2020-07-07 Sam Saffronimprove permissions in tmp directory master
2020-07-06 Jeff WongRevert "Revert rake call to pull_compatible_all"
2020-07-06 Jeff WongRevert rake call to pull_compatible_all
2020-07-06 Jeff WongFIX: run pull_compatible_all as discourse
2020-07-06 Jeff WongFEATURE: add support for plugin-pinning (#470)
2020-06-05 Kane YorkFIX: Typo in retried image pull
2020-05-27 Rafael dos... Handle dangling pg data folders from previous updates
2020-05-26 Rafael dos... Simpler instruction in case of pg_upgrade failure
2020-05-26 Kane YorkFIX: Automatically retry image pull once (#468)
2020-05-25 Sam SaffronBump to optional jemalloc 5.2.1
2020-05-14 Rafael dos... Some content on the sshd template so pups don't explodes
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... wait a bit more if necessary for container stop
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... Remove Vagrant references as they are no longer used
2020-05-13 Rafael dos... Remove all pg12 traces so pg_wrapper doesn't get confused
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Teach pg10 template how to install itself for rollbacks
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Fix free disk space calculation take 2
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Fix disk detection units
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... Fix dev image for new pg
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... New base image with PostgreSQL 12
2020-05-12 Rafael dos... PostgreSQL 12 (#462)
2020-05-11 Jay PfaffmanUI: discourse-setup tweak dns problem message (#460)
2020-05-08 Rafael dos... Bump Ruby to 2.6.6
2020-05-06 Kane YorkFIX: Add a blank sshd.template.yml (#463)
2020-04-30 Sam SaffronDEV: remove unused sshd template
2020-04-30 Michael BrownFIX: sshd template
2020-04-30 Michael BrownUpdate Discourse base image to 2.0.20200429-2110
2020-04-29 Michael BrownFIX: remove broken symlinks from removed plugins
2020-04-09 Michael BrownRevert "Remove nginx-common package"
2020-04-09 Michael BrownRemove nginx-common package
2020-04-09 Michael BrownAdd hash checks to downloaded source files
2020-04-09 Michael BrownBump ImageMagick and nginx versions
2020-04-09 Michael BrownMove openssh-server from the base image to the sshd...
2020-04-09 Michael BrownPrevent unused packages from being pulled into the...
2020-03-11 Justin DiRoseFEATURE: Give option to publish log file publicly ...
2020-03-11 Mark VainomaaFEATURE: Don't use fully qualified path for bash in...
2020-03-02 Gerhard SchlagerUnfreeze Gemfile in import templates
2020-02-27 Sam SaffronDEV: Bump baseimage
2020-02-20 Daniel WaterworthAdd cmake as a base dependency
2020-02-19 Rafael dos... Early hostname check (#456)
2020-01-20 Ranjan PurbeyUpdate README.md (#455)
2019-12-23 Rafael dos... Bump base image
2019-12-02 Rafael dos... FEATURE: Default to HTTPS
2019-11-15 Blake Ericksonupdate mail-receiver version
2019-10-31 Gerhard SchlagerTry to force certificate issuance on second try
2019-10-28 Todd SharpChange check for linux memory (#452)
2019-10-24 Ruben HomsMake port check optional, add y/n prompt (#448)
2019-10-16 romanrizziBump base image to update uglifyJS to v3
2019-10-10 Roman RizziDEV: Bump uglifyjs
2019-10-03 Sam SaffronSECURITY: base image updates
2019-10-02 Daniel WaterworthCheck that redis archive matches hash (#450)
2019-10-01 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate MySQL privileges when starting phpBB3 import
2019-10-01 Gerhard SchlagerMake phpBB3 import template work with latest image...
2019-09-20 Saj GoonatillekeFIX: Pass through stdout when running interactively
2019-09-19 Saj GoonatillekeFIX: Never prune Docker volumes
2019-09-11 Jay PfaffmanFIX: Install mariadb lib instead of mysql
2019-09-10 Gerhard SchlagerCorrectly install ECDSA certificate
2019-09-09 Gerhard SchlagerFEATURE: Elliptic Curve certificate (#444)
2019-09-06 Rafael dos... Bump base image
2019-09-06 Rafael dos... FIX: Backup Restore was broken because rsync was missing
2019-09-03 Rafael dos... Make sshd compatible with Debian image
2019-09-02 Rafael dos... Bump base image
2019-08-30 Rafael dos... Update ruby to 2.6.4
2019-08-22 Jay PfaffmanFEATURE: launcher suggests discourse-doctor on fail
2019-08-22 Jay PfaffmanAdd commented sections to enable incoming TLS
2019-08-22 Andrew Schleiferfallocate swapfile instead of dd
2019-08-22 Joffrey JAFFEUXspacing
2019-08-22 Jay PfaffmanFEATURE: discourse-doctor restart existing container...
2019-08-22 Rafael dos... Update SSL config using Mozilla SSL Intermediate config
2019-08-22 Rafael dos... Update dependencies
2019-08-19 Rafael dos... Remove nginx modules from the package manager
2019-08-19 Rafael dos... On Debian rsyslog is running under root
2019-08-19 Rafael dos... Revert "Revert "First pass in moving to debian""
2019-08-16 Rafael dos... Revert "First pass in moving to debian"
2019-08-16 Rafael dos... First pass in moving to debian
2019-08-13 Rafael dos... Update nginx for HTTP2 related CVEs
2019-08-06 Saj GoonatillekeMake merge_user_args idempotent (#438)
2019-08-01 Andrew Schleiferremove unrelated comment
2019-06-27 Gerhard SchlagerBump base image
2019-06-25 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate ImageMagick
2019-06-19 Rafael dos... FIX: Make storage detection compatible with docker...
2019-06-18 Sam SaffronDEV: bump dependencies
2019-06-16 Matic MežnarRepo key should be downloaded securely (#432)
2019-06-14 Penar MusarajInclude official plugins and install their gems in...
2019-06-10 Michael BrownFIX: we cannot prompt for user input if we have no tty
2019-05-21 Guo Xiang TanUpdate to `discourse/base:2.0.20190505-2322`.
2019-05-15 Régis HanolCOPY: remove unsupported storage drivers from warning...
2019-05-14 Penar MusarajFIX: Correctly match when protocol-less CDN is used
2019-05-10 Jeff Atwoodremove btrfs and overlay from "safe" storage drivers
2019-05-07 StephenUpdate bash path (#430)
2019-05-06 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate base image
2019-05-03 Guo Xiang TanSet the right RAILS_ENV for other base images.
2019-05-03 Guo Xiang TanSet RAILS_ENV for base image.
2019-05-02 Guo Xiang TanFIX: Don't install test gems in production.
2019-04-27 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate dependencies (#429)
2019-04-26 Geoff ReedyUse HEAD instead of @ shortcut for git in launcher...
2019-04-22 Guo Xiang TanUpdate imagemagick to 7.0.8-41.
2019-04-20 Guo Xiang TanRun `bundle install` with 4 jobs.
2019-04-15 Guo Xiang TanBump patch for imagemagick again.
2019-04-11 Sam SaffronFEATURE: brotli support is not conditional
2019-04-08 Guo Xiang TanBump imagemagick to 7.0.8-39.