9).
2021-07-30 Thérèse Godefroyen: synchronize with enc (last commit: 1f70f0a).
2021-07-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: s/a email/an email/
2021-07-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: consistently use [keyID] in command lines.
2021-07-27 Thérèse Godefroyen/index: use <p> instead of anonymous boxes to get...
2021-07-27 Thérèse Godefroymain.css: fix font size in Troubleshooting.
2021-07-24 Thérèse Godefroyen: comment out tr translation: still redirecting to...
2021-07-24 Thérèse Godefroytr: add translated HTML and source package.
2021-07-24 Thérèse Godefroytr: add localized images
2021-07-24 Thérèse Godefroyen: add missing JavaScript.
2021-07-23 Thérèse Godefroyen: synchronize with enc repo.
2021-07-21 zoe1typos
2021-07-21 Thérèse Godefroyen: s/encypted/encrypted (thanks Emre).
2021-07-20 zoe1permissions plural
2021-07-19 Michael McMahonRemove fundraiser banner and modal window
2021-07-19 zoe1"B typo
2021-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtmore html fixes
2021-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechthelp po4a-gettextize be happy about html
2021-07-14 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved double keyids
2021-07-14 zoe1fixed an error
2021-07-14 Andrew Engelbrechtexpanded the .gitignore file
2021-07-14 Andrew Engelbrechtfixing some validation issues with html
2021-07-14 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed a couple of urls
2021-07-14 zoe1warning resolves
2021-07-14 zoe1text to span tags
2021-07-14 zoe1notes color change
2021-07-13 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved 'static' / 'enc-static' submodule
2021-07-13 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'update21' into live
2021-07-13 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'update21' into live
2021-07-13 zoe1revocation error
2021-07-13 zoe1images
2021-07-13 zoe1next steps link to guide
2021-07-13 zoe1images
2021-07-13 zoe1changes thunderbird and images
2021-07-13 zoe1changes dana comments
2021-07-13 Andrew Engelbrechtremove defunct symlinks
2021-07-13 Andrew Engelbrechtremove links to outdated os-specific pages
2021-07-13 Andrew Engelbrechtcss tweak for less padding at the top of the page