2019-06-27 Gerhard SchlagerBump base image master
2019-06-25 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate ImageMagick
2019-06-19 Rafael dos... FIX: Make storage detection compatible with docker...
2019-06-18 Sam SaffronDEV: bump dependencies
2019-06-16 Matic MežnarRepo key should be downloaded securely (#432)
2019-06-14 Penar MusarajInclude official plugins and install their gems in...
2019-06-10 Michael BrownFIX: we cannot prompt for user input if we have no tty
2019-05-21 Guo Xiang TanUpdate to `discourse/base:2.0.20190505-2322`.
2019-05-15 Régis HanolCOPY: remove unsupported storage drivers from warning...
2019-05-14 Penar MusarajFIX: Correctly match when protocol-less CDN is used
2019-05-10 Jeff Atwoodremove btrfs and overlay from "safe" storage drivers
2019-05-07 StephenUpdate bash path (#430)
2019-05-06 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate base image
2019-05-03 Guo Xiang TanSet the right RAILS_ENV for other base images.
2019-05-03 Guo Xiang TanSet RAILS_ENV for base image.
2019-05-02 Guo Xiang TanFIX: Don't install test gems in production.
2019-04-27 Gerhard SchlagerUpdate dependencies (#429)
2019-04-26 Geoff ReedyUse HEAD instead of @ shortcut for git in launcher...
2019-04-22 Guo Xiang TanUpdate imagemagick to 7.0.8-41.
2019-04-20 Guo Xiang TanRun `bundle install` with 4 jobs.
2019-04-15 Guo Xiang TanBump patch for imagemagick again.
2019-04-11 Sam SaffronFEATURE: brotli support is not conditional
2019-04-08 Guo Xiang TanBump imagemagick to 7.0.8-39.
2019-04-03 Sam SaffronFIX: no longer allow protocol-less CDN
2019-04-02 Guo Xiang TanAdd missing lines due to bad commit in 40fd876d1edb1a37...
2019-04-02 Guo Xiang TanSet `force_https` to true when Let's Encrypt cert check...
2019-04-02 sau226Bump acme.sh to 2.8.0 (#425)
2019-03-28 Guo Xiang TanUpdate imagemagick patch version.
2019-03-28 Sam SaffronUpdate base image to Ruby 2.6.2 based image
2019-03-25 Gerhard SchlagerRemove chromedriver; import script installs latest...
2019-03-21 Sam SaffronPull ImageMagick and libpng from official site
2019-03-21 Sam Saffronoops, 1.6.37 is not tagged yet use 36
2019-03-20 Sam SaffronUpdate dependencies
2019-03-19 Sam SaffronFEATURE: add missing hooks into web.yml template
2019-03-19 Sam SaffronFEATURE: add start-cmd to provide the command line...
2019-03-19 Sam SaffronDEV: clean up docker detection
2019-03-07 Neil LalondeAdd a way to expose a port without publishing
2019-03-06 David TaylorAdd sidekiq.log to web template
2019-02-21 Sam SaffronFEATURE: disable protected mode in redis
2019-02-20 BhanuUpdate CDN URL in samples to have a protocol
2019-02-19 Michael Brownboot: if container initialization steps fail, exit
2019-02-19 Massimo Gorlafix: ampersand with no quotes truncates echo output...
2019-02-18 SamUpdate image dependencies
2019-02-18 SamFEATURE: update base image to Ruby 2.6.1
2019-02-17 Sam SaffronUpdate docker base image
2019-02-15 Dan UngureanuRedis is configured without pidfile.
2019-02-15 Dan UngureanuRemove Redis service from base.
2019-02-15 Dan Ungureanuchmod a+x ./redis
2019-02-14 Dave Earglemerge docker_args with user_args for launcher file
2019-02-13 SamDEV: cleanup docker prune pattern
2019-02-13 SamFEATURE: swap to using "docker system prune"
2019-02-11 Saj GoonatillekeEschew the rsyslogd PID file
2019-02-08 Neil Lalondesupport expose in templates
2019-02-01 Dan UngureanuBuild Redis from source. (#417)
2019-01-29 Arpit JalanConfigure Git for `discourse` user
2019-01-28 Arpit JalanConfigure Git in test image (#418)
2019-01-23 Guo Xiang TanFix extra spaces appearing in ENV.
2019-01-23 Guo Xiang TanFix bug introduced in faaa8c17ca08d22563ab0153b7f964d93...
2019-01-23 Guo Xiang TanFEATURE: Support `{{config}}` replacement to template...
2019-01-17 Guo Xiang TanFix regression due to f80e6a37a9d748f43047141b18986f638...
2019-01-17 Guo Xiang TanFIX: Print usage when config is not passed to launcher.
2019-01-15 Gerhard SchlagerUpgrade node to v10 for test and dev
2019-01-10 Eduardo PoleoLauncher script breaks at high numbers of sites (#414)
2018-12-21 Joshua RosenfeldAdd missing license file
2018-11-27 Rafael dos... Make our swap config compatible with systemd >= 207...
2018-11-23 SamFEATURE: added template for critical DNS caching
2018-11-19 Guo Xiang TanSupport `--run-image` option for launcher.
2018-10-31 Gerhard SchlagerRename template for consistency
2018-10-31 Sambump launcher for IP address lookups
2018-10-30 Gerhard SchlagerAdd template for including Chrome and ChromeDriver
2018-10-30 Gerhard SchlagerImprove template for mbox imports
2018-10-23 Sam Saffroncorrect template to insert policy at the right spot
2018-10-18 Samrevert update for now as it breaks our test suite
2018-10-18 Samtweaks required to get this to build... ruby now needs...
2018-10-17 Sam Saffronbump version of image magick / libpng
2018-10-17 Sam SaffronUpgrade Ruby to Version 2.5.2
2018-10-10 Guo Xiang TanBump `discourse/base` docker image.
2018-10-10 SamRevert "Revert f4973e9280e2604a426767e9eca4f698e0cad5b3...
2018-10-09 Régis HanolRevert f4973e9280e2604a426767e9eca4f698e0cad5b3 since...
2018-10-09 Régis HanolMerge pull request #410 from nbianca/maxminddb
2018-10-04 Gerhard SchlagerMove tmp directories for backups and restores into...
2018-10-03 Bianca NenciuRun Rake task to fetch MaxMindDb.
2018-09-28 VincentUse rm -rf in remove-old-socket (#409)
2018-09-18 Guo Xiang TanMake `./launcher run` use the run image instead.
2018-09-18 Guo Xiang Tan`./launhcer run` should exit with the right code.
2018-09-18 Guo Xiang TanCan't use `--login` because bash profile hasn't been...
2018-09-18 Guo Xiang TanRun command in Discourse's dir by default.
2018-09-18 Guo Xiang TanFEATURE: Add `./launcher run` command.
2018-09-11 Guo Xiang TanMerge pull request #397 from pfaffman/patch-1
2018-09-07 Guo Xiang TanRemove prettier from the base image.
2018-09-03 Kyle Zhaorubygems still use .org (#407)
2018-09-03 scavinruby-china change domain (#406)
2018-08-27 Matt PalmerSpeed up mass-chown
2018-08-19 Joshua RosenfeldMerge pull request #404 from camilleroux/patch-1
2018-08-19 Camille RouxTypo fix
2018-08-17 Rafael dos... Remove old build script
2018-08-17 Rafael dos... Update image docs
2018-08-02 Samupdate web template to check for thpoff
2018-08-02 SamFEATURE: disable huge pages in PG, web and redis
2018-08-02 SamFEATURE: ability to turn off transparent huge pages...