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last changeTue, 7 Jul 2020 00:04:34 +0000 (10:04 +1000)
2020-07-07 Sam Saffronimprove permissions in tmp directory master
2020-07-06 Jeff WongRevert "Revert rake call to pull_compatible_all"
2020-07-06 Jeff WongRevert rake call to pull_compatible_all
2020-07-06 Jeff WongFIX: run pull_compatible_all as discourse
2020-07-06 Jeff WongFEATURE: add support for plugin-pinning (#470)
2020-06-05 Kane YorkFIX: Typo in retried image pull
2020-05-27 Rafael dos... Handle dangling pg data folders from previous updates
2020-05-26 Rafael dos... Simpler instruction in case of pg_upgrade failure
2020-05-26 Kane YorkFIX: Automatically retry image pull once (#468)
2020-05-25 Sam SaffronBump to optional jemalloc 5.2.1
2020-05-14 Rafael dos... Some content on the sshd template so pups don't explodes
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... wait a bit more if necessary for container stop
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... Remove Vagrant references as they are no longer used
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... Remove all pg12 traces so pg_wrapper doesn't get confused
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Teach pg10 template how to install itself for rollbacks
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Fix free disk space calculation take 2
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