2023-09-08 Andrew Engelbrechtquery for contacts with board forum access master
2023-07-17 Andrew Engelbrechtanother script for civi contacts (board forum)
2023-06-14 Andrew Engelbrechtjoin_date is closer to actual start of membership
2023-05-19 Andrew Engelbrechtuncomment this line to get csv output
2023-05-19 Andrew Engelbrechtwe want to selct donations >= $120.00
2023-05-18 Andrew Engelbrechtread password from cli, not embedded in a script
2023-05-18 Andrew Engelbrechtlist board forum eligible participants
2023-05-18 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed bug, clarified code
2023-05-18 Andrew Engelbrechtfind expired / current deleted members
2023-05-16 Andrew Engelbrechtadding scripts that I want to track in git
2019-12-04 Michael McMahonAdd hardcode tag doc
2019-12-04 Michael McMahonAdd hardcode tag
2019-09-06 Michael McMahonUpload, LICENSE, and gitignore