2016-03-18 k054making it librejs compliant master wip-librejs
2015-03-18 David Thompsonclient: Add expat license for jquery.
2015-03-13 David ThompsonWorkaround LibreJS parser bug. origin/wip-librejs
2015-03-09 jantwistedBSD and expact license modified
2015-03-08 rsiddharthUpdated license block at client/assets/libs/lodash...
2015-03-07 jantwistedmodified lodash.min.js license
2015-03-07 jantwistedAGPL added to backbone.min.js
2015-03-07 jantwistedExpat License added
2015-03-01 jantwistedlicense added to build.js
2015-02-26 jantwistedLibreJS compatibility modifications
2015-01-26 DarrenUpdate master version number
2015-01-26 DarrenMerge branch 'development'
2015-01-23 DarrenXSS fix in tabs (Thanks to @alvarodh5)
2015-01-20 DarrenRemoving unused vars in kiwi.js
2015-01-20 DarrenMerge branch 'mlutfy-dev-issue-645-1' into development...
2015-01-20 DarrenUsing the public_http config option when reading availa...
2015-01-20 DarrenMerge branch 'dev-issue-645-1' of
2015-01-19 DarrenMerge pull request #655 from CoryChaplin/fix_ident_text...
2015-01-18 Cory ChaplinFix ident bug in text themes
2015-01-16 DarrenMerge branch 'development' of
2015-01-16 translation missing string placeholders
2015-01-13 DarrenMerge pull request #649 from spadgos/dark-nicks
2015-01-06 Nick FisherThemes can define a specific lightness of nick colours
2015-01-05 Nick FisherThemes can be flagged as 'dark', which makes nick highl...
2015-01-05 Mathieu LutfyFixes #645: Locale files could not be found.
2014-12-31 DarrenSpotify media message consistency + cleanup
2014-12-31 DarrenSoundcloud media message using HTTPS
2014-12-31 DarrenTranslations update
2014-12-28 DarrenKiwiProxySocket destroy method matching socket.dstroy
2014-12-20 DarrenChannel user count, resizing style fixes in relaxed...
2014-12-20 DarrenLog client startup errors to console
2014-12-20 DarrenMerge pull request #602 from antwebes/pull_dev
2014-12-20 DarrenMerge branch 'ResidentBiscuit-rb_ui_work' into development
2014-12-20 DarrenServer tab close button font fix
2014-12-20 DarrenHiding bars when last connection is closed
2014-12-20 DarrenDisconnect message to locales; No need to confirm disco...
2014-12-20 DarrenMerge branch 'rb_ui_work' of
2014-12-19 DarrenMerge pull request #640 from spadgos/soundcloud-embed
2014-12-19 Nick FisherReturn a jquery object from the mediamessage handler
2014-12-19 Nick FisherAdd SoundCloud embedding
2014-12-19 DarrenMerge branch 'spadgos-code-style-fixes' into development
2014-12-19 DarrenMerge branch 'code-style-fixes' of
2014-12-19 DarrenRemoving redundant scripts from debug loader
2014-12-19 Darren_kiwi.utils object for helpers
2014-12-18 DarrenMerge branch 'spadgos-notifications' into development
2014-12-18 DarrenServe helpers up while running in debug mode
2014-12-17 Nick FisherAbstract desktop notifications to a class
2014-12-17 Nick FisherFix incorrect selector on notifications
2014-12-17 Nick FisherUse `translateText` instead of a local helper
2014-12-17 Nick FisherSet context on forEach loop, use `this.$` in all places
2014-12-17 Nick FishermozNotification exist(ed) on navigator, not window
2014-12-17 Nick FisherConsistent use of view.$; Don't hide notification check...
2014-12-17 Nick FisherUse a helper function to reduce repetitive code
2014-12-17 Nick FisherFix typo 'Noticiations'
2014-12-12 ResidentBiscuitChange how redirect to home page happens
2014-12-10 ResidentBiscuitOnly close final connection if user meant to
2014-12-10 ResidentBiscuitRedirect client to homepage if last connection closed
2014-12-10 ResidentBiscuitUpdate comment
2014-12-10 ResidentBiscuitAdd leaving message
2014-12-04 ResidentBiscuitChange how server connection is closed
2014-12-04 ResidentBiscuitLocate relevant code
2014-12-04 DarrenApplying general CSS styles to nicks, not just colours
2014-12-01 DarrenShave .7s from startup by caching member lookups in...
2014-11-30 DarrenRefactor Application.panels
2014-11-30 DarrenKeeping the .last_seen message marker in place until...
2014-11-30 DarrenMerge branch 'development' of
2014-11-30 DarrenLarger nicklist items when on a touchscreen
2014-11-30 Darren.touch css class when a touch event is seen
2014-11-29 Evan HughesTell the user which messages arrived since they last...
2014-11-29 Darrenkiwi.panels() bound to Application. Solves kiwi.panels...
2014-11-29 Darrenquit_options instead of part_options in user quit
2014-11-29 DarrenInclude user object in usermenu:created plugin events
2014-11-29 DarrenInclude network object in plugin event on network relat...
2014-11-29 DarrenPlugin access to the control input text area
2014-11-28 Darrenchannel:join + channel:leave plugin events
2014-11-28 Darren.say() alias .msg() on public Network object
2014-11-28 Darrennicklist + inline nick event names consistency
2014-11-28 Darrennicklist:select renamed nick:select; inline nicks using...
2014-11-28 Darren.createQuery(nick) on public Network object
2014-11-28 DarrenUserbox making use of network.createQuery()
2014-11-28 DarrenPlugin hook for nick list click
2014-11-25 DarrenAdded pre-defined 'events' object into user scripts
2014-11-25 Darrenkiwi.components.Events implemented
2014-11-25 DarrenPluginInterface event proxy support
2014-11-25 DarrenDo not trim whitespace from the start of IRC trailing...
2014-11-25 DarrenUnused vars in build scripts
2014-11-25 Darrenconfigloader code styling
2014-11-25 DarrenRemoving unused vars
2014-11-24 Jack AllnuttForgot to actually commit the spun-out file in 3a1649c...
2014-11-24 Jack AllnuttMove and rename `server/server.js` to `server/helpers...
2014-11-24 Jack AllnuttMove `build.js` into `server/helpers` directory
2014-11-24 Jack AllnuttSplit checking for config file location into helper...
2014-11-24 Jack AllnuttRemove the `postinstall` invocation of the build script
2014-11-22 Jack AllnuttMake the client dir independent from the server dir.
2014-11-20 DarrenRestoring PluginInterface away from Promises
2014-11-18 DarrenMerge pull request #621 from M2Ys4U/module
2014-11-18 Jack AllnuttOnly allow modules to be loaded from te directory speci...
2014-11-18 DarrenRemoving old plugininterfac call from the user box...
2014-11-06 DarrenMerge pull request #616 from utoxin/development
2014-11-06 Matthew WalkerFixing a typo