2020-02-11 Ian KellingAdd requirements for repeatable install master
2019-08-23 Alex SchroederMerge branch 'notifications-len'
2019-08-23 Alex SchroederAdd __len__ to Notifications
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederMerge branch 'notifications-len'
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederMerge branch 'handle-missing-data-ref'
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederAdd __len__ to Notifications
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederFix missing data-ref in notifications
2019-08-15 Alex Schroederpeople.py: fix typos in doc string
2019-05-15 https://gitlab... Merge pull request #49 from kensanata/typo
2019-05-14 Alex SchroederREADME: typos
2019-03-07 CYBERDEViLNLRevert "Merge branch 'devel' into master"
2019-03-07 https://gitlab... Merge branch 'devel' into master
2019-03-07 CYBERDEViLNLFix `diaspy.streams.Generic.full` method in continuatio...
2019-03-06 CYBERDEViLNLFix issue https://github.com/marekjm/diaspy/issues...
2019-01-24 CYBERDEViLNLset `Post.guid` and `Post.id` on `Post._setdata`.
2019-01-01 https://gitlab... Merge pull request #44 from wilddeej/master
2019-01-01 https://gitlab... Merge pull request #43 from wilddeej/master
2018-12-31 deej HowardFix requirements
2018-12-31 deej HowardResolve syntax error
2018-12-18 CYBERDEViLNL* __upd__: Add `Comment()` to `diaspy.models.Post...
2018-12-06 CYBERDEViLNL* __upd__: `diaspy.models.Post.like()`, `diaspy.models...
2018-11-08 CYBERDEViLNL* versions from `0.6.0.dev` to `0.6.0`.
2018-11-08 CYBERDEViLNL* do `_fetchcookies()` after the scheme check in `diasp...
2018-11-08 CYBERDEViLNL* manual update
2018-11-05 CYBERDEViLNL* `diaspy.people.User().handle()` now returns `diaspora...
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNLUpdated `Post()` to get data through `data()` since...
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNLchange version to 0.6.0.dev
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNLremoved `__getitem__` and `__dict__` deprecations from...
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNLUpdated `Changelog.markdown`, it's not the final yet.
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNL* Removed `backtime` parameter from `diaspy.streams...
2018-11-03 CYBERDEViLNL* Cleaned up some commentary in models.py
2018-11-02 CYBERDEViLNLBS4 implementation for `settings.py`
2018-11-02 CYBERDEViLNL* Dropped pytz support, `dateutil` version 2.2 or highe...
2018-11-02 CYBERDEViLNLChanged `tests.py`'s indentation from spaces to tabs.
2018-11-01 CYBERDEViLNL* Manual update.
2018-10-29 CYBERDEViLNL* Fetch conversation messages with BS4 and regex as...
2018-10-26 CYBERDEViLNLChange indentation from spaces to tabs as discussed...
2018-05-08 CYBERDEViLNLIMPORTANT: these changes will require dateutil or pytz
2018-04-16 CYBERDEViLNL well that was stupid.. unread notification count didn...
2018-04-15 CYBERDEViLNLaddUser in diaspy.models.Aspect needed content-type...
2018-04-10 CYBERDEViLNLreturn whole guids instead of a part of it in Notificat...
2018-04-10 CYBERDEViLNLextended _who_regexp to accept ' and ", else it doesn...
2018-04-06 CYBERDEViLNLmake _fetchstream() optional in people.User().fetchguid...
2018-03-27 CYBERDEViLNLupdate() and more() functionality for notifications.
2018-03-26 Marek MareckiRemove spaces
2018-03-26 Marek MareckiFeed the post with data after is has been created
2018-03-26 Marek MareckiDeprecations
2018-03-19 Marek MareckiMerge pull request #37 from CYBERDEViLNL/patch-1
2018-03-08 CYBERDEViLNLstreams.py
2017-07-17 Marek MareckiMerge pull request #34 from lamby/correct-seconds-in-day
2017-07-15 Chris LambCorrect number of seconds in a day.
2017-06-26 Marek MareckiMerge pull request #33 from kianby/master
2017-06-25 YaxFix #22 (https://github.com/marekjm/diaspy/issues/22)
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFixes #19
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFetching users from aspect works
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFetching notifications works again, fixes #31
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFor some reason Diaspy cannot add users to aspects
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiAdd CSRF tokens when missing in POST or PUT
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiAccess method for getting id of a user
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFetch token from different locations
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiDo not guess
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFix removing users from aspects, fixes #13
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFix add X-CSRF-Token when it is missing
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFix DELETE can be sent without data
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiBetter (safer) stringification of users
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiAccess methods for getting aspect memeberships of a...
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiAccess methods for getting handle and guid of a user
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFix fetching users
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFix fetching streams of other users
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiFixes #10
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiMerge branch 'devel'
2017-04-23 Marek MareckiMerge branch 'cnngimenez-master'
2016-01-26 Marek MareckiUpdate README.md
2016-01-08 Marek MareckiRelease 0.5.1
2016-01-08 Marek MareckiUpdate version in setup.py
2016-01-08 Marek MareckiRelease
2016-01-08 Marek MareckiNew setup.py
2015-12-19 Marek MareckiIt is possibe to suppress PostErrors when fetching...
2015-05-25 Christian Giménezdiaspy.models.Notification.when() use the create_at...
2015-05-13 Marek MareckiRelease v0.5.0.1
2015-05-13 Marek MareckiHotfix: CSRF token extraction works for older versions...
2015-05-05 Marek MareckiRelease 0.5.0
2015-05-05 Marek MareckiMerge branch 'devel'
2015-04-03 Marek MareckiThis should solve #17 (new regex to extract CSRF tokens)
2015-04-03 Marek MareckiFix a typo
2015-03-07 Marek MareckiMerge pull request #16 from Debakel/patch-1
2015-03-06 MoritzUpdate streams.markdown
2014-01-12 Faldrianfixed version number in install script
2014-01-12 Faldrianmerged and fixed some problems
2014-01-12 FaldrianFixed bugs with getting, showing and deleting users...
2014-01-11 Marek MareckiUpdated setup.py file
2014-01-11 Marek MareckiMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Faldrian...
2014-01-11 FaldrianSet version in setup.py to current version.
2014-01-05 Marek MareckiFix for issue #10, updated language-list fetching regex...
2013-12-20 Marek MareckiUpdated Makefile and one docstring in diaspy/people.py
2013-12-19 Marek MareckiUpdate to version 0.4.2
2013-12-18 Marek MareckiSome fixes to make diaspy more Python 2.x-friendly
2013-12-18 Marek MareckiUpdated docs
2013-12-18 Marek MareckiGit now ignores private.* files
2013-11-13 Marek MareckiCode fixes, new features and refactoring in the field...